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Poor, Poor Pitiful Me

Yeah, it’s a song title, above.

Sometimes, I get down on myself, because I once had a wife, a daughter, a home, a ‘career’.

And now?

No wife, no daughter, no ‘career’ (I’m disabled).  I DO have share a home, though.

And that’s my point.

Living Freedom recently had a posting entitled

Poverty vs poverty: Seven traits of the successful poor

It mentioned traits of folks down-on-their-luck who, if they are not thriving, do more than just survive.

I could have been worse off than I am.  I lost my home as my income decreased, and a good friend took me in.

But, that’s not my point.


Certainly, I wish things could be different.  It would be nice to have a wife, to have my daughter back.  To have my house back.  To have the income I once had.

But, not being a child, I know wishing doesn’t make it so.

So (most days) I choose GRATITUDE!

More Browser Follies!


After the chautauqua that was getting my ‘good’ computer back on line and working properly, I switched from IceDragon back to Firefox.  An updated version.

And all was right with the World.

Except, of course, my inability to leave comments STILL on certain BLOGGER Blogs.  Not all, just some.  Sigh.

At Murphy’s Law’s suggestion, I kept plodding at the problem.  I reinstalled Opera, and was able to comment on more blogs, and pretty pleased with myself.  I was even able to leave a comment on Lagniappe’s Lair (Murphy’s Law)!

But then, I was unable to post comments on Bell’s A Ringing (again) and now Lagniappe’s Lair (yet again)!!  AARRGGH!

So, I’m off to try Google Chrome, again later this week.

Insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly, expecting different results – Benjamin Franklin


Ruger Firearms has a web page dedicated to YOU taking action to contact our elected officials with regard to the issue of gun control.

They suggest you contact these people NOW, and provide the means do so.

If you are too lazy to visit their website, I’ve copied the text and links below.  You may call the folks, email ALL of them simultaneously! (based on your address and zip) and forward the links to your friends.


Step one: Please click on one of the buttons to the right for an easy way to tell your legislators you care about gun rights. The Take Action Now! button allows you to send a prepared email letter quickly and easily. The Find Your Representatives button has detailed contact information for each of your legislators so, if you prefer, you can call them or write them a more personal letter.

Step two: Get all your friends to help support our rights; ask them to click on the link and send letters too. Click here to email this web page to your friends.

More: Many elected officials have been looking for an opportunity to curtail our gun rights and think they can win now if they move quickly while emotions are high. In Washington D.C. and in state legislatures across the country, anti-gun forces are gathering and conspiring in an effort to pass bad legislation that goes beyond anything we have ever seen. At least one legislature is discussing making public the identity of all pistol permit holders, treatment typically reserved for convicted sex offenders.

Reality seems to be lost on these folks. Cities like Washington D.C. and Chicago, with some of the strictest gun laws on the books, are hotbeds of violent crime. Nationally, violent crime involving firearms has declined since the expiration of the Federal “assault weapons ban,” while lawful ownership of firearms has increased. More lawful gun ownership, less crime.

To help your voice be heard, we have set up this special service on our website. By clicking on the Take Action Now! link, you can contact your legislators.

Please act now, before it’s too late.

FTC – Ruger Firearms gives me nothing, save an easy way to get my voice heard in Washington and my State Capitol.  Now go away.

h/t Traction Control

A small Gun Show Bleg

My apologies in advance.  I AM quite reluctant to do this, but…

End of this week is the Crossroads of the West Gun Show, here in Phoenix.  This is the BIG show, with 7-8 buildings (exhibit buildings in the State Fairgrounds), separated by a large parking area tarp-covered outside display area the size of another two buildings.  Something like 1500 tables.  And the Small Arms Review exhibit, as well.  Traditionally, I’ve been attending this every year, but the past few years I’ve not been as fortunate.

In December 2008, while attending this very show, I began having breathing difficulties.  We didn’t stay very long, nor see all the exhibits.  The end result was end-of-January 2009, I was hospitalized and diagnosed with lymphoma.  Six months of chemotherapy followed that.  Today (thankfully) I’m lymphoma free.  :-)

I tried to attend last year’s show, but other health issues occurred.  So, I didn’t get to see very much.  Those issues have in part been resolved (now wearing ‘ED’, the really big shoe (built-up) – and can walk better).

But this year there’s another issue.  On my small income, I really don’t have the means to drive across town, and pay parking and admission.  Certainly not enough to buy anything.  That’s not what I’m requesting.

If someone could cover parking and admission for two, it would mean a lot!  That’s about $32.00, last I checked.

Update – I’ve been informed I’ll have the needed funds, tomorrow!  Thank you kind benefactor!  gfa

Some gotta win, some gotta lose…

Guffaw’s got the blues…

I try not to let the state of the World the Nation my life get to me.  I try not to be self-centered.  I do realize that there’s very little I can do regarding the state of either the World or the Nation.  I’ve let my opinions be known, and I voted.  I’ve spoken out on this blog.  In many places on the globe these things are not allowed, and subject to sever penalties.

But, I can do something about my attitude!  I’m approaching a landmark anniversary in my life (if you reckon in Base 10); I’ve no partner to share it with; no money – on disability (which is both a description of lack of funds and physical ability).

I’ve a number of chronic conditions, and seem to acquire more every day.  I owe medical bills.

I drive a 13 year old car, when I can afford gasoline.

And last Summer, because my disability income is 60% lower than my previous meager income,  I lost my home.  (“We lived in a hallway!”  “We dreamed of living in a hallway-we lived in a cardboard box!” – Monty Python)  Fortunately, a good friend offered me a place to stay.

Two weeks ago, my sister had a minor stroke.  (If there is such a thing).  She’s back to work, and coping, but it does get one’s attention.

But all is not lost.

Re: this upcoming calendar mark – My new neighbor and EX-wife (and friend) contacted me, and asked if she could put a little celebration together in my honor!


I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, “If you have friends, you have everything!”  You know, like the end of that Christmas movie…

Time to remove my head from it’s regular inverted resting place and get moving.

Thanks for listening.

Habit, Routine…Malaise? Complacency!

I’m a creature of habit.  I LIKE being a creature of habit.  It means I do things routinely that would otherwise require thought.  Did you take your meds on time?  YES, it’s 0700 (for example).

Having recently moved, into a place with the added pleasure/duty/observation of a roommate, I’m developing new, or rather re-developing old habits.

One of these is before retiring, checking the perimeter to make certain nothing is out-of-place and the doors are closed and locked.  Basic stuff.

Of course, my roommate does this as well, but she isn’t as obsessive-compulsive as I.  (about THIS, anyway!  :-) )

But with these new routines, glitches arise.  The other day, we changed television signal services, and the satellite tech came and went.  We needed to acquire separate equipment to make one of the bedroom TVs function, and thought completing the connection would be easy.  It wasn’t.  Another technician was scheduled the next day to resolve the issue.

After he fixed everything (in about 10 minutes), he left, and we went about our day, my roommate and I, including going to pick up some fast food.

We returned and ate lunch.  Later that afternoon, I noticed the front door was unlocked.  I asked the roommate if she had unlocked it.  “No, you opened it when you let the satellite guy in.” was her response.

OOPS.  And I didn’t bother to check the perimeter when we left for lunch.  The front door had been unlocked when we left.  Anyone could have walked in and taken everything!

I’m making two points here.  1)  I now have a new duty with regard to home security, and have been performing it since with diligence.  And 2)  If you change your habits/routines/schedules/geography make certain you amend your behavior to keep up with it.  I never left my previous house unlocked in 18 years.  We were lucky.

Next time could be different.  Routine should never devolve into complacency.


So, civilian CCW, Constitutional or Open firearms carrier?  Do you have a quick reload at the ready?  Or do you think the 18 rounds of 9mm, or 8 rounds of 45 ACP, or 6 rounds of 357 Mag, or 5 rounds of .38 Spl are enough?  Or however-many .380 ACPs?
Do you think carrying a firearm, wallet, keys, lock-blade knife and cellular telephone are more than enough?  Maybe a Kubaton or ASP baton?  Don’t want to resemble Batman in his utility belt?  Or Batgirl?
Haven’t you been reading about the home invasions and flash mob attacks that seem to be on the rise?  Or would you rather have a New Yawk reload?  (a backup gun, for the uninitiated)
Personally, I try to have at least one magazine/speedloader for my pistol, along with the assorted keys, wallet, cell phone and lock-blade knife.  I don’t carry a Kubaton or ASP baton, but I know a woman who does, with her service pistol, Kubaton and a tactical flashlight(!)
Her purse feels as if a concrete block resides therein.  While attractive, she doesn’t resemble Batgirl, though.
(close, perhaps)

h/t Judy

Again, with the Bureaucratizilla?

And now, another chapter in the seemingly endless drama (thank you George Carlin!)
So, I monthly need to refill prescriptions.  Something to do with being old decrepit having chronic illness(es).  One of my medications is inexpensive, available through Wally-World pharmacy.  But, it IS necessary.  And it seems as if every month, one of the five scrips I must refill needs another permission from my physician.  The pharmacy computer recording reminds me that it might take a little longer to obtain.
Yeah, right.
The ‘free’ clinic where I visit my doctor seems to have difficulty in processing such requests.  And it’s having difficulty doing so again this week.
This morning I called the clinic to advise them I needed this medication refilled.  You know, the one the pharmacy faxed to them three days ago!?
And I left a voice-mail message on the telephone of the lady who handles such things for the clinic.
Three hours later, when I’d not heard from either the clinic or the pharmacy, I called the clinic again.  The main number just goes to busy.  The main office number (overseeing the clinics) does answer, and then transfers one to the main clinic number, which goes to busy.


The main office number telephone answering person asked I call back in 20 or 30 minutes, as call volumes are high.  Sigh.
I’ll try again first thing in the morning.  Hopefully not everyone will be calling at the same time.
Sometimes I wish I weren’t sick.
Won’t it be great when all this is taken over by the efficient government?

PS – UPDATE – I had to call the doctor’s office again this morning, but I did get through.  They did say IF they reached my doctor, the scrip would be called in this AM.  No callback from the pharmacy this AM.
Called the doc back this afternoon – successfully did get through.  The scrip was called in this AM.  HUZZAH!  I’ll pick it up in the AM.

Approaching a Crossroads (a whine)

(ascends whining soapbox)

I think I’m approaching a crossroads.  Or not.
My income has been cut, but my debts have not.
This week, I’m seeking the advice of ‘free’ attorneys regarding continuation of my mortgage, possible personal bankruptcy and other fun and exciting things.
I unintentionally racked up my cellular-telephone bill (something I NEVER DO, historically), so I’ve another debt.  Of course, my cell phone is linked to my computer access, so, if I’m unable to pay it, no phone and no computer.  Or blog.
I do have my health, such as it is.  The cancer has been successfully removed from my forehead, and it’s healing well.
I’m awaiting the bill from the doctor re: my 20% due.  I did get a bill yesterday from the ‘free’ clinic regarding the part Medicare doesn’t pay them.  It went on the stack with the other unpaid bills.
I’ve other medical ‘issues’.
Believe it or not, I’m NOT panicking.  NOT panicking is relatively new behavior for me, so, I’m a little uneasy how to view it.
I’m developing some kind of faith, which I understand must be coupled with action to reach fruition.  I guarantee each and everyone of you, if you have faith, it’s not your kind of faith.  Of course, action is sometimes difficult for me, being a procrastinator, and all.
And, I know together, both faith and action do not guarantee me the outcomes I want, necessarily.  But, in theory, I’ll get what I need.  Or not.
(descends whining soapbox)
We now return to your regular blog, which is already in progress…

h/t Mick Jagger, Keith Richards

Gun in the Doctor’s Office?

I had a doctor’s appointment yesterday.
This was unusual in a couple of areas.
1.  As my insurance was canceled almost two years ago, I’d not been able to afford to see my own physician, and,
2.  As a result, I visited the ‘free’ clinic.
My personal internal health issues aside, I’d another concern.  Google Maps showed the medical office to be in a traditionally bad part of town.  (for a ‘free’ clinic?  Who knew?)
Do I carry?  Do I continue to carry if there’s a sign prohibiting such behavior?
So, I went to Google Street-view.  The large office building seemed to be in a semi-industrial park island, in the middle of the aforementioned bad area.  I decided to decide upon arrival.
Upon walking into the nice-appearing office complex, I noticed a sign.  This wasn’t some 8″x10″ sign one might reasonably say they didn’t see.  This thing was feet x feet!
So, I opted to leave the 442 electroless nickel, the speed strip and the folding knife locked in the car.
Of course, everything took much longer than I’d anticipated.  After all, this is a doctor’s office!
But, what I didn’t expect (never having been to a ‘free’ clinic, before) was the mixture of peoples.
I flashed back to my childhood visit to the airport in Puerto Vallarta.  I live in a largely-Latino area, and this clinic is, as well, so this wasn’t unusual.  The significant number of Somali and North African women and children was, however.  Mogadishu airport?
Eventually, I was seen and examined and given advice and medication.  And, I am to return this Monday for further blood work and next Friday for a follow-up.
I still think I’ll leave everything in the car.  When they did the EKG, they had me remove all metal from my pockets.
If only I had one of those all-plastic Glocks?
PS – I used to have a chiropractor who loved seeing my guns.  But, he moved away.

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