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Hard To Believe – It’s Been NINETEEN YEARS…

Yesterday was the anniversary of the accident.

2014-03-19 07.32.29Nineteen years ago, today, her life support was turned off.

Had she lived, she would be 31.  Instead, she is permanently 12.

She was a terrific kid, blossoming into a terrific young woman.  Smart, funny, aware, and a good citizen.

I love you and miss you Molly.

.   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .  .



(and no place for comments today – you’ve all been kind enough, thank you! - Guffaw)

The Ol’ Calendar On The Wall…

Turney Ave

I’m the one on the left (1957)

…says it’s March 6.

This means Guffaw in AZ has been annoying you daily for THREE YEARS, TODAY!

Some never thought it would make it this far.  Especially me!  And, while I don’t have the blog following of my blogmothers like Brigid or Tam, I’m still very happy with the results.

236 followers in 125 countries and an average viewing of 150 views per day with a single day high of 379.

For those new to my humble blog, I write about my life, my careers, my experiences and my relationships.  I am on medical disability, but I used to investigate credit card fraud.  I’ve also been a private investigator, CCW trainer and firearms collector.  I  also steal borrow material from other fine bloggers, like Rev. Paul, Murphy’s  Law and many others.

And I search the Internet for tasteful photos of beautiful women, cartoons, quotes and material to make my little blog appear more interesting.

Hope to see you all around for at least another year!Guffaw

The Top Ten

Below are links to my top ten favorite blog posts of the past three years.  In no particular order.  Based on what I like – it IS my blog!

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8.  Hijinks at a closed amusement park

7.  The Dog House

6.  Sybil Ludington

5.  Are police becoming more militant?

4.  Workers of the World Unite – I don’t think so…

3.  How It REALLY Works…

2.  The Maddock Step-Down Presentation

1.  My Daughter and Joe Pesci

See ya around – hopefully?  And thank you for stopping by.  I’m still surprised by the following and support -  your obedient servant,  Guffaw

The Beatles

The Silicon Graybeard (and many others on the ‘Net) reminded me tonight is the 50th anniversary of the Beatles performing on Ed Sullivan.  Their big American break.

A real snooze for me.

1)  I was into classical music – popular music (like Rock and Roll) just didn’t do it for me.  And, I had memories of my Dad ranting about Elvis (and my Sister, the Bobby Soxer, fawning over him) years earlier.

2)  My Dad’s rant continued regarding The Beatles long hair.  “Unkempt, unclean, like a beatnik”, etc.

AND 3)  (most important) being a 6th Grader, I was extremely jealous of the 6th Grade girls fawning all over these British invaders!  What was so special about them, anyway?

Of course, regardless of my and other Dad’s rants, they went on to super stardom and changing the face of music forever.

Used to be there was a derisive term for classical music – longhair music.  Obviously that went out of favor!

Auld Lang Syne

Tonight is New Year’s Eve!  (for those who just crawled out from under a rock where there was no Wi-Fi.)

The traditional celebration of the passing of the previous year, and the birth of the new.  Along with fond remembrance of times past.  This usually involves food and sometimes libations.

Please be careful out there, and if you drink, don’t drive (or text or phone!)  And watch out for those who have.

And take a moment to remember those who are no longer with you.  And love those who remain.

Because you never know…

It’s That $%**^%#@ Day Again!

towersI hate to be a bearer of bad tidings, but it’s September 11th, again.

Wait!  Aren’t we supposed to be distracted by the pending war in Syria and Honey Boo-Boo?  They are similar, ya know.

Twelve years ago, and it truly does seem like yesterday.  And it’s only been a year and a quarter ago ‘we’ (actually, the spec ops guys) got Bin Laden (May 2, 2011).  We’re not done, yet.

The Global War On Terror, sorry ‘Overseas Contingency Operation.’ continues.  Kinda, sorta.

We need to remember who we are.  Or have we devolved into a different nation, one who treats international terrorist war criminals with Miranda Rights, instead of military tribunals. You know, as we do during WARS?

I’m a libertarian.  But just like I believe in the right and the duty for me to defend myself, I believe in the right and the duty for the Nation to defend herself, as well.

We can’t force everyone into becoming a Constitutional Republic.  But, we can kill and capture warriors on the side of evil to protect OUR Constitutional Republic.

It’s our right and our duty.  I hope we’ve not forgotten that.


August 31

august…was the first day in 1987 I began working @ TMCCC (That Major Credit Card Company), not knowing I’d eventually be there just shy of 22 years!  August 5, the last day in 2009 I was employed there, and had health insurance coverage.

Until Medicare kicked-in as part of my awarded Social Security disability two years later.

Funny, August 5 is the same date coincidental with ending my last stretch of three sessions of chemo for lymphoma over six months, and being told I was ‘clean’. (in 2009).  And my hair began to grow back.  And when I first noticed a zit in the center of my forehead, ultimately determined to be basal cell carcinoma. (also in 2009)  It got to the size of a half dollar.  I took two years to get it excised.  Couldn’t afford to, and well, fear.

I still am clean of cancer, as of this date. :-)

And am very grateful.

It was August 1960 when my Dad married my StepMom, and I was throwing up most of the day – an unheeded warning?  August 8 was her birthday.

And in 1977, my Dad passed away.  In August.  Almost exactly the same day as Elvis.

Overall, August is not one of my favorite months – except the whole continuing in remission thing.

Focus on the things for which you have gratitude, my friends.

It’s March 6, Again!

2nd anniv…and I cannot believe I’ve been blogging for TWO YEARS!

Two years ago, today, I began writing this blog.
I’d been on disability, and passed the time on the Internet reading blogs.  I was frankly looking for some female friends who liked guns, and found some female gun bloggers.  Unfortunately, these were in Ohio, Indiana and Idaho.  They became my blogmothers.  (Note-to-self:  find female gun bloggers in AZ!)
I had no clue what I was doing.  Some would say I still don’t.
In the past two years I’ve learned to write in paragraphs, write about those things I know, and to be disciplined. (sometimes)
I’ve written at least one blog post daily (sometimes two, occasionally three, once or twice four) every day.
And I’ve included a cartoon, a tasteful photo of a beautiful woman and a You Tube clip of my choosing, every day, as well.
And a quote of the day.
I told a couple friends locally I was writing a blog, and, before I knew it, I had followers (!)
Follower number 10 was North , the first person not actually known to me at the time.  Since then he and many others have become friends!
As of this post, I have 89 followers, including a female blogger in Pakistan.
Over 164,821 pageviews! (if we include the 84K from the first year’s BLOGGER version)  5,397 comments, (some of which weren’t even from me!)
I’ve written 1,146 posts, about 2/3 of which were of my own authorship (not stolen borrowed or expounded upon from another blog).
And I’ve made many friends in the United States, and around the World.
I’m proud to say I’ve actually met some of these folks, and spoken with others on the telephone.  Some have regularly communicated via email.  A few have become close.  One even gifted me ammunition!  I’m both proud and humbled.
And still amazed.
One of my early followers was my good friend Mark Bell, who passed away February 1, 2012.  He told me one of his first stops every morning was Guffaw in AZ.  I like to think he still stops by.
I will continue to strive to report the facts and truth as I know them, for as long as I am able, and I care to.
And perhaps a few more PI stories.
I’ve tampered with amended The Usual Suspects to add those who have been friends and contributors and delete those who have stopped blogging.  Sadly, some have passed away.
My thanks to all of you for your support.
I remain,
Your obedient servant,

Ground Hog Eve – AKA February 1

One year ago I was anticipating tomorrow being Ground Hog Day – that silly ‘holiday’ alleged to determine if Winter is on her way out, or lasting six more weeks.  Based on the prognostication of a marmot; a woodchuck.

It was a Wednesday – the immediate previous Sunday, Mark Bell and I had attended the Central Arizona Blogshoot in Casa Grande!  My car is kinda old and infirmed (as is her owner) so he offered to drive us.

We arrived late, but Kevin Baker and company showed us a great time!  We met some other gun bloggers and some other shooters – great fun.  Then Mark drove me back to Phoenix, and we had a late lunch at Original Hamburger Works.  I was unable to attend the shoot this year.

Part of the reason for missing it is my ride is gone.  On Wednesday, February 1, 2012, three days after the shoot,  Mark Bell passed away, suddenly.  His wife called me Thursday, Ground Hog Day, to give me the bad news.  It’s a year later and it seems as yesterday.

I tend to get overly emotional, to react rather than act.  I am getting better.  Mark was my teacher.  I never saw him lose his cool or express strong anger or rage.  He was always rational and soft spoken, even in disagreement.  A man of fine character and deportment.

A few years back, I was in the middle of trying to refinance my house (the one I lost last June) and the appraiser asked that I paint the trim.  Now, I’m no painter, and being disabled would make this an arduous task.  Mark volunteered, and I insisted on paying him, because, after all, it WAS work.  He agreed, and said he would take it out of my extra re-fi funds.  He accomplished the task in a couple weekends, and I got the financing.  And I cut him a check.  This was in late November.

Christmas afternoon I was between family Christmas get-togethers, and there was a knock at my front door.  It was Mark, with a present!  He again thanked ME for letting him paint (!) said he used the money for presents for his family.  There was room for an additional present.  Mine.

I was dumbfounded.  It was the complete Capitol Record selections of Frank Sinatra on DVD!  Wonderful!

Of course, every time I listen to Sinatra, I think of Mark.  And other times, too.

I love you and miss you, my friend.

Remember – hug those you love and tell them you love them.  Because you never know.  Groundhog Day Eve will never be the same.

How Time Flies…

January 26, 2013…

January 26 has always been a weird day.

  • My Mother passed away on this date when I was in primary school.  I’ve very few memories of her.
  • My nephew Brian was born on January 26, 1966.  Guess that makes you almost OLD, huh bud!
  • And I left my last employer on this date in 2009, admitted to the hospital, as I was having difficulty breathing.

Turned out to be diffuse large cell lymphoma.  I spent the next six months enduring chemotherapy, weird pain, weakness and hair loss.  And weekly doctor visits.  It looked for a while that I wasn’t gonna be around to write this blog nonsense.

But, here I am :-P.   I’ve been more than fortunate.

People sometimes gasp when I recount certain chapters in my life.  My leg disability at age 12, loss of my daughter, and being a cancer survivor.  While I’ve had my moments, it’s nothing compared to Brigid’s brother and his battle against lymphoma.  Or CoolChange (c)(c) watching over his beloved wife, now in hospice.  They need all your good thoughts, and prayers, if that’s what you do.

And if you donate blood, please continue to do so.  Or start.  And mark that organ donor spot on your driver’s license.  It’s the least we can do.

Sad PS – Rick (CoolChange) announced in his blog today that his beloved wife passed @ 5:55 yesterday.

Bill of Rights Day

borToday is the 221st Anniversary of the ratification by the Commonwealth of Virginia of the U.S. Constitution’s Bill of Rights, making it the Law of The Land!  Of course, this document doesn’t grant rights, it simply enumerates some important rights lest the federal government forget they exist.

Two such enumerations come to mind today – Amendment I, reminding the government we inherently possess the rights to peaceably assemble; to petition the government to redress grievances; to prohibit the government from establishing religion; and prohibiting government interference with free speech and the press.  Without which I might be restrained from writing this blog.

And, Amendment II, reminding the government the people inherently possess the right to keep and bear arms, without infringement.  The lynch pin.  A measure without whom the other nine amendments would be left to the whims of said government.

“When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.”  -  Thomas Jefferson

"One morning I shot an elephant in my pajamas - how he got in my pajamas I dunno!" - Groucho Marx as Captain Spaulding in Animal Crackers

This election is not about who gets voted off the island.
It’s about who is at the tiller of this Republic’s Ship of State. - Guffaw



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