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Well, Here I Go Again!

I’ve recounted before in these pages how I am at best a proto-geek.  I knew and know geeks, nerds and geniuses, and pal around with them, but never made the cut with regard to technical knowledge.

(Much as I am with car mechanics – I know where the brakes are and what they do – I just cannot repair them!)

Yes, things have improved from fledgling Guffaw in the 80′s with his Timex-Sinclair 2k computer.  And from the 1992 286 machine with a 300 baud dial-up modem.  But this computer/Internet jazz is still in it’s infancy.

If I turn on the television or the radio, it works!  I don’t have to replace parts or fiddle with it’s innards to get it to work correctly.  THIS is my hope for the evolution of the whole computer thing.

I did ‘something’ to Judy’s printer (with her generosity we share) with regard to the wireless settings.  The short answer is it no longer works, wirelessly.  As we both have physical issues, running up and down the stairs to see if something printed is a problem.  So, we connect (or try to) wirelessly through our router, and viola, printouts!  Until I messed something up!

I spent hours searching the Internet for answers, but, to know avail.  I finally decided to bite-the-bullet and buy a newer printer.  After much research, I found a similar model, with even simpler wireless connectivity, and doled out the funds.  Thankfully, they’ve gotten even less expensive!

After a minor snafu with Amazon Prime (two-day shipping isn’t always) I received the printer, and set it up.  The computer itself told me it was correctly set up, and PRESTO!


SO, I spent over TWO HOURS with an East Indian Help Desk tweaking the computer, the printer and my brain.  STILL nothing.  Finally the techoguru (who spoke perfect English, but with a VERY heavy accent) said I should change the settings on my firewalls, or even turn them off!

And, of course, there was little knowledge I could use from the Internet, as I AM NOT A GEEK!

And it STILL says it’s correctly connected and IT STILL WONT PRINT!

arrghGOOD NEWS UPDATE!  After all of the above trials and using suggestions from the comments (Thank You!), AND removing one of my firewall programs (there are others), AND reloading the drivers, I now can FINALLY PRINT!!



No More Registration!

(courtesy of Joe Huffman)

Cars should be treated like guns

Gun owners are hostile to having guns registered and requiring a license to own them. The fear of having that data in the hands of the government is justifiable. Not just stories like the Belgian Corporal from 75 years ago on another continent but the stories in present day from Connecticut, New York, and California.

Now we have conclusive evidence that car licenses are also subject to abuse.

It’s time to treat cars like guns. No more registration.

H/T To Tamara K. for the retweet of Kirk Freeman.

Uh, wait a minute?

You mean a free people should have a right not to be tracked incessantly by the State-run computer system?  Their vehicles should be able to move freely without encumbrance, unmolested?  Untracked?  Unrecorded?


Not with a Guffaw, but with a Hubba-Hubba!

Whenever I have posted too many serious posts in the past, I remedied doing so by posting a few guffaws, e.g. jokes, cartoons and funny pictures.  To lighten the mood.

AND, because it’s MY BLOG!  :-)

Again, I’ve posted a litany of serious posts, mostly regarding governmental abuses.  And it’s got me down.  But, instead of guffaws, I decided to invoke Rule 5*, instead:


Alice Krige

Blair Brown

Blair Brown

Dana DelanyDana Delany

Diana Rigg

Diana Rigg

kaley 300

Kaley Cuoco

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe

SIX of my favorite women!  SO many choices…sigh.

*Rule #5 Post – Celebrating Women

“Lions and Tigers and Software, Oh My!”

lionsWhen, oh when, will computers (and software) develop to the point they can behave like older electronics, e.g. TVs, stereos and such?

Obviously, the goal is to turn on the computer (or awaken it) and have it go to the correct page, and do what is asked for it to do, not unlike turning on the TV and having Edmus Scary’s Late Nite Horror Show with Plan 9 From Outer Space showing, as one intended.

If you’ve been reading me for over a month, seek professional help. you know I’ve been having issues with browsers and such.  I finally found one that seems to work, and have added security and malware programs, and things have been better, BUT…

NOW, I find I cannot post comments on BLOGGER-based blogs certain BLOGGER-based blogs!  I do the set-up, my identifiers, hit enter and poof – the posts magically disappear!

I’m having ‘issues’ with three or four blogs, but the most difficult is one of my daily readers, who comments on GiA almost daily, Rev. Paul of Way Up North.  It’s most distressing and embarrassing as he is not just a fellow blogwriter, but a friend!  Apologies to another friend, Lagniappe’s Lair (Murphy’s Law) as well, for the same issues!

If you’ve not seen a comment from me as of late, and use Blogger, THIS is why!

I’ve had problems with BLOGGER, before.  It’s why I now blog on WordPress.

Ah, BLOGGER, my old friend, I’ll chase him ’round the moons of Nibia and ’round the Antares Maelstrom and ’round perdition’s flames…no, that’s not it…

I’m using Comodo IceDragon as a browser; Windows 7 Home Premium, WordPress as a blog publisher; security by Malwarebytes, Comodo, Kasparsky, and Windows.  Add-ons include DoNotTrackMe, Ghostery, and PrivDog.  Any suggestions?

Anyone else having ‘issues’ posting comments on specific Blogger accounts?

Beer Gut

beer gutMan’s gut fermented food into alcohol, making him drunk, case study finds

(CNN) – Most beer guts are the result of consuming fermented brew, but a new case study describes a rare syndrome that had one man’s gut fermenting brew, not consuming it.

It’s called gut fermentation syndrome or auto-brewery syndrome, and it’s “a relatively unknown phenomenon in Western medicine” according to a study published in July’s International Journal of Clinical Medicine. “Only a few cases have been reported in the last three decades” according to Dr. Barbara Cordell, the dean of nursing at Panola College in Carthage, Texas, and Dr. Justin McCarthy, a Lubbock gastroenterologist, the study’s authors.

The most current case comes courtesy of an unnamed 61-year-old Texas man who for five years seemed to be drunk — all of the time.

Sounds like some bloggers I’ve run across!

No, not me.

PS – because Squeaky Wheel informed me of the real health issues in this post, she asked for a link to the original article.  Here ya go Squeak:




Above is the official Cleveland REDSKIN team logo.

In no way does it appear disrespectful to a proud heritage of third Stone Age peoples found on these shores when the Eurotrash first appeared on the scene 521 years ago.  (Columbus – or longer?  Vikings?)

Nor does the moniker REDSKIN, which while slangy to me, is no different from Black, which seems to be one of the other accepted terms (at least this week).

I love how there were probably six people nationwide who were bothered by REDSKIN, until some politicians decided to make it their cause celebre’.  Probably because any other issue – immigration, tax reform, privacy, budgets, national security, the military, wars, debt ceilings, government slimdown ad infinitum, ad nauseum were being ignored by said politicians.  They had to hang their hat on SOMETHING!

I wonder if all the previously-conquered peoples of the World – you know, the ones who were outright slaughtered unless they assimilated into the victor’s culture, are even around to complain about the names of sports teams named after them?  I suspect most of them are not, or are wise enough to pick and choose their battles if they are.

We certainly didn’t do right by the American Indian*, and ‘awarding’ them crap land and special separate citizen status with their own ‘nations’ is part of that.  Didn’t Separate, But Equal fall by the wayside some 117 years ago? (Plessy vs. Fergusson)

Along with the top-flight federal government health care they receive.  Wait!  What? They don’t?

Perhaps there’s yet another lesson in that?

*NOT Native American.  Hell, I was born here, I’M a Native American!  I side with Russell Means (now deceased leader of the American Indian Movement and libertarian), who said, I’m an American Indian.  You’ll note American is listed first!”

TWO Can Play At THIS Game!

poiBacon, Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, Explosives gave me an interesting idea.

If you’re familiar with the television show Person of Interest, you know the theme is the government can pretty much watch and track everything everyone does, through the use of electronic records and the ever-increasing number of traffic, ATM, and ‘security’ cameras out there.  Soon, we will become London.  (If we haven’t, already!)

The show’s producers indicate the technology is already available, and is being used.  This is not science fiction.  The revelations regarding the NSA’s surveillance capabilities abuses is only the tip of the iceberg.

Ry Jones (of the above blog) has taken things a bit further.  He has installed a ‘dashcam’ facing out the rear of his vehicle!  Fighting fire with fire, as it were.

Raging against the machine, via one’s own machine!

Imagine the next time he is pulled over for some imaginary infraction…

I like it.

“You know, Dr. Tim is Keeper of the Sacred Tablets…”

“Here, have a tablet.”  (apologies to the Firesign Theatre)

Dr. Timothy Leary

Dr. Timothy Leary

My roommate gifted me her old smartphone in April.  I love it.  Despite it’s limitations, it works wonderfully as an ersatz computer, a passable camera, movie camera, and even a telephone!

She recently was able to acquire a new tablet.  A Samsung Galaxy, I believe.  Quite the little machine, and light.  Many more features than the comparable IPad.  And less expensive!

And she asks me, “Would you like my old tablet?”  Saying “Duh” would have been rude.

I am now the proud owner of a two-year old Acer Iconia Tab A500.  Similar in operation and programming to my cell phone (both Android-based), it’s GREAT!


My ONLY concern/complaint thus far is it’s weight.  It’s like holding a car battery shaped like a notebook.  But we don’t inspect free equines’ teeth here.

When the EMP bomb hits, we’re gonna be screwed!

(attn FTC – neither Samsung nor Acer gave me anything.  For Apple to have done so would just be silly.  Go Away!)

“Won’t You Be My Neighbor?”

We all remember THIS guy.  He gave friendly advice, not just for children, but for all of us.

Mr. Rogers

Mr. Rogers

How well do you know your neighbors?  Or do you even know them?

I currently rent a room in a townhouse.  The neighbors to the immediate South (sharing the common wall) have a practice of going into their backyard (just over a fence) and SCREAMING with each other about family matters.  I think it’s a mother and daughter, and some male hangers-on of some sort.  This sometimes happens well into the night.  Then, someone ‘over there’ is up early, like 0545, and makes a practice of throwing a bowling ball down the stairs, bouncing it off the wall in the process (again, common wall) REPEATEDLY.
(At least, that’s what it sounds like!)

This is in direct opposition to the North neighbors, again a mother/daughter team.  We rarely hear anything from them through the common wall, and they never seem to be in their adjacent back yard.  The word on the street is, however, mind your Ps and Qs, if mom spots someone parking crooked, or spilling trash, or some other small infraction, she will SCREAM.  To the Homeowners Association, at least.  And THEY will contact you.

I know these all folks on sight, and wave, all friendly-like, and sometimes even say “Hello”.  The neighbors North of the North women seem to be a nice couple.  He even helped J. corral one of her dogs when she ran loose (a favorite game – ESCAPE! Wheee, I’m FREEE!), when J was unable to catch her.

I think I know the first name of the North neighbor mom.  That’s it.

In my former neighborhood, I made it a point of knowing my next-door neighbors, the one across the street and across the alley behind me.  Just in case.

The Art of Manliness again addresses this issue.  In short, it says knowing your neighbor is lubrication for civilization.  Much as being polite can defuse friction.

I remember my childhood neighborhoods.  All the kids on the block knew each other, and so did all the parents.  If you did something wrong, not only did the neighbor yell at you, but, by the time your returned home, your parents had received a telephone call from said neighbor.  So you got it, again.  And, you could run to any neighbor’s home for help or safety.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have neighborhoods, again?

Adventures in Burgers, Dogs and Beah(s)

I hesitated to post this, as most gun bloggers who post about food post about fine food:  seafood, chili, gourmand cuisine.  Think Brigid, and many others.

I like to cook, and am not half bad at it – traditional American fare:  lasagna, deep-dish pizza, steak, hamburgers, hot dogs.  Baking.  Some sugar-free stuff.  But, with my various infirmities, standing and cooking usually isn’t a pleasant experience.  (I need to eat more salads, anyway).

So, I’ve taken to finding foods I like near my new digs.  Mexican food, bar & grills, pizza.  Usually accompanied by alcohol (or diet soda :-) ).  Much depends on how close it is to ‘payday’.

We used to frequent a pizza place near my old house.  Our favorite waitress appeared to be a recovering tweaker from Boston – always pronounced beer as beah, so we adopted that.  For fun.  (Yes. sarcasm and mockery are our stock in trade!)

Of late we (my roommate and I) have found a couple new places.  One had excellent burgers and fries – at steak prices, and 52 craft beers available.  We took immediately to Mr. Pineapple Ale, then found out the mr pcraft beer was $7.00/pint!

As much as we liked the food, we went on the hunt to find Mr. Pineapple, and found it at another place we have been known to frequent.  For $4.50/pint!  Have three beers and you’re saving money!  (see what I did there?)

The problem is, the food at the cheaper beer place, while good, is not as good (or as costly) as the expensive beer place.  They do have 1/4 pound BACON-WRAPPED hot dogs, though!

A friend recently gifted me with a fine single-malt Scotch.  Perhaps I should just stay home with that.Scotch & chocolate

I’m certain my doctor would agree.

Probably without the dark chocolate, though…

FTC – San Tan Brewery gives me nothing.  Now go away!

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