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Not THIS Matlock!

Not THIS Matlock!

Isn’t it wonderful when the family of a dead alleged criminal arrives to tell us how there wasn’t really a home invasion?

Somehow, the homeowner didn’t see it that way:

Authorities on Monday said Ronald Green, 66, was watching TV when he was startled by the sound of his front door flying open.

Ramon R. Matlock entered the home, and Green ran to a bedroom to retrieve a revolver, authorities said.

Matlock swung at Green, and Green fired a shot into Matlock’s chest and another into his lower back, authorities said.

Authorities said Matlock ran out the door, but only got as far as the front yard. The Omaha Fire Department pronounced Matlock dead at the scene.


His family claims that perhaps the teen had been drinking and was confused, and thought he was at his aunt’s house. Presumably, crashing in through doors and taking a swing at those inside after they’ve retreated to their bedrooms is just how Ramon greeted people.

The district attorney said that Ramon was known in the neighborhood… and not for his hugs. He ruled Ramon’s entry a home invasion, and his swing at the homeowner a deadly force attack justifying the use of deadly force.

No charges will be filed.

Another example of wasted youth.

I did some incredibly stupid stuff in my youth, and as my Dad used to say, I’m not young, anymore.  But, it never occurred to me to get drunk, kick in someone’s door and take a swing at a 66 year-old man!

I was more into whining I had no date for Saturday night.  And the only time I kicked in a door was when I locked myself out of my own bedroom at my college roommates house.

h/t Bob Owens, Robert McDonald

Questions of the Universe

Betty or Veronica?  Ginger or Mary Anne?  Zelda or Tuesday Weld?

OR, another imponderable…



The question is posed by on Neatorama by Eddie Deezen.  Don’t cheat, try to find the answer in your own memory, then go read his essay at the link from the picture.

And remember Mel Blanc laughing as Barney:  “Ah hehehe, hehehehe!”

You’re NOT Jack Bauer!

You’re NOT Jack Bauer (And Other Reasons You Need to Stop Skimping on Training)


Good thing!.  Tactically, he sucked.  and with regard to his ‘technique’…

Bauer grip

Well, THAT sucked, too!  Cup and saucer?  SERIOUSLY?

Regardless, go see Mr. Michalowski’s essay at the link above.  We need to keep training, especially because we are NOT finely-tuned spec-ops guys.

And we know better.

National Proletarian Radio

nprI LOVE the concept of National Public Radio.  This assumes it reflects the entire political spectrum, which it does not.  It is not unlike the German Democratic People’s Republic.  It is neither democratic, a republic, nor of the people.  Just because it is so named doesn’t make it so!  (see also Republican Party, Democratic Party, Social Security, free health care).

Irons in the Fire posted recently an independent analysis of an NPR series (from Powerline), with the following results:

My finding is that the series was deeply flawed and should not have been aired as it was.
The series committed five sins that violate NPR’s code of standards and ethics. They were:
1. No proof for its main allegations of wrongdoing;
2. Unfair tone in communicating these unproven allegations;
3. Factual errors, shaky anecdotes and misleading use of data by quietly switching what was being measured;
4. Incomplete reporting and lack of critical context;
5. No response from the state on many key points.

Sadly, I see much of the same with some other NPR content, as well as with so-called ‘public’ television.  It’s sad that those entities can continue to obtain public funds under the guise of serving the public good.  Because they have a political agenda.  And it’s NOT equal time.

I’ll still sometimes listen to Click and Clack or Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me! though.  But, they should be paid for privately.

Gun of The Rich and (In)famous…

Some years back, when I was (somewhat) gainfully employed @ TMCCC, and part-time less-gainfully employed at my favorite firearms emporium (part-time), I was tempted with a ‘modified’ gun.

Not illegal, but, ‘customized’, fitting a specific taste.  And documentation identifying the previous owner who had requested the customization.

She was a Colt 70 Series, Commander, .45 caliber, blue, good cosmetically.  With the grip frame gunsmith-

commercial cco

commercial cco

modified to Officer’s Model length!!  Talk about made for concealment! 

This was long before manufacturer’s began mass-producing such a thing.  The only initial caveat was she needed an ambi-safety (I’m left handed).  Easily done.

She had Pachmayr stocks, and it was ‘suggested’ (pretty much demanded) by the shop staff, smith, and hanger’s on that ‘we’ remove said stocks to see the internal machining.  Because one never knows…

Good thing we did.

She appeared as though someone had chopped off the base of the grip frame with a hack saw (after a few beers), and then added many unnecessary tool marks whilst shaping the internals and the mechanism.

In short, a messed-up piece of hardware.  So, I declined.

In hindsight, she probably wouldn’t have been shot much, and would have become a safe queen, destined to be stolen with the rest of the collection and the safe a couple years later.  Sigh.

Documents indicated she had been previous owned by one Carlos Estevez, who had been branded with a domestic disturbance charge.  Federal law determined he must divest his ownership of all firearms as a result.  The shop acquired a number of his for sale.

sheenToo bad.  it would have been kinda cool to own a gun once owned by the infamous Charlie Sheen!

He even looks like a jerk!

Okay, I’m Creepy and Kooky – But NOT Like THESE Folks!

Gomez And Morticia Addams Have The Best Marriage Ever

I LOVED The Addams Family.  So much better than The Munsters.  ‘Course, I was a kid at the time.  My favorite holiday was Halloween and I wished (much like the Cleavers) my family were more like them.

Please click on the Gif to read how Gomez and Morticia had the best marriage EVER!

We should all be so lucky!

h/t BuzzFeed and Miss Cellania

TODAY is Robert Culp’s Birthday…

He left us in 2010.

Be cool, today.

Robert Culp - Cool Guy

Robert Culp – Cool Guy

Happy Birthday Walter!

On this day, in 1894, Walter Brennan was born!walter brennan2

(Regular readers know I love character actors!)

Certainly all of you remember him from ‘The McCoys’ aka ‘The Real McCoys’ 50s television show.  But he was so much more.

He was in such diverse films as The Invisible Man and Bride of Frankenstein.  He received the very first Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor as Swan Bostrom in Come and Get It (1936).

And most of us remember him as the preacher in Sergeant York:   “Them’s a mess of beef critter’s, Alvin.”

He was a conservative and religious (although private regarding which variety of religion).  He died of emphysema at age 80.

While travelling in Oregon with the family (in 1986), I got to drive by his ranch.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to stop.

I’m certain it would have been cool, even though he’d passed in 1974.  I even do a passable impression of him, although my roommate tells me it’s the same as my Pepperidge Farm guy impression.

“Lilly Langtry, Lilly Langtry!  (Judge Roy Bean in the Westerner)

We miss you, Walter.

h/t Wikipedia

Glimmer of Hope

As most of you know, I’m old-school.  (And just old.)

I was (and am) a big fan of Johnny Carson.  Leno, Letterman and the rest don’t hold a cotton to Johnny.  And, over the past 10 years, most of the nighttime guys have been in liberal-lock-step.  Especially Letterman.

And, this annoys me.

But, Leno just came out with THIS statement!

There may be hope for us, yet!

h/t John Lott

Cochise v. Geronimo





When I was growing up (in Arizona) my father made certain to show me evidence of Western history and culture.  Western as in cowboy.  50s/60s TV helped.  Not balanced or historically correct.

And, living in Arizona, we got to travel around the State and visit places like Montezuma’s Castle and Tombstone.  And I really wanted to own a horse and become a cowboy.  At age 5.

Part of what was taught to me was the difference between Cochise and Geronimo.  Cochise initially fought the incursion of people from the East Coast, but eventually acceded to what was called manifest destiny and gave up.  I was taught he was a great hero of his people.  (See the 1950 film Broken Arrow for the politically-correct story).

But Geronimo was another matter.  A warrior to the end, he never gave up fighting for his people, and was eventually captured and made a prisoner of war.  He died in captivity.  Some say he was murdered.  I was taught he was a rebel and criminal who deserved what he got.  We called these battles The Indian Wars.

Between the Indians co-existing with us as citizens, having their own ‘nations’, and being given special status and benefits from the government (based largely on our guilt for never honoring treaties and mistreatment of them), AND, the ever-popular meme of Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s The Noble Savage (the idea that as they were primitive cultures they were automatically more pure than we ‘cultured’ euro-trash) it’s a pretty complex relationship.  Until the 1700s, many conquering forces simply eliminated those who didn’t assimilate.  Less complex but barbaric.  We did do some of that.

Special status, in spite of the whole melting pot meme; E Pluribus Unum, and equal rights for all.  Some people are more equal than others.

Purportedly, Geronimo’s last words…

“I should have never surrendered. I should have fought until I was the last man alive.”[27]

As a youth, I admired Cochise for his peaceable acquiescence to federal government authority.  I tend to be siding more with Geronimo, now.

h/t Wikipedia, IMDB

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