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Thanks to the extreme capabilities and generosity of my Roommate, who not only found an old laptop for me, but, spend many hours rebooting/reconfiguring the router so we could again enjoy the wonders of the Internet!

There IS a learning curve, as this is a Windows 8 machine, and none of my blog prep files have yet found there way here, but, I AM BACK!

Thank you for your patience.


SO…Whatya THINK?

Comodo-IceDragonMy computer is 5 years old, and a rebuild.  A HP 300-1020 20″ Touchscreen AMD Athlon II X2 235e processor 2.70 GHz…w/additional memory, wireless mouse and keyboard.  I cannot afford a new one.

I’m a reluctant Windows guy.  Could never afford the Apple.  Over the past couple of years, I’ve used IE 9, 10, 11, Firefox, Chrome and Opera browsers.  And seem to keep picking up ‘bugs’ on each browser.  Such that spending 20 minutes setting up my daily blog post (with a today’s quote, funny, beauty and You Tube clip) has almost doubled to 40 minutes because of software ‘issues’.  I keep having to switch in mid-publish because a window locks up, or won’t open, or won’t allow copy/paste of instructions…yatta, yatta, yatta.  PITA!

YES, I’ve cleaned up my registry, removed malware.  Regularly.  I run Kasparsky.  I even uninstalled FF and Chrome as they seemed to be the most buggy.  I recently installed Mozilla WaterFox, because it purportedly works better with 64 bit machines.  But some of the same buggery happened.  (Pun intended).

Then, I installed Comodo IceDragon.  Also from Mozilla, but tweaked differently.

Thus far, no apparent bugs.  (Knock-on-wood)

And here’s my question(s) – am I doing anything wrong?  Should I look to an entirely different browser, or blogging software?  I’ve been much happier with WordPress (over Blogger) two of the past (almost) three years!

REMEMBER, when you answer – I an NOT a geek, I only pretend to be one on the blogosphere.

Suggestions?  Ideas?

PS – IceDragon seems to be working well (after two days of blogging and browsing)!  Who knew?

Yikes! Here We Go AGAIN!

operaI am NOT a geek.  I only play one on the Internet.  At best, I am a proto-geek; a hanger-on to real geeks who know about things mechanical and electronic (witness Dave, the genius mechanic, for one!)

I took Guffaw in AZ from BLOGGER to WordPress; IE10 to FireFox to Chrome.  Now, I’m having problems with WordPress, making it necessary to revert to FF to publish my blog!  And there are WP software issues on both FF and Chrome!

I am NOT going back to IE10, unless I’ve no other choice.

WTF, over?


PS – I just downloaded Opera, and set it up for my multiple email accounts and blogging on WordPress.

So far, so good!  Fast, no problems using WP, and no ‘issues’.  Of course, it’s been a full 15 minutes! :-)

(I REALLY don’t want to transition to Ubuntu!!!, and I’m running out of choices!)

The GBBL Adventure Continues…

Being selfish, I was more than happy to see Mike Miles pick up the mantle for North in compiling and maintaining The Gun Blog Black List.   So much so, I wrote a post about it, and linked it in the old North place of honor on my blog.

But it seems nothing is ever uncomplicated.  I received communication from female blog readers that Mike’s version of TGBBL was missing many of the female gunnie’s blogs! As most of the ones I read are friends, I usually access their blogs off my blogroll, so I didn’t notice.  Besides, other male bloggers were missing as well, so I saw Mike’s blog as a work in progress.

I emailed Mike and asked him directly about it.  He responded thus:

 I was rebuilding the list from cached google copies, google removed all references to the original GBBL list and all cached copies. I find it odd that google did this.

Then another female blogger pointed out yet another GBBL variant in the works – Greylocke’s The Gun Blogger List!  And there were already women bloggers resident there.  It too, is a work in progress.

What to do?

As for me, I’m giving them both a few days grace.  Then I’ll decide if one (or both) deserve a blog link on Guffaw in AZ.

Do any of you have an opinion?

Posted by North – Gun Blog Black List on 08.07.13 at 9:36 am  edit

No. Mike stole my graphics and copied my content. I’m not too happy that he just copied all of the work that I did.

THIS JUST IN - North has graciously turned over management of GBBL to myself (OldNFO), JayG and two other yet to be named individuals. s/Old NFO

This certain solves the GBBL issue, at least for me! - Guffaw

North by Northwest?


I’m doing my usual morning routine, checking my emails, putting up a blog post, yadda, yadda…

When I go to my next traditional stop, GBBL, The Gun Blog Black List.  This is the stop I peruse prior to visiting The Usual Suspects (my blogroll).  Looking for blog fodder to steal borrow or build upon if my brain is empty.

And the link states THIS BLOG HAS BEEN REMOVED (!)

SO, I go to North’s blog (North being the originator of TGBBL – although he rarely writes, anymore), AND,his blog, too, ‘has been removed!


Did he cross some imaginary line with BLOGGER (or, perhaps, someone more powerful)?  I shot him an email, but have yet to hear back.

Inquiring minds want to know.

Missing You Tube

For some unknown reason WordPress won’t allow me to post my daily You Tube video.

Every time I hit ‘save’. it deletes the entry.

I hate free, unresponsive software!  At least everything else worked (knock-on-wood)

- Guffaw

Follow, Lead, Or Get Out of the Way!

Following, as it relates to a blog, is weird.  Of course, blogging unto itself is weird.

When I first began blogging, on the BLOGGER format software, I found there was a means by which a person could be alerted to a new blog post via their email.  Following.  And, after I changed over to WordPress, I noticed a similar function.

It was an amusing and interesting way a blogger can determine who likes what he shares, and enumerated those who do.  Ego gratifying – certainly.  Look!  I’ve another follower, today!

When I left the BLOGGER format, Guffaw in AZ had 48 followers.  Pretty cool for someone who had no expectation of an interested (or any) readership!  And most of these folks seemed to be fellow-travellers.  Like-minded folk – libertarians, gun guys (and gals).  People whose sense of humor was a little off (?)  But then I moved to WordPress.

WordPress bloggers seem to be a whole different animal.  Not all who came by to read and follow are like-minded travellers.  The protocol seems to be – pick up on a stray post, perhaps not the usual twisted, tin-foil hatted, armed kind, and based on that stray post alone, decide to follow me.

And have expectations of reciprocal following!  Look, I’m following you, you’d better follow me!  Some kind of schoolyard paradigm.

I don’t do that.  I prefer using my blogroll, blogs saved in my bookmarks and TGBBL as my guides.  And, I’ve lost some ‘fair-weather followers’ as a result.

I don’t care.

As of this writing, I’ve 140 followers!  I suspect about half of which are from my original blog – libertarians, carnivores, gun guys and gals, or folks leaning that way.  The others?  Perhaps tofu-ingesting statists?  I’ve no idea.

But, I’m still surprised.

So much for Amendment the First… advises us of yet another behind the scenes move by the current administration to control more stuff.

This time it’s blogging…

First Amendment Menace: Obama Administration to Expand Americans with Disabilities Act over Websites?


Can websites be forced to change to accommodate the disabled — by using “simpler language” to appeal to the “intellectually disabled,” or by making them accessible to the blind and deaf at considerable expense?

The key passage:

But now, the Obama administration appears to be planning to use the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to force many web sites to either accommodate the disabled, or shut down. Given the enormous cost of complying, many small web sites might well just go dark and shut down. The administration wants to treat web sites as “places of public accommodation“ subject to the ADA, even though they are not physical places. Courts used to reject this argument when it was made just by disabled plaintiffs, but now that the Justice Department is making it, too, some judges are beginning to buy it, opening the door to trial lawyers surfing the web and sending out extortionate demand letters to every small business whose web site is not accessible to the blind (or perhaps too hard to understand for the mentally-challenged).

What?  Seriously?

Can you say government wholesale censorship?  Sure you can.  And I can, too, but perhaps not for long.

A ‘Bobbie Burns’ Day…

Or rather two of them…

Yesterday, I had a usual scheduled doctor follow-up appointment (having chronic conditions, and all).  It went generally well, but, afterward, I had more pain than I usually get, and it continued throughout the day.

Even after application of the ‘extra-special’ meds!

So, I’m running some errands last night, and AGAIN, my SES (Service-Engine-Soon) light comes on!  Since I know very little about auto mechanics, that always scares me.  I do know it could mean my gas cap isn’t tight enough or my engine is getting ready to fall out.

Today, I’m going in for an oil change.  Not me, the car.  Hopefully, that will happen quickly, ‘they’ can check the SES light meaning and it can be fixed tuit suite cheaply.  We’ll see.

“The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men gang aft a-gley.–Robert Burns*  (To a Field Mouse)”

A Bobbie Burns day.

*Robert Burns – the poet laureate of Scotland

Addendum – Whole thing took about 45 minutes.  Oil changed, fluids topped.  Windshield cleaned.  SES light decoded.  Came back to an air injection malf (pollution control), and cam sensor (may need alignment or replacement)
She’s an old car and there are oil leaks – could be affecting the sensor, too!

No repair today, cannot afford it.  But, she runs – next the emissions/registration thing.  Not today.

Cudos to Oasis Auto Center (who gives me nothing but great, fair service, FTC!)  $22.62 for everything!

I’ve Added…

NAGR_Decal_5033f47c7192bNational Association for Gun Rights on my list of worthy organizations.

I’ve been getting numerous emails from them for some time now, alerting me to dealings in Washington which could use my attention.

Usually a day or two in advance of the NRA-ILA emails.(?)

I don’t have any money, but I sent them a small amount, anyway.

Go check out their site.  It’s worth a look.

- Guffaw

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