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For All You EVIL 1%-ers Out There…

Check out this chart.  All of the numbers are adjusted for inflation.

It compares the kickoff of LBJ’s War On Poverty income stats to those of 2009.  (And yeah, the Evil 1% somehow started doing a lot better in 2009 when Obama got elected.  I wish I had those numbers on here.)

Everyone is doing better than they were.  Granted, they would be doing better if LBJ had never been born, because trillions and trillions were wasted on redundant government programs rather than productive industry and services.

But seriously…. are the numbers on that chart something to get worked up over?

Go here to read the article from which these stats came.

Let’s move on.

Do you earn more than $34,000 per year? 

Then you are in the Evil 1% Yes.  If you pull in 34K, you are in the top 1% of earners in the world. (The Whited Sepulcher)

I’m on medical disability and bring in way less than that.


Freedom of Speech

‘Duck Dynasty’s’ Phil Robertson on Indefinite Hiatus Following Anti-Gay Remarks

Here’s a TV show I never watch, and have no interest in.  I’ve seen snippets, and except for the family’s touching religiosity (like dining together and saying grace) I find it inane.  It’s reportedly the most watched show on television!

Based on Mr. Robertson’s pronouncements, this is an area where he and I disagree.

Chick-fil-A president deletes tweet denouncing Supreme Court rulings on gay marriage

I’ve never been to a Chik-fil-A.  There isn’t one nearby.  I understand the food is exceptional (for fast food),  the places are spotless, and, because of the company’s president’s predilections, it is closed on Sunday.  They are rumored to have terrific biscuits.

So what?

The media was all over the Chik-fil-A story last Summer, and is now having a feeding frenzy over the Duck Dynasty story.  How dare people hold opinions different from those promoted by the mainstream media?

This doesn’t mean I agree with the President of Chik-fil-A or Phil Robertson.  But, I can make my own decisions with regard to my interaction with them! (or not).

AND, they have a right to express their opinions!!

If you disagree with the president of Chik-fil-A, so be it.  If you choose not to patronize them, don’t.  If Phil Robertson upsets you, don’t watch the show.  Or watch it and yell at the TV – I don’t care!

Just don’t tell me what is politically-correct to buy or watch.  I make my own decisions, thank you.

MONDAY! More GUN Control Pending in the Senate!

logoGun Owners of America


Gun Control Coming to the Senate Floor on Monday

Contact your Senators

“[Democrats] just spent all year trying to effectively destroy the gun lobby, so why in heaven’s name [should] we give them this Christmas present?” — GOA’s Michael Hammond on the plastic gun ban (ABC News, Dec. 3, 2013)

The U.S. House of Representatives did a very dangerous thing Tuesday — and, apparently, it did so with the consent of one gun organization.
By voice vote, the House slammed through a ten-year reauthorization of the poorly drafted 1988 plastic gun ban.

Lest anyone be confused about how the anti-gun Left views this, USA Today crowed, on the front page of Wednesday’s newspaper that the “HOUSE SAYS YES TO ONE GUN BILL — Plastic gun ban only firearm legislation to pass since November.”

Taken alone, this gives the Obama administration, if it chooses, another three years to use the 1988 law to ban large numbers of guns.
But there is an even bigger danger:  Chuck Schumer held a press conference the same day to indicate that he will use the House-passed bill as a vehicle to pass even more gun control.  We don’t expect to know Schumer’s bill number or language before he actually offers it, but it will purport to deal with guns from 3-D printers, while actually being much broader.
So here’s what we are doing: We are asking our friends in the Senate to put a “hold” on any effort by Schumer to amend the House bill.

The Senate will only be in session four or five days next week before the House goes out for the year, and Schumer may not be able to get time on the Senate floor without “unanimous consent” from all senators.
So, by doing this, we would force Schumer to give up on his vehicle for banning printer-guns if he wanted any reauthorization of the 1988 bill.  If Schumer remains adamant, there will be no reauthorization at all.  Even if he capitulates, we’ll see what happens.
It’s not a perfect outcome.  But we think it’s an outcome we can probably achieve.
ACTION:  Contact your Senators.  Ask them to oppose any effort by Senator Chuck Schumer to add gun control to the H.R. 3626, the plastic gun ban reauthorization which passed in the House.

Please click on the link above and let your senators know where you stand on civil rights!  Do it TODAY!

Monday could be too late.

(A PHONE CALL WOULDN’T HURT, EITHER!  202-224-3121Guffaw

h/t Rev. Paul

Voter ID critics proved wrong – Shocking!

(Yeah – I’m shocked, too!)  :-P

THE quote:

That is a turnout increase of 300%. If voter ID was intended to suppress votes, it is failing as spectacularly as

And here’s the entire article.


Now hers’ the SHOCKING PART!

h/t CNN !

Vigilantism and Gun Possession

“Headline” - Bernhard Goetz Arrested After Allegedly Selling Pot To Undercover Cop

First of all, vigilantes were members of committees of vigilance (plural).  There is no such thing grammatically as a single vigilante.   The movie Death Wish notwithstanding.

Second – the article spends 85% of the time NOT focusing on Mr. Goetz’ marijuana bust, but on the previous crime, case and aftermath!  If it had been you or me, we wouldn’t even have made the papers.

“Headline #2″ - Arming TSA officials not the answer.

After the LAX shooting, a former flight attendant weighs in on a possible solution.

My two cents?

First of all, the TSA routinely violates the Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution, and needs to be disbanded, immediately.

Have they halted any terrorist attacks on airlines?  NO!

Secondly, what do the ‘authorities’  do when confronted with a shooter?  Respond, with shooters.


I know, it’s a paradox.


From ‘Across the Pond’

WideShut, a British blog, enlightened me to what folks are thinking about in Merry-Ol’-England…

Specifically, Should 16 Year Olds Get The Vote?


Apparently, in the former Great Britain, one is allowed to drive, have consensual sex, join the army and get married.  All at 16.  Hopefully, not all in the same week.  (Nothing was said about signing contracts.)

Much like the old tale, I remember being 16 and thinking my parents were idiots.  At 22, I couldn’t believe how much they had learned in 6 years!  And the older I get (61 is looming!) the older I think people should be to be able to marry, sign contracts, drive, have consensual sex, and yes, VOTE.

I fear, like so many of the ‘wonderful’ ideas exported infected into the East Coast of the United States from England – ‘free’ health care, anglo-centric Islamofascism, gun control – that this, too will take hold and arrive on these shores.  Complete with a host of other ‘new’ concepts which will be patently un-American, politically-correct and irresponsible to be foisted upon our republican Society.

As I’m fond of saying, “Didn’t we fight a war to get away from these @$$#0les?”


cnnSundance reports in The Last Refuge that CNN is the official paid party arm of the Administration’s disinformation!

As it says in the article, authored by it’s own reporters:

~This is not a matter of opinion, the CNN stories are documented, attributed and cited. They are factual. Everything is verifiable within the embedded links and citations.~

~The central issue is Media Controlled by The Obama Administration, and more specifically CNN – as a VERIFIED tool for propaganda and disinformation.~

They are being paid by the government to report what they want us to see and redact those things they’d rather we not see. (As some suspected all along).

Quelle surprise?  Only in that’s is so direct.

Please go and read the whole article.  Then take a moment to vomit and compose yourself.  I hear people gripe about Fox News editorial content all the time – which of course isn’t news – but CNN is held up as the gold standard (at least in the minds of those who dislike Fox!)

Pravda on the Chattahoochee  -  THIS is CNN

Paging Captain Renault, yet again!

cap renault

not Bob Owens

Bob Owens breaks the news.

The Second Amendment supporter alleged to have send the ricin letters to the President, the NYC Mayor and Mayors Against Illegal Guns organization was actually framed by his estranged wife, a supporter of the President, in order to get a better deal in her divorce.

Quelle surprise.

And, of course, the virulent allegations made by the ‘victims’ of the attacks against gun owners have not been rescinded or apologized for.

Doing so would weaken their agenda.  So, crickets…

And, have you ever noticed how the vast majority of persons accused of horrible crimes, like Connecticut, Aurora etc. are all democrats?

Just an observation.

A Stalinist Version of The Onion!

(my apologies to The Onion)

As my regular readers know (as well as those suffering digestive distress) I surf the Internet looking for news, opinion, rights violations, and fellow libertarian travelers (to steal borrow from), especially when the guffaw well is dry.

Today is one of those posts.

I especially like finding stuff that mocks the control freaks – the Feinstein/Bloombergs of the World.  And, thankfully, we STILL have the right to do so! (as of this writing)

It occurred to me that I’d not shared a particular find with you – The People’s Cube!

They lampoon all that is Left with the World, and do it well.  Apparently, the main writer is a former commie who saw the liberty, free-market light.

But, there is a serious side, as well.  Go and peruse.  And also be amused.

NYPD Food Felonies Unit to Help Make Better Food Choices

Bloomberg's NYPD Food Felonies Unit cartoonInspired by the dramatic improvements in New Yorkers’ health and well-being after he banned smoking and junk food, as well as large sodas, salt, trans fats, Styrofoam food containers, and loud earbuds, Mayor Michael Bloomberg has announced that the NYPD is organizing a Food Felonies Unit (FFU) to further combat the proliferation of food crimes.Nicknamed “Double-F-U,” the newly-formed unit is expected to be involved largely with restaurant menu supervision in its crime-prevention function…MORE >>

Dear Americans, these are some questions I have collected in 16 years of living in your country. Please see if you can answer them for me:

  • If all cultures are equal, why doesn’t UNESCO organize International Cannibalism Week festivals?

  • Why do those demanding “equal pay for equal work” never protest against “equal pay for little or no work”?

  • Why has no politician ever run on men’s issues or promised to improve the lives of males?

  • If all beliefs are equally valid, how come my belief in the absurdity of this maxim gets rejected by its proponents?

  • Ever noticed that for the past thirty years, we’ve been hearing we have less than ten years to save the planet?

Much of it is reductio ad absurdum, but funny, and pointed, regardless…

Earth Day posters by Maksim - People's Cube

Ecology NOW!

thI wasn’t even going to make a passing comment on today, the so-called Earth Day.  I remember in high school (in 1970) when a bunch of like-minded college folk decided to create a holiday to support recycling, and not fouling the environment.  One of my pals (another David – David Mitchell, where are you?) even put a bumper sticker on his 1966 Chevy Nova which read “Ecology NOW!”

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I’m not for intentionally fouling the Earth’s water, air or resources.  And I do believe we are stewards of the planet.  But, when our friend the government gets involved, buoyed by persons with an agenda, we have political forces far beyond a few Earth-friendly hippies trying to get us to think about waste and pollution.  Think Nixon’s EPA…

We end up with green fascism.  Tried to purchase a 100-watt incandescent light bulb lately?  Or throw out one of the new, squiggly ones-made poorly in China?  With mercury?  Or seen photos of Al Gore’s energy gobbling/carbon spewing house in California?

Do as I say, not as I do come to mind?

The Silicon Graybeard shares his opinion with us of the farce that is Earth Day.

As for me, I’m having a bumper sticker made:

Phrenology NOW!

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