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No surprise here…

Weasel Zippers has a video link wherein Ernst Stavro Blofeld George Soros finally admits he’s one of Lenin’s ‘Useful Idiots’.
I’m surprised!
Not that he’s a useful idiot, rather, that he openly admits it.
Mr. Soros, of course, is a man famous for making money from failing governments, insider trading and currency speculation (The Man Who Broke the Bank of England)wikipedia/George Soros
Of Jewish heritage, he took a job with the Jewish Council during the Nazi Occupation of Hungary, to carry out Nazi and Hungarian government anti-Jewish measures.  He was 14 at the time.
Obviously, his character is beyond question (sarcasm).
He is a billionaire, and supports many leftist causes in the United States and Worldwide.

Ernst Stavro Blofeld could have learned from him.

h/t Zip


I’ve never been known for my subtlety.  Growing up goofy humor, silly jokes, and puns were my stock-in-trade.
And as I became aware of the world around me, my political opinions weren’t hidden, either. 
But as I reached adulthood began shooting, and acquiring firearms, something became readily apparent.
Other people had opinions regarding guns, the Second Amendment, self-defense and the like, and they many times differed from my own.
When I worked at TMCCC, at least in the fraud investigations area, I became known as ‘the gun guy’.  There were co-workers who were target shooters and hunters, but folks seemed to gravitate toward me regarding generic gun stuff.
This, of course, fed my ego and kept me on my toes, and allowed me to develop friendships and shooting students.  The people with whom I disagreed philosophically and I didn’t hang out as much.
I had an ‘NRA Life Member’ sticker on my Isuzu Trooper.
But, as I’ve aged, I’ve also learned
I’m currently part of a group not related to my politics or philosophy, not connected with firearms.  Few persons there know about this part of my life.
My current vehicle has no gun or political stickers.  I’ve become more circumspect in releasing information about this side of my life.  My blog uses my nom de blog (although a diligent investigator could figure out my real name and other information).
I’ve not gone black (as they say in intel), I’ve gone incognito.
And I like it that way.
If I’m ever able to go back to work, the plan is to be quieter about such things than in previous incarnations.
Life’s just simpler that way.
I’m still thinking ‘Chortle in Costa Rica’… (as if I can afford that!)

Tool Time

Troublesome Times takes exception of part of the President’s State of The Union Speech last night.  It seems after re-instituting the Patriot Act, signing the NDAA (reluctantly, he said), ignoring abuses by his Attorney General, the TSA and Homeland Security, he made this statement late in the speech (after everyone had fallen asleep – thanks, Matt!):
“The executive branch also needs to change. Too often, it’s inefficient, outdated and remote. That’s why I’ve asked this Congress to grant me the authority to consolidate the federal bureaucracy so that our Government is leaner, quicker, and more responsive to the needs of the American people.” (emphasis Guffaw)
More Power?  Doesn’t this sound like Tim Taylor on Tool Time?
And we all remember what happened when Ol’ Tim sooped up some appliance?

 Just a suggestion – If the Congress, or the President (any President), moves to increase the power of the federal government:

h/t Matt

Presentation from Concealment

not me

As recounted in a previous post, I recently upgraded back to CCW carry with my 1911.  My previous carry was a S&W 442 electroless nickel.
There is a decided difference in ‘presentation from the strong side front pocket’ and ‘presentation from a strong side belt holster while concealed’.
Raking the overshirt/jacket back during the draw, for instance.
I must remind myself that the muzzle is longer, so the clear in the process – grip, clear, click, smack, sight – takes a shade longer.  And, of course, with the 442, there was no click.
Slow is smooth and smooth is fast.
And a 39 ounce 1911 with a 5″ barrel, while concealable on a 240 pound man, is less concealable than a 14 ounce 1 7/8″ barrel revolver.
If I had a housemate (roommate, companion, resident girlfriend, someone) I could then ask the time honored question:
Does this gun make my butt look big?
“Am I printing?”  “Can you see anything?”
But, I cannot.
Discretion is the better part of not being hassled for being armed.
There is one similarity between the two carries and their presentations.
Being a somewhat large human, should my strong-side (left) arm become disabled, presentation using my right hand only is, well, problematic.  There’s some real estate to traverse.  Standard technique dictates reach behind the back to obtain a proper grip in the pistol’s grip frame, then clear and present.
I can just get my right index finger on the lip of the magazine – that’s it.
Not much improvement across the belly.  I see more weight loss in my future.  Sigh.
And, fortunately, I’ve no butt to speak of.

It’s a Week for Special Holidays!

TODAY is Tamara, Queen of Snark’s BIRTHDAY.
Please visit her blog and show her the appropriate respect.
Happy Birthday, Tam!

Another Great Holiday!

MArooned reminds us, today is not just the beginning of Chinese New Year, it’s
John M. Browning Day Celebrated in Utah all week.

January 23 was John Moses Browning’s birthday. All of us at Browning are proud to celebrate — along with gun enthusiasts everywhere — the birth of the person known as “the greatest firearms inventor the world has ever known.”

Whenever I begin shooting my 1911, I always like to first intone,
“God Bless John Moses Browning!” 

Gung Hay Fat Choi!

The Year of The Dragon

Gung Hay Fat Choi (meaning May You Become Prosperous! – in Cantonese).
The Chinese New Year begins today, and runs for two weeks.  Some folks will recall this as Tet (the Lunar New Year), as in the Tet Offensive in South Vietnam, in another era.  We won militarily, but lost politically.

May we all become prosperous in the New Year! – Guffaw

h/t Lonnie (who won medals during that time.)

More P.C. Dumbing Down

Say Uncle links to a ‘news’ story reporting the following:
~High school sports team can’t call itself Cougars because it’s offensive to some middle-aged women. And by some, I guess they mean the ones that like to diddle younger dudes.~ (Say Uncle’s verbiage)
This is right up there with the folks who protested referencing black holes, because they didn’t understand it was cosmological, not racist and sexist.
We’re dumbing ourselves down to the point that any leader with a room temperature IQ can come forward to save us lead us off the cliff.  Oh, wait, we’ve already been there!
I, for one, don’t plan on voluntarily joining the lemmings.  I suspect, though, that I cannot fight the current alone.

h/t Say Uncle


Brownells is, well, they state it best (from their website):
For over 70 years, Brownells has been providing quality Gunsmithing tools, gun parts and service to the firearms industry. For all but two of those years, there has been a consistent brand image, the oblong horizontal shape of our catalog and the graphical design of our Brownells logo. For all of those years, these two uniquely, identifiable products have stood for our promise of service, selection and satisfaction.
Everyone I know who has done business with them has left satisfied.
I’m no different.
I’ve been chomping at the bit for some time now to upgrade my 1911 carry magazines.  I even blogged about it.
Finally, I took the plunge and ordered two Metalform 7 round magazines.  From Brownells.  
Metalform, because they had good reviews on the Internet.  Seven rounders as that’s John Moses Browning’s (PBUH) tried-and-true design.  (I have had 8 rounders fail-not good for a carry magazine!)
I ordered them via the Internet on Wednesday last.  I received them in Saturday’s mail!!
Speedy service; as ordered; beautiful products.  With a policy statement enclosed stating as follows:

Very Simple:  If you don’t like a product or don’t need a product; if it doesn’t fit or is somehow defective for any reason, you can return it for Exchange, Credit or a Refund Check.
  • No authorization numbers needed
  • No justification
  • No hassles
  • Just send it back

How cool is that?
I’ve not yet field tested the magazines, but, I’ve cycled dummy ammunition through my pistol using them, and they’ve functioned flawlessly.  I’m not anticipating returning them.
I’ll report on the field test of the magazines when I can.

(attn:  FTC – Brownells gives me nothing for making these statements, I paid their retail price – now go away!)

"This is my Cah Gun."

James Coburn

In the classic 1967 film The President’s Analyst, James Coburn plays just that.  Being privy to the Chief Executives’ darkest secrets, he escapes the White House whilst being pursued by the CIA, the FBI, and the KGB.
Trying to hide in suburbia, he befriends a ‘normal’ family, but is spooked by the son bringing a large revolver into the house.  The father explains to the lad (while Coburn is having a paranoid meltdown) that he should have left that particular gun in the car.  “This is my cah gun.”, the father (William Daniels) intones.
Most gunnies I know keep their firearms on their person.  (or within arms reach).
However, when circumstances prevent that, they get relegated to the car, under the seat, in the glove box or the trunk.  Or if so equipped, a special lock-box.
Sometimes, a gun is specifically assigned to live in the vehicle.  Of course, there it’s subjected to changes in weather, temperature and possible thievery.
I know of at least two folks who carried one gun, and kept a second in the car.  And their cars were subsequently burgled.  Neither had silly bumper stickers alerting potential felons to the contents.  “Keep Honking, I’m Reloading!” or “NRA Life Member”  These were auto burglaries of opportunity.
I don’t have a specific ‘cah’ gun, never have.  But I have left firearms locked inside for various reasons.  Had one slide develop rust-pitting because of moisture.  And I live in the desert!
Do you keep guns in the car?  Could they be easily taken?  Can you access them quickly if the need arises?
Can you access them with discretion, perhaps to begin carrying discretely?  What about spare ammunition – magazines, speedloaders, spare ammo?  Holsters? 
Or do you just keep them in the home and/or on your person?
ALSO, if they are in the car, are they readily accessible while you are driving?  Because of recent weather changes, I’ve become able to carry the 1911 again.  (Up to now, I’d been carrying the S&W 442, out of convenience and general laziness).  Fortunately, my method of carry is adjustable when seated. 
What gun is your ‘cah’ gun?  A CCW piece, or perhaps an Evil Black Rifle or shotgun, for repelling zombies ala Mad Max?
Or do you not consider any of this and just carry and sometimes store whatever in the car?
Excuse me, ‘cah’.

"Round up the usual suspects."

In Loving Memory…