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Photographic Evidence!

Kevin Baker, of The Smallest Minority has posted a photo album of the recent festivities (Central Arizona Blog Shoot) @ the Elsy Pearson Shooting Range in Casa Grande, Az.
Posted below is further evidence I am NOT a vampire, and I do sometimes leave the house!

Guffaw and the BHSM* 1911

Go to the link above to see the other folks having fun.
*BHSM – Bob Hall Signature Model, aka ‘Bobbie’.

More on Printing (with apologies to Guttenburg)

Murphy’s Law  left a comment on my Presentation from Concealment post, suggesting as we know the position and outline of our CCW accoutrement, we know where to look and are therefore overly-concerned with our weapon printing through the clothes.
Because most folks wouldn’t notice.
(Hey, most folks are in permanent Condition White!) 
He may have a point.
However, as a trained noticer observer, I remember immediately after the AZ CCW law was enacted, visiting the Scottsdale Fifth Avenue shops (a hoity toity shopping area) just as an exercise, to see what I could see.
I realize a number of folks had already been carrying concealed (without the benefit of law) and were therefore experienced and practiced at it, and some were new permit holders with new firearms and holsters, capable of behaving as though they has some kind of hip wedgie.
However, I did notice nine discretely armed individuals while walking the shops.  Out of a couple hundred.  In about three hours.  No big wind flashes or anything like that.  Just minor irritated adjustments and printing.
And, as I’ve been known (in the past) to sometimes carry where the government preferred I not, I prefer to maintain discretion.  But, that’s just me.
No pressure.

What is Your MAJOR Malfunction?

Back in the olden days, when I began shooting, I was pretty good on cleaning my firearms immediately upon returning from the range, or the desert.
And my shooting buddies and I usually would retire to my place, clean the guns, put the guns away, THEN break out the beer…
It’s always better to carry a clean, properly-lubed/maintained firearm, just in case it’s needed.
And being somewhat obsessive/compulsive, I’m prone to do it, anyway.
But, fatigue and pain crept in after yesterday’s shoot (as well as a few beers with lunch) and I put off cleaning my carry 1911 until today.
Fortunately, I’d no plans to go anywhere.
I didn’t malfunction yesterday (except the usual medical stuff), but my carry gun had a malf.  For a short string, my slide refused to lock back!  I thought it might be my reloads, new mags, or perhaps the plunger spring had left for greener pastures (?)
A quick examination determined my Armand Swenson Ambidextrous Safety had worked itself loose enough to move slightly to port, negating the proper functioning of the spring plunger, and the slide lock.  It snapped back into place, and we were in action, again.
When I clean her today, I’ll make certain to lightly peen the safety to make certain.  Gee, first malf EVER in probably 20,000 rounds over 29 years!  I can live with that.
And the new Metalform mags performed without a hiccup.  I’m very pleased.

Google Changes

There’s been much hubbub on the Blogosphere with regard to upcoming policy changes for Google, Blogger and all Google-related products and services.  Below are the new policies from my Gmail.

New Google Policies and Terms
A number of bloggers have stated they are changing to another blog software provider.  We’ve all had difficulty with the Blogger software, but this fear seems to be based on perceived availability of information by the Government and other third parties.
And their ability to track everything about their customers…

What do you guys think?
PS – This goes into effect tomorrow!
CORRECTION – Matt advises it’s MARCH 1, Not February 1 !  Mea Culpa.  I’m still recovering from yesterday’s shooting adventure.

h/t Dave

The C. A. Blogshoot – After Action Report

I just returned from the Central Arizona Blogshoot.
What a great time!
The only difficulty in getting there was a missing road sign (it DID say Trap and Skeet Range this way though!)
My good friend Mark drove us, as my car probably isn’t safe for freeway driving.
We arrived a little before 1100.  The festivities started @ 0700, but, I knew with my various ‘issues’, I probably couldn’t shoot very long..
The Elsy Pearson Shooting Range is a series of bays; we had the 100 yard bay, with a second berm @ 200 and the mountain backstop @ 600 – with a large rock outcropping for targeting.
There were roughly 13 participants (with their respective posses) and all were quite welcoming and cordial.  Kevin Baker of The Smallest Minority put this together, as he has for the past two years (usually in December).
The weather was beautiful, a light breeze, probably in the 70’s.  The concrete shooting benches are under a ramada – as we arrived mid-day, there was no sun exposure to worry about.
There are no range officers at this public range; the rules were simple.  Folks decided a break was needed, and called for a cold range.  Everyone policed everyone else, then moved forward to tape or replace targets.  Then a hot range was announced, ‘ears’ were replaced, and we went back to shooting.
A gentleman to my right, Skip, offered me his 1911 to try.  He also offered his .357 revolver to Mark, and his Savage .308 sniper rifle for me to shoot.  What fun!
Kevin Creighton of Misfires and Light Strikes had me shoot his K-22 Smith.  Beautiful.
Primeval Papa (Don Moyer) was also very genial.
(note to self:  other bloggers have business cards.  Why don’t you, Guffaw?)
Mark and I got to shoot Kevin Baker’s 1943 Springfield Armory M-1 Garand.  A beautiful, tight rifle.
Our PVC target stands only blew down one time.
My new Metalform 7 round magazines performed flawlessly!
Things started breaking up around 1300, and other non-blog-affiliated shooters began arriving to use the range.
As I was poop-ed, Mark and I packed up and headed back to the Valley, for lunch @ Original Hamburger Works.
I can’t speak for everyone, but it did appear a good time was had by one and all.

view N – during a lull in firing

Thanks again, Kevin, for both the idea and my inclusion.
And thanks to everyone else, as well.

The Central Arizona Blogshoot

Today, is the Central Arizona Blogshoot, cobbled together by Kevin Baker of the Smallest Minority.  As I don’t trust my 13 year old car to do freeway mileage, friend Mark (a gunnie in his own right) offered to drive us to Casa Grande for the festivities.
I was able to get the materials for a couple PVC target stands.
I’m unable to walk or stand for great lengths of time, so a couple folding patio chairs, caps, and shooting paraphernalia, and we’re en route!

Feel free to join us, if you’re so inclined.  0700-1300 TODAY! (Sunday 01/29/12)
Details @ The Smallest Minority
More on this, if I survive…

Prior Planning Prevents (you know the rest)

While preparing for the Central Arizona Blogshoot , scheduled for tomorrow, I decided (at the last minute) to take a quick inventory of readily available ammunition.
A quick and painful search revealed I have 9mm, .38 Special, .357, 44 Special, .44 Mag, .380 auto, 12 ga., .223, 30-06, .308, 7.62 x 39,  and a multitude of empty brass, primers, powder and bullets.
Little .45 ACP !  Which is what I’m planning on shooting.
I DO have perhaps a couple hundred reloads, of dubious recipe (done by me-before my Dillon 650 was stolen), and a motley assortment of factory ball (30 rounds).
But this is not the most frustrating part.
The reloads, rifle ammo and much of the empty brass were in my .30 cal steel ammo boxes NOT PROPERLY LABELLED!
Standing, moving, bending, reaching, for me is largely an uncomfortable process, and can be a painful experience.
So, it would have behooved me to plainly mark said ammo boxes, before today.
Hopefully, yours are easy-to-reach and marked.
Mine will be for next time.

Not Me (and NSFW-or anywhere else)

A friend and former shooting student recently emailed me about my occasional use of the moniker ‘not me’ attached to photos I find on the Internet to include in Guffaw in AZ.

He found this amusing and attached this sample photo, above.
While I am certain this not either of us, I AM disturbed this gentleman has more firearms than I have, AND a cool guitar!  I have clothes. (and he’s violating Rule Two, at least!)
(I suspect this is how most anti-gun folks see us.  All that’s missing is a swastika tattoo and a can of beer.)
My apologies to you all; the line for eye bleach forms at the right…
This is what I get for being unable to sleep @ O’dark thirty.

h/t (I think) Mark

Old Dude – 1, Misguided Yutes – 0

Vox Popoli shares with us the heartwarming tale, of an elderly gentleman knocked off his bicycle by three hoods unruly juvenile delinquents misguided youths, who then proceeded to violently assault him.
The 65 year-old man then reportedly cleared leather, and shot two of his assailants, dispatching one.
The incident happened on the Thun Trail near a bridge over the Schuylkill River, between Reading and West Reading around noon Wednesday. According to, police said the boys knocked the man off his bicycle in an apparent robbery attempt.
The death of a child is one thing, the death of a violent, young sociopath quite another.

h/t Vox, MSNBC, WGAL

Dum dum, dum dum, dum dum, dum dum, Duh Da DAAA!

Troublesome Times alerts us yet again to the reintroduction of SOPA/PIPA legislation…
As he predicted, they’re BA-ACK!

As an alternative to SOPA-PIPA, Representative Darrell Issa (CA-R), and 24 co-sponsors introduced the Online Protection and Enforcement of Digital Trade (OPEN) H.R. 3782 on Wednesday, during the Internet blackout.
(and SOPA/PIPA aren’t dead, just hiding…!)

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water to the Congress!
(I know, I’m mixing movie metaphors!)
Don’t they know this is an election year?
dum dum, dum, dum…

h/t Matt, The Daily Sheeple

"Round up the usual suspects."

In Loving Memory…