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“Lions and Tigers and Software, Oh My!”

lionsWhen, oh when, will computers (and software) develop to the point they can behave like older electronics, e.g. TVs, stereos and such?

Obviously, the goal is to turn on the computer (or awaken it) and have it go to the correct page, and do what is asked for it to do, not unlike turning on the TV and having Edmus Scary’s Late Nite Horror Show with Plan 9 From Outer Space showing, as one intended.

If you’ve been reading me for over a month, seek professional help. you know I’ve been having issues with browsers and such.  I finally found one that seems to work, and have added security and malware programs, and things have been better, BUT…

NOW, I find I cannot post comments on BLOGGER-based blogs certain BLOGGER-based blogs!  I do the set-up, my identifiers, hit enter and poof – the posts magically disappear!

I’m having ‘issues’ with three or four blogs, but the most difficult is one of my daily readers, who comments on GiA almost daily, Rev. Paul of Way Up North.  It’s most distressing and embarrassing as he is not just a fellow blogwriter, but a friend!  Apologies to another friend, Lagniappe’s Lair (Murphy’s Law) as well, for the same issues!

If you’ve not seen a comment from me as of late, and use Blogger, THIS is why!

I’ve had problems with BLOGGER, before.  It’s why I now blog on WordPress.

Ah, BLOGGER, my old friend, I’ll chase him ’round the moons of Nibia and ’round the Antares Maelstrom and ’round perdition’s flames…no, that’s not it…

I’m using Comodo IceDragon as a browser; Windows 7 Home Premium, WordPress as a blog publisher; security by Malwarebytes, Comodo, Kasparsky, and Windows.  Add-ons include DoNotTrackMe, Ghostery, and PrivDog.  Any suggestions?

Anyone else having ‘issues’ posting comments on specific Blogger accounts?

Just When You Thought It Was Safe…

Just when you thought it was safe...

Just when you thought it was safe…



First, my private disability insurance.  I have a small stipend in addition to my Social Security disability, which comes from an insurance company policy I purchased when I was employed.  It’s not much, but it IS something!  I had to fight to keep it a couple years back, because they didn’t bother to read their own files. Recently, I received a letter from them stating they had not received copies of my medical records they requested from my primary care physician.  And they threatened cutting off my benefits unless I pushed this issue with the doctor.  Just in time for the holidays!  After much back-and forth, it was determined the doctor HAD sent the records, AND, the insurance company DID receive them.  THE SAME DAY the form letter went out to me!  So (for the moment) all is well with my private insurance.  (I’m reminded of Dave’s Law of Banking – the insurance company corollary – Insurance Companies are not in business to serve you.  They are in business to make money!  The didn’t build the John Hancock Tower by giving it all away.)

Second.  I live in a townhouse.  There are two (covered) spaces assigned for each homeowner.  Everyone else is to park in the uncovered spaces, which are plentiful.  My roomie (the homeowner) occupies both spaces, as is her right.  Traditionally, I park five spaces to the North, in the uncovered area.  No biggee, right?  It should be noted that I parked in this very same space before I lived here, as a frequent visitor, for the past 10 years!  There was never any problem.

NOW the (almighty) HOA (homeowner’s association) has taken it upon itself to ‘cite’ me for being a resident parked in a visitor space!  

Seriously?  And they have threatened me with being towed if I continue to park there!

The townhouse HOA here is very poor.  The exterior (their bailiwick) needs paint, maintenance, upkeep. There is a beehive residing outside my bedroom window, making it’s way into the eaves!

But they spend their time harassing tenants and collecting their monthly HOA fees.  And don’t get me started on the rear fencing!

I was ‘cited’ the same day I received the insurance company warning!


The Last Straw

strawHow much is TOO much?

MaddMedic poses this and many other serious questions.

When will enough be enough?

At what point does our so-called government cease to be legitimate? At what point do we declare it to be a criminal entity?

We think we should start making this declaration NOW. We will launch a new campaign for exactly this purpose starting tomorrow.

The hardwired message to Congress will read 

I no longer consider the federal “government” to have any legitimate authority. A long train of abuses and usurpations persuades my conscience that it has become a criminal enterprise. In the future I will submit to it out of fear rather than allegiance. 

Please go and read the whole thing, then respond.  I’ve written this blog for well over two years now, daily, and made many similar appeals.  How much is too much?  Is the frog now fully boiled?  I am not suggesting insurrection nor revolution.  I am not suggesting anything.

I AM asking you go. read and consider the above link.  Didn’t the Declaration of Independance enumerate the crimes of the executive with which 56 American Patriots refused to stand?  They pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor by affixing their ‘John Hancocks’ to the treasonous paper.

Congress seems uninterested in addressing any of these issues.  They’re making too much money on the side and passing legislation making certain they don’t have to use the Obamacare they passed for us.  The ‘heroes’ of the Tea Party, like Chris Christie have been defrocked as RINOS (or worse).  The border continues to be porous, and the so-called ‘Drug War’ unwinnable.  And were being incessantly taxed and spied upon.

sheepleFor our own good, poor sheeple are we!

The Fable of the “Highway Patrolman” and The Lady

I’ve written about this model N frame Smith before.  But, yet another tale bubbled up from the slime that is my subconcious.

It seems much of my ‘adult’ youth was spent in pursuit of both girls and guns.  I was luckier with guns.  And, frankly, not all that lucky with them. :-(

John C. was a friend from my college law-enforcement classes.  He was a former Marine wanting to become a deputy in the county where he grew up.  He became my boss doing security at the closed Legend City amusement park.  He was married to a strikingly beautiful young woman, who was a secretary at the local FBI office.  This made sense in the scheme of things, as he was ruggedly handsome.  Pale blue eyes, chiseled jaw and permanent five-o’clock shadow.

I’m certain had he known them, my friend Steve would have christened them Lance Goodlooking and Stella Stunning.


‘Shooting Star’ stocks

And there was something I desired of John’s – his Smith & Wesson Model 28 Highway Patrolman, with the Herrett Shooting Star stocks!  (I kinda liked his wife, too, but, hey, they were married! – and I don’t DO that!  As if she’d look at me even once…)

ANYWAY, having expressed my admiration for John’s Smith, one day he found himself short of cash, and offered to sell her to me.  (the gun, not the wife).  And I really, really wanted her.  (the gun, seriously)

And we negotiated an arrangement.  And I agreed to make payments.  You see, I was making something like $90 a week, and had rent, etc.  And I think he was asking $75.  I could scare up $60, maybe. (this was 1976?)

Well, we met to finalize the deal, and John backed out!  It seemed that the Highway Patrolman was his wife’s gun, and there was no way she was parting with her!

Geez!  Turned down by the wife! (about the revolver).  I can understand her not wanting to part with her though.

I heard some years later that John and his wife had a child, then divorced.  I wonder if she still has the Model 28?  Or is seeing anyone?

I’m kidding.  I cannot afford either.

The Dog House

I now share a house with my roommate, a cat and three dogs.  This is not about the animals.


Keri Russell

My roomie and I were watching ‘The Americans’ (an excellent show about the KGB in Reagan’s USA), and she was remarking about Keri Russell, who plays the female lead.  (Quite a stretch from Felicity, huh?)

And she took note of a small imperfection on Ms. Russell’s upper lip.  Not surprising, as Ms. Russell is quite beautiful.  And inquired, “What’s THAT about?”

Being the know-it-all I sometimes pretend to be, I suggested it was an intentional flaw – as one may not notice beauty without a minor flaw with which to compare it.  (I don’t remember, some philosopher…anyone?  Bueller, Bueller?)

And my roommate, who is quite fetching herself asks me, “So, what’s MY flaw?” -  with a big smile.

OOPS.  Danger, Danger, Warning, Will Robinson!

Of course, she does have them one, but I’m not about to tell her!  Perhaps it’s constantly denying her beauty.  A real modesty and self-deprecation that makes her even more attractive.  After all, if she thought she was all that, she’s be insufferable.

But, please don’t tell her…

Customer Service Fails

So, my roomie and I frequent a local restaurant.  Actually, it’s a sports bar and grill.  We started going there a few months back, whilst exploring local businesses to support.

You all know I’m not a sports guy, but they have pretty delicious food (pulled-pork sliders topped with onion strings!, and teriyaki wings, and fish & chips-roomie’s fav.  YUM!) and a good selection of beer, including many regional microbrews.

And all was right with the world.  Until they stopped stocking our fav brew (the brewery raised their price) and consistently ignored State smoking regulations.  They have a patio, right outside the front door, intended for folks to enjoy the weather.  It is NOT a smoking area, but folks treat it as such.  And, whenever someone goes in or out, smoke comes in.  Now, smoking is legal, and I’m not particularly fond of the smell, but my roomie is asthmatic, and the slightest whiff can set her off.  We’ve complained numerous times to the fine wait staff, but the AZ legal distance to door is not consistently enforced.  And my roomie coughs up a lung and grabs for her inhaler.

I finally had enough (and perhaps one-too-many beverages) and got snarky with a waitress, then we left.  And I followed up with a more sobering email to the manager.  Hell, I said I’d buy the signage at the nearby Ace Hardware, if necessary!  We’ll see what happens.

SO, today I received a text from my pharmacy one of my meds was ready for pickup.  A great system ,except I pay for texts and I already picked up this med four days ago!  I called the pharmacy to advise them to remove the auto-message from their system, and was told they are unable to do that.  Huh?

I’m beginning to sound like an old person.  “Back in MY day, they used to pay attention to the law, and detail, and customer service, and took care of the customer!”

B&G update – I received an email response stating they apologize, and will make certain signage is more visible remind everyone of the State regulations.  Unsigned email.  Oh, well, it’s better than a poke in the eye with a frozen washcloth.  We’ll see…

Differences of Opinion

I used to be ‘on’ Facebook a lot more.  I located a number of long-lost friends there, and even connected with high school reunion (and junior high!) folks there.

But, as I became more of a blogger, my time there has been limited.  I usually stop by daily, just to check-in though.

While there is occasionally conflict or a difference of opinion in the blogosphere, my experience in FB has not been the same.  You see, persons of more diverse opinions tend to make theirs known on Facebook.  I’ve no problem with people not being on the same page.  That’s one of the things that makes life interesting.  I’ve posted about such friends (Ralph).  Life would be incredibly boring if we were all in lock-step.

My objection is people who aren’t even on the same planet or in the same universe.  These folks concern me.

As an example, I’ve known a guy for about 20 years.  We worked together @ TMCCC.  We had some similar interests.  I liked going all out for Halloween, so did he (for example).  But, we never really got political.  And he moved to Australia.  And back here.  And he visited me in the hospital after the accident – a good guy.  We’ve reconnected on Facebook, and he’s made noises about getting together for a drink, or lunch, or something.  A laudable idea.  But…

He obviously not only has no idea where I stand (he doesn’t read this blog); he (re)posts stuff on FB, without any knowledge of the subject, or researching it to see if it makes any sense. One (of many) examples:

This adjacent to a bunch of comments from like-minded folk also piling on, and not understanding either The Constitution or the subject matter.  Complete with ‘you don’t need a machine gun to deer hunt’ comments!

How can I possibly make nice with this guy?

I have friends who are liberal.  I have friends who are independent.  And we’ve had healthy, sometimes heated discussions.  I’m just not certain I can do so with this guy.  And that ticks me off, as he’s a friend.


Variations on a Theme

The other day, I wrote about Personal Responsibility.  Today, it’s about Customer ServiceOr rather the lack, thereof…

Roomie and I went gallivanting about the other afternoon, running some errands.  We visited a local dry cleaning store.  Roomie and I are helping prepare her stepmother’s house for sale (her stepmother is in a care facility at age 88).  We had some draperies that needing cleaning.

“We don’t do cur-ens!”  she was told.  We hunted around and located another establishment that would do cur-ens.

Then, we went to T-Mobile.  Roomie gets her cellular telephone/Internet service through them, and allows me access through her hotspot.  Saves us both a little money over having separate services.  Said hotspot wasn’t holding an Internet connection, and kept saying ‘low battery’, even though it charged all night.

I’d like to say the T-Mobile store connected the device to a machine to determine if it was the high-tech battery failing, or perhaps the device, itself.  I’d like to say that, but NO.  The clerk (behind the counter labelled ANSWERS) told us he didn’t know much about hotspots, then looked up the warranty info on his computer (which was built apparently by Nikola Tesla and George Westinghouse using paraffin candles for illumination!) and eventually told us good news, a replacement battery was under warranty!  Instead of costing $60, it was free!  Plus the $7.99, no $8.99, no $11.99 handling charge for overnight delivery!  (it WAS $7.99 for 5 day delivery, he explained)  Special!

So, sometime tomorrow we’ll see if it’s the battery or something else that failed…(written Wednesday)

Customer Service.  Yep!

PS – no battery has arrived, yet.  It’s been TWO days.  Overnight, yep. (1430)

PPS – the battery FINALLY arrived @ 1830 tonight.  Two days, not overnight.  Of course, it takes something like 12 hours for a full charge before use.

PPPS – after a lengthy charge, the new battery worked…for a few hours.  :-(
The machine is now saying ‘low battery’ yet again.  Roomie is calling T-Mobile to see
if we need a replacement unit…

PPPPS – The new gizmo is scheduled to arrive Tuesday.

The adventure continues…

Not Happy with the Two Front Runners? Pick from the remaining Field…

When the election first appeared on my blog radar, I told you folks I would not be openly supporting any particular candidate.  I’m still not.  Openly.

We DO proceed here with the Australian Secret Ballot.  Unlike the Aussies, however, we are not required to vote.

Tired of all the pre-election fall-de-rall?  And especially of the offerings from the two major parties?

Mental Floss has listed for us 15 candidates running for President of the United States.  The blog offering is written by Miss Cellania.  Openly liberal, she does spin and flavor her text a bit.  But, it’s still interesting which folks actually throw their respective hats in the ring.  Tin foil or otherwise.

Three of the fifteen:

4. Rocky Anderson

4-21-07 SLC Marathon 5K - 1006

Rocky Anderson represents the Justice Party in the 2012 presidential election. A long-time Salt Lake City lawyer, he served two terms as mayor, from 2000 to 2008. Anderson renounced the Democratic Party in August of last year, and accepted the nomination of the new Justice Party in January of 2012. The party’s platform includes the end of war, universal health care, and international cooperation on dealing with climate change. Anderson will be on the ballot in 15 states. Photograph by Flickr user Jen Wakefield-Dillier.

10. Andre Barnett

Andre Barnett is the candidate for the Reform Party USA. Barnett served with the U.S. Army and was wounded in Sarajevo in 2000. Told he would not be able to engage in heavy physical activities again, he rehabilitated himself and became a fitness model. He then founded an information technology business. Barnett’s platform includes pulling the military out of foreign countries to concentrate on homeland security, implementing tariffs on imports, lowering the corporate tax rate, and regulating the cost of health care. Three states will have Barnett on the ballot.

13. Jerry White

Jerry White is the candidate for the Socialist Equality Party, a party that follows the philosophy of Leon Trotsky. His platform involves issues of jobs, workers’ rights, and quality of life issues like universal healthcare, guaranteed minimum income, an end to foreclosures, and universal pensions. He will be on the ballot in two states.

Now you must return to the link at the top to see your other choices.  Hopefully you will find someone to you liking, other than Tweedledee and Tweedledum.

As Charlie Brown always said, “ARRRGGGHHH!”

I’ve been having issues with the WordPress software for a few days.


I attach a photo or an image to my post (as I did with the previous post re:  saps), click ‘Save Draft’, and the image disappears!

THEN, it appears in the post, as planned.  Until I edit it.  Then it goes away for good!


Any suggestions regarding how to keep the imagery from going away?   WordPress has been of no assistance.  – Guffaw

(I’d place a graphic here, but, well, you know…)

UPDATE – apparently, the flaw has now been fixed!  Huzzah!

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This election is not about who gets voted off the island.
It’s about who is at the tiller of this Republic’s Ship of State. - Guffaw



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