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New Shooting Student!

A guy I’ve know for a while, who’s never expressed an interest before in such matters, approached me about familiarizing him with firearms.
The relatively-new meds I’m on will allow some standing, so looks like we’re on!
This afternoon is scheduled for safety and handling.  Looks like next week for the range.
The best part is he has funds, so, unlike many of my students in the past, I won’t have to pay range fees, ammo, etc.  (My range membership lapsed due to my financial condition.).
AND, I’ll get to do a little throwing lead down range – first time in a long time!
Needless to say, I’m stoked!
One of the cool parts is when this guy was pantomiming shooting for me, he did the ‘grab the wrist’  from TV lore, so I know we’re starting at the beginning!

Shooting Student Update:  He just left.  It was great.  One-on-one teaching is so rewarding!  He took copious notes and is anxious for range time.  Hopefully, middle of next week!
(‘course it might be longer, I loaned him Firefly and Serenity!) 

Possible Closure Of 480,000 Or More Acres To Shooting In Arizona

No Lawyers – Only Guns And Money just broke the alert from the Arizona Citizen’s Defense League that the current administrations ‘under the radar’ efforts at gun control continues:
President 0bama promised that he was going to implement efforts to erase your right to bear arms “under the radar.” Now, he’s brought the fight to Arizona.Using the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), the 0bama administration has proposed banning recreational shooting in the half-million acres of Sonoran Desert National Monument.
BLM has released proposed plans for the future management of nearly 1.4 million acres located southwest of Phoenix, in parts of Maricopa, Pinal, Pima, Gila and Yuma Counties. Of that total, over 486,000 acres are within the Sonoran Desert National Monument. The proposals can be found at:

For more specifics and alternatives, please visit the links provided. – Guffaw

h/t John Richardson

Community Legal Services, the Sequel…

Evening last was highlighted by an hour long conversation with a very bright and informed woman from Community Legal Services.
While not an attorney, she works with them daily, is a paralegal, and has been tasked with advising debtors in these matters for the past fourteen years.
The short version is I will NOT be filing bankruptcy!
And she is sending me tools to deal with some of the other matters.
The home-ownership situation remains up-in-the-air, but there is time and I have tools and help.
Thanks for all your ongoing support and advice!

The Tao of Jeet Kune Do

Mentioning Bruce Lee in my last post got me thinking.
Most folks remember him for his movies, Enter The Dragon and the Hong Kong films.
His books, particularly The Tao of Jeet Kune Do touched on something else I’ve utilized.  Philosophically.
To wit:  In the text, he explains about the art of kicking.  First, the kick is just a kick.  Then, the student breaks down the elements of the kick.  Position, foot angle, direction of the leg to the target, balance, focus.  Lastly, speed is added, learning gradually.
Finally, a kick is just a kick, again.
I have tried to utilize the same method in my teaching pistolcraft.  Take any related physical task – Presentation, for example:
Firm grip, weak hand positioned properly, smooth draw, grip-clear-click-smack-sight…
Smooth eventually equals fast.
Substitute presentation for kick in the following quote:

“I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.”  – Bruce Lee

Just For You

Judy is an ex-girlfriend and current friend.  When I was hospitalized with lymphoma two years ago, she checked my mail every day, and came to see me in the hospital, every day.  She was there when I received the diagnosis.
She is a good friend.
She is a professional hair stylist, and recently moved to a new salon in Tempe, Arizona,
 Just For You.
If you need a style or a cut, please go visit her.  The information is on the website.  She’s been cutting my hair for years (except when I lost it all because of the chemotherapy!)
I’ve had the link on the left sidebar, but, it just occurred to me that persons using blog readers don’t see the sidebars.

Get your hair done, you deserve it!
Neither Just For You, nor Judy give me anything for this blog post!

h/t Judy

Knives, and other means of self-defense.

Knives never interested me much as a child.  I did manage to create a couple of good scars for myself using them in grade school, however.  I had an ancient folder fishing knife my Dad gave me.  No lockblade.  He taught me mumbly-peg with it!
It just seemed to me that firearms were more efficient.
There was a time I had an interest in swords, and various manner of unarmed self-defense.
Even with my disabilities, I studied Kenpo Karate for a couple years.  Doing so probably stopped me from having serious injury on at least one occasion.
If I had a gun, I’d have shot them, though.
I studied and carried nunchaku for a short time, until I found out in Az. just possession while out-and-about is illegal, unless you can show you are a nunchaku student, usually traveling to or from an accredited school.
I advise all the women I’ve known if they’re not going to carry a gun, carry a knife, a kubaton, something.
Fortunately, my last couple serious relationships each carry firearms.  And one adds knives, a collapsible baton and a kubaton.
Can’t be too careful.
My ex-wife has some pepper spray I acquired for her.  I hope she checks it’s functionality once in a while.
Now that I’m older, though, a firearm remains my fallback position.  I’m too old and too slow to go all Bruce Lee on some 15-year-old kid with a sharpened screwdriver.
As an old friend commented on Indiana Jones dispatching the turbaned-Saracen with the scimitar in the public square with his revolver:  A triumph of superior technology.
No bull-whip!

What KNIFE do I carry?

In lemming mode again.  The gunnie blogosphere seems interested in what knife or knives I traditionally carry.
Not counting the obsequious Swiss-Army keychain knife, as it is not a lockblade, or the oversized P38 can opener, also ever-present.
I carry the Kershaw – Ken Onion, assisted-opening Blur, in black, because that’s tactical! (joke)
Sadly, she is AWOL/UA f***in’ missing!
When I visited the osteopathic skin doc, I disarmed, placing my 442, speed strip and Blur under the seat of Judy’s Element.  (Judy was gracious enough to drive me repeatedly to the doctor, as my 2000 Olds Intrigue has no functional air conditioning).
Upon exiting the doctor’s office, I was able to locate the revolver and the speed strip, but the Blur had disappeared!  (There are many nooks and crannies under the Element seat – I’ll wait until Winter to attempt seat extraction).
I know Judy didn’t take it, because I trust her, and she has her own Blur, in red and black.
SO, in lieu of my personal folder, here’s a standard Internet image:

h/t Judy, with thanks!

Modern Technology

I love modern technology.  The idea that I can send/receive instant messages, Email, photographs, movies, voice samples, you name it, almost instantaneously to anyone in the ‘free’ World is remarkable.
What is less remarkable is that this technology remains in it’s infancy.
I remember my father telling me of growing up in the Twenties, listening to a crystal radio, getting signals from hundreds of miles away.  Then, writing the stations and getting QSL cards confirming he had done so!  (I still have a book somewhere of his collection).
I remember doing the same thing in the 60’s, with an old vacuum tube radio connecting the aerial antenna wire to my bedroom window screen, so late at night I could get the ‘skip’ from stations hundreds of miles away.
Even in the Twenties the crystal radio worked.
How’s your Internet reception been lately?  I have broadband.  I live in the 6th largest metro area in the U.S., but sometimes still have poor cellular telephone reception and bad Internet connections.
Crystal radio reception was free, and worked.
This morning (as with most mornings the past couple of weeks) I’ve had difficulty accessing certain blogs, or MY blog, or news.  This morning it’s my Yahoo Email!
Hotmail is actually working, but Yahoo, not so much.
We have had television for over 60 years.  Turn it on, we had programming.  Even if we had to wait for the tubes to warm up.  And it was free.
Do they have crystal radio for computers?

An Interesting Thought…

As I was perusing The Gun Blog Black List (proud member since 08/11) this morning (HELL, I might miss something!), I went to A trainwreck in Maxwell
He had a post entitled ‘When the anti-capitalist revolution starts.’  It got me thinking.  Why?  Because I’m a free-market capitalist!
From his post:  
It will be livecasted by the money grubbing site and captured by Sony, Motorola, LG and various other capitalist tools.
BTW- did everyone walk there, because using buses and airlines would only fuel corporate greed.
What I was thinking about was all the great material things alluded to above, made in Capitalist Societies!
Seriously.  After the proletariat has won their great battle against the evil profit-mongering millionaire bourgeoisie, what did they produce to show the World of their superior system?
The Trabant?
All those great non-toxic and well-made products from the People’s Republic of China.  Dog food, children’s toys and clothes?
How about ALL of Albania’s famous fine products?  Or East Germany’s?
The ONLY item that I could think of was the AK-47, and it’s many variants.  And, of course, it’s been produced by the millions by slave or near-slave labor for 64 years!  Hardly a mark of quality.  Or success of a progressive/socialist/communist system.
As Charles Emerson Winchester (of MASH fame) would have said, “Thank you, NO.”
Let’s stop with the phony class warfare arguments used to ‘level the playing field’.  If a corporation does wrong, prosecute and/or sue them.  If they’re in bed with the government (e.g. fascism) disenfranchise them.
Don’t bail them out, because they’re too big to fail!
There seems to be this thinking in ‘popular culture’ that corporations making money is evil, prima facie, and therefore it’s takes the government to take their ill-gotten gains to distribute to the proletariat disenfranchised.
After all.  We KNOW they have our welfare at heart and are so efficient in their dealings and operation.
Just like Albania.  And the Post Office and the IRS.

h/t KurtP

Master? AY!

Shooting, like most other semi-complex physical tasks, requires concentration, a summoning of the will, timing and training.  And ongoing training.  Have you dry-practiced in the past two months?
There’s one other thing it requires.  A return to basics.
As an example, regardless of whether you a right or left handed shooter, do you know which is your Master Eye?
If not, place the backs of your hands overlapping in front of you.  Form a triangle using your thumbs as a base and the index fingers as the sides.  Make the triangle roughly 1 1/2 to 1 inch sides.
NOW, look through the small triangle with both eyes open at a small object a few feet away. 
Close one eye.  Did the object leave your view?
Now, try it with the other eye.  Is the object still there?
Whatever eye doesn’t lose the object is your master eye.  This is the eye you should use primarily to sight with, even if you keep both eyes open.
I know this, because, I’m left-handed, shoot left handed and mostly use my left eye.  I also shoot somewhat well right-handed because I use my right master eye.  When I did team competition, I was always selected to shoot the off-hand part for this reason.  Most right-handed shooters (in my experience) don’t do any left-handed shooting.
Basics.  Revert to them if there’s a problem.

"Round up the usual suspects."

In Loving Memory…