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Not With A Bang…

But with a BANG! BANG! (hopefully?)

Alphecca reports:

(From Salem News)

Pat Kirby answered his country’s call to arms during the Vietnam War, serving multiple tours, suffering injuries, watching friends die. Today he has a letter from the VA telling him that because his wife takes care of their family finances, he is deemed “incompetent” and for this reason, he has to turn in his guns and relinquish his 2nd Amendment Rights, or face going to prison.

Gee, ya think this was the plan all along?  To legislate, rule and bureaucratize things so that otherwise legitimate firearms owners are forced to simply give up their weapons?

Of course, if that doesn’t work, we’ll simply say he has PTSD and take them, anyway!

It’s for the children.

I had two thoughts on initially reading this.  One – did Janelle do the Col. Cooper Family bookkeeping? and Two, how would HE have reacted to such a letter?

“Der Speichel, Bitte!”


…and MORE!

Remember “Papiere, bitte!”, the “Papers, please!”, ‘lauded’ in song and story?

Well, the government has taken it to the next level.  Your spit and blood!

“Der Speichel, Bitte!  (Your Spit, Please!)

From an email I received:

Dear (Guffaw),

Drivers in at least 60 U.S. communities have been pulled over at checkpoints and coerced into providing saliva swabs and blood samples.

The controversial program started in Fort Worth, Texas, and was first reported in November 2013. It has now been rolled out to towns and cities across the country, most recently in Reading, Pennsylvania.

While it appears that the traffic stops are being conducted by local police, they are actually conducted by armed federal government contractors as part of a research program for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

And while the NHTSA claims the stops are completely voluntary, in practice they are not. As Kristin Tate reports…

>> Read more about the new Fourth Amendment violations here <<

Don’t be scared. Be prepared.

Regardless of the tone of this letter, I AM scared.  And ANGRY!


“WE Want A Police State! And We Want It NOW!”

Americans Sign Petition to Support “Nazi-Style Orwellian Police State”

To keep everybody safe

Paul Joseph Watson
October 21, 2013

After illustrating their enthusiasm for repealing the Bill of Rights, a video shows Americans happily signing a petition to support a “Nazi-style Orwellian police state,” in what easily represents the most shocking footage of its kind to date.

Citing issues with how the government shutdown has impacted the ability of the police to “keep the community safe,” Dice tells San Diegans that there is a need to “increase the Orwellian system.”

“Not a problem,” responds one man as he signs the petition.

“We just want to model it after the Nazi Germany system to keep people safe and secure,” Dice tells another individual.

After signing the petition to “implement the Orwellian police state,” another man responds, “You find the pot of money though,” apparently more concerned about how much a Nazi-style police state would cost than its actual consequences.

“They’re trying to cut the budget by 20 per cent so we just want to make sure that we can model the police state after the Nazi Germany system,” Dice tells another couple who sign the petition, before adding, “Thanks for supporting the police state.”

“We’re going to model it after the Nazi Germany-style police state,” Dice clearly tells another man who signs the petition.

“We need this Orwellian-style system to keep everybody safe,” Dice tells a woman as she is signing the petition, to which she responds, “Yeah.”

Click here for all of Paul’s article.  But bring along an airsick bag.

“Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety” – Benjamin Franklin

“Nothing to see here. Move along.”

police camerasAlex Jones’ Info Wars shares with us about the following, straight from the (Phoenix) Mayor’s mouth.

Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton called a news conference Wednesday to suggest there was nothing otherworldly about a Police Department camera truck filming tailgaters at an Arizona State University football game over the weekend.

Councilman Sal DiCiccio, who was tailgating, took to his Facebook page and the media this week to express his outrage at seeing a Phoenix police truck that he said resembled alien craft from The War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells. DiCiccio said, “It’s just one more level of intrusion by the government looking into our personal lives.”

Apparently, Phoenix Police, with the assistance of Homeland Security (!), was filming tailgaters at an Arizona State University football game over the weekend.  In Tempe, where the University and stadium are located.

Not Phoenix.  Not Tempe (or ASU Police). And with the assistance of Homeland Security.  You know, those federal guys.

Our tax dollars at work, people.

Good thing they don’t look into our personal records, or cell phone conversations or emails, or financial transactions!

Oh, wait…

Remember What I Said About Canucks?

Well, I take some of it back.

While OUR President (or rather his toady Secretary of State) signed the U.N. Small Arms Treaty (thankfully, an uphill fight for ratification in the Senate!), the Prime Minister of Canada refuses to sign it!

Three Cheers for Canuckistan!

Granted, they still have abysmal internal gun control laws, and no Bill of Rights, but, at least their executive recognizes the danger of ceding sovereignty to outside authority.

The United Nations?  Seriously?

Set Your Watches…

idToday, at 1730 PM Eastern, the United States Senate is scheduled to vote on the ‘comprehensive’ NATIONAL I.D. CARD BILL!

CALL YOUR SENATORS, NOW!  And tell them how you feel.

(202) 224-3121

(Me?  I’ll be in my mud hut, adjusting my tin-foil hat)


THERE’S STILL TIME – CALL TODAY!  (Tuesday, June 25)

Business As Usual

hunchWASHINGTON (CBSDC/AP) — U.S. border agents should continue to be allowed to search a traveler’s laptop, cellphone or other electronic device and keep copies of any data on them based on no more than a hunch, according to an internal Homeland Security Department study. It contends limiting such searches would prevent the U.S. from detecting child pornographers or terrorists and expose the government to lawsuits.

Go read about the whole mess HERE.  And, in additional news…

Related: Obama Administration Defends ‘Daily’ Collection Of US Citizen Phone Records

Yeah, that’s the spirit!  Shred that Constitution and Bill of Rights!  It’s for the children…

Remember when it was the Democrats who fought for civil liberties; who claimed the Republicans were the enemies of civil rights?  They both are!

PS – Bet Your Ass That the NSA is Watching You!  (and related posts from Just An Earthbound Misfit, I)

Time to gear up and don my tin-foil chapeau, again.  Maybe go back to snail mail, no computer and no cellular.  Sadly, I’m too enmeshed to go off the grid.  Sigh.

h/t Old NFO, Comrade Misfit

WHO Has Your Back?

Too much privacy advocacy is done by a self-appointed expert class who, believing their own preferences to be universal, beseech legislators and regulators to mold or even remake the information economy. I have nothing against self-appointed experts—I am one, and some of you have been falling for my schtick for a decade. But the hubris of claiming to know how things should come out? That’s too much.

So the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s “Who Has Your Back?” report is real stand-out. Using a clear, six-star grid, they assess how well major Internet companies and ISPs do when it comes to key dimensions of privacy protection.  (Jim Harper/Cato@Liberty)

It’s worth going to the link above and determining who (or if) your ISP has your back.  Remember a couple years back when *blog name redacted*  had his Internet service terminated, and his home raided w/o benefit of a warrant because of potentially inflamatory statements he made in his blog?  It was Massachusetts, so, the State revoked his gun permit and confiscated his firearms, too!  With no due process involved and the full cooperation of his ISP with the authorities.

So much for protecting the customer…

Go check out the grid, and be enlightened.

I used to know a guy…

…who was a friend, a mentor, a good guy.  A gun guy, Gunsite graduate.  A libertarian.  Sadly, we are no longer in touch.

He used to say he’d not know how he’d react if things got so bad in this country, that if he was stopped and asked, “Papiere, bitte!” “PAPERS, PLEASE!”, what he might do?

I’m sorry to say, Bud, that day has come.


Here’s hoping none of us loses their cool if asked.

h/t/ wirecutter, John

Doing Wrong To Prevent Wrong – NSFW

(What follows has some language that is Not-Safe-For-Work.  I thought it best not to edit or censor it, to give it it’s full impact - Guffaw)

This is the crux of the libertarian, Constitutional argument.  Why are we so against all these ubiquitous encroachments on our civil liberties?  And why we should continue to be.

Every time I see something like this, be it use of a no-knock warrant (or no warrant at all), surveillance cameras everywhere, GPS on modern cell phones that we cannot disconnect, institutionalized warrantless searches at airports (and elsewhere) or beating a confession out of a suspect, I recognize we have lost something beyond price.  And, I know we probably won’t get these liberties back without a fight.

Kent’s “Hooligan Libertarian” Blog touches on the most recent of these issues.  The lock-down and methodical search of an entire city to locate a terrorism suspect.  He says, in part:

The same goes for imposing a police state and illegally/unethically/immorally locking down a city and invading homes to catch a suspect.  Every cop who entered any property without the explicit permission of the owner/renter deserved to be shot dead.  Immediately.  Good thing for those stormtroopers that the “people” there gave up their responsibility and guns long ago, and are cheering fans of Big Brother.  Makes me furious to even think about.

Follow this up with Lurking Rhythmically’s screed regarding some folks disdain for an individual’s natural rights.  She says, in part:

From a comment on my previous post:

You know, I like most of what you post, and followed you even though I disagreed with you on your position on so-called “gun rights”.

Oooh. Isn’t that just delicious contempt ? It’s so thick and creamy you could drizzle it on a pancake. I especially like the one-two punch of  so-called and the scare quotes. They aren’t rights, they’re “rights”.  That’s quality passive-aggression right there.

Here’s the lovely thing about rights:  They aren’t up for a vote. That’s why they’re rights.

Let’s put it another way:

  • your so-called “suffrage”
  • your so-called “emancipation”
  • your so-called “integration”
  • your so-called “religious freedom”
  • your so-called “freedom of speech”
  • your so-called “right to due process”

Are you offended yet? You should be. You should be screamingly furious that anyone would diminish these rights with the phrase “so-called”.

And yet my inalienable right to defend myself with the most effective means possible is threatened because one, ONE asshole out of 10 million law-abiding gun owners decided to commit a raft of crimes that another law would not have stopped.

You say, “Compromise.”  I say, “Fuck you, you mewling cowards. I will not embrace victimhood. I will not willingly disarm. If you demand I give up my life just to make you feel better, you are selfish on a level that is beyond comprehension.”

I believe this is how most of us feel, even if we can’t quite put our feelings into words.  Individual rights are individual rights.  Whether ‘natural’ or ‘derived from our Creator’, it doesn’t matter.  They are not up for debate or vote.  Period.

And to allow them to be voted on is yet another encroachment.

Go and read the entire Declaration of Independence, and then the two links above.  Then look at the news, and read what we accept as a normal course of government business every day.

Then, perhaps become angry about the state of our Nation.  And cry a little.



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