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Google Web History

Google has a checkered history of playing fast-and-loose with search and other data they collect.  Tonight, after Midnight, they are invoking a new policy to keep all of your search records.
Of course, other data companies (e.g. Yahoo) are doing similar things, so changing search/info providers may not solve the problem, in the long run.
SayUncle has a link to the Electronic Frontier Foundation  to walk you through deleting your Google history before they permanently save it for future reference.
Like sharing with  the authorities.  As they did in China, and previously, in the U.S.
Sadly, Google is into everything on line.  I don’t know if a monthly visit to the above link would help keep your information private, but, it couldn’t hurt!

When in Danger, or in Doubt, Run in Circles, Scream and Shout!

not this kind of garnish

They say we revert to that which we were trained.  I was trained in a dysfunctional environment.
Sure, pull a knife on me, I can get you to drop it and break your arm.  How do I know?  I’ve done it.
I can hit a target center-of-mass @ 10 yards twice in just under three seconds, from concealment, with a service pistol.  How do I know?  I’ve done that, too.
I’ve reverted to my training.
But give me an unfamiliar situation.  Yikes.  Dysfunction abounds.
Last night, I reviewed yesterday’s snail mail.  It’s almost always just advertising, with an occasional collection letter.  Since I’ve gone on disability, my income decreased  to 38% of what I used to make.  Some adjustments have been made.  Some bills don’t get paid.
My credit union advised me of a writ of garnishment served on my accounts!  But, SSDI funds are immune from garnishment – doesn’t mean they won’t try…
So, I panicked, became emotional.  After all, I just won back some benefits I’d lost last summer!  I thought I’d have some breathing room.  Apparently not.  Revert to dysfunction.
After a short night, I reviewed the documents with a more clear head.  And, put a call in to my disability attorney.  Still waiting to hear back.
I’m ashamed my default position in such situations is panic.  That certainly doesn’t help anything.  So, I’m taking this as more training.
Now, if the attorney would just call…
“When in danger or in doubt, run in circles, scream and shout” actually comes from Reefs and Shoals, the rulebook for cadets at the Naval Academy in Annapolis. This dates back to at least the late 20s.
It’s not a good fallback position.
This is my 18th post regarding fear.  I sense a theme. 

PS – an Update, of sorts…My disability attorney no longer works there.  A law clerk took my info and will pass it to a new attorney for review, and possible action.  I’m to hear back by tonight or tomorrow am…

Modern Technology (c.1978)

Back when I was working for Bob Powell @ B**** Security, we had the latest technology.
I was an assistant guard supervisor.  My job was to patrol the guard posts and make certain our security guards were both present and awake.
This didn’t always happen.  Sometimes, they’d call in sick.  Sometimes, they wouldn’t call in – just not show up.
As such, my job was to try to connect with the guard, determine why he wasn’t at work, and get another minimum wage sucker warm body guard to come in to cover the shift.  By telephone.  This was before cellular phones existed.
And, because we had contracts we needed to fulfill, I got to race to the guard post and fill-in for the missing guard, until a replacement could be found.  I worked many seven days-in-a-row, many of my days off.  Many lonely guard posts, located at BFE the middle of no-where.  With no telephone.
I carried the latest in communications technology.  A beeper.  Not just a beeper, but a voice pager!  This meant Bob or the office could call me and speak a message to me.
The office drones answering service would often call.  They had a standard message, “Call the Office!  Call the Office!”  What was the point?  Why not just a beep?
And sometimes, just like the cell phones of today, you wouldn’t hear the message.  Just static.
Regardless, you had to find a pay telephone and call in.
Bob liked to play jokes.  One of his favorite movies was Close Encounters of The Third Kind.
I was filling in at a construction site West of Buckeye (30 mi. W. of Phoenix).  Freezing to death in the desert.
Even in the car with the heat on, long underwear and heavy jacket, I was shivering.  It was in the 20’s.
And my beeper/voice pager goes off.  “Beep – SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH”.  Nothing but static.
This, of course meant I had to go to the nearest pay telephone, about a mile South of the site, and call the office.  It might be important.  At least actually driving made the engine warmer, and the car’s heat worked a little better.
I arrived at the phone booth (that foreign-looking contraption pictured above), and called the office.  Finally Bob is on the end of the line.
He says, “Did you get my message?” chuckling.  I say, “No, static, what’s up?
And he tells me how he qued up the (in)famous Five Tones used to communicate with the aliens in Close Encounters, and played them into the voice pager for me! John Williams ‘Close Encounters’ 5 Tones
At least I was warmer during the ride to and from the site.


The War on Guns reports the sight of a gun on a BART platform caused a scare and train delays this morning in San Francisco.
(from the Contra Costa Times)  PLEASANT HILL — The sight of a gun on a BART platform caused a scare and train delays this morning, and then it was learned that the firearm belonged to an off-duty police officer, BART police said. (emphasis Guffaw)

Thank the gods this wasn’t in Arizona, where everyone has a gun or a knife.  It would have been a non-event-story.  Yawn. 

BART SWAT – Not scaring the public

h/t David Codrea, David Licht

You Might Be A Libertarian If…

Living Freedom links to Wendy McElroy

For your amusement, I’ve culled a couple examples:

* If you think contract with society means “leave me the f&ck alone”… you might be a libertarian.
* If you think “the drug problem” is that they’re too expensive … you might be a libertarian.
* If you fit the FBI’s new description of a domestic terrorist… you might be a libertarian.

Go and read all of them.
You MIGHT, you know…

The Great Depression

The erudite blogger Borepatch found a video link of Dr. Milton Friedman expounding on the proximate cause of the so-called Great Depression.
You should go read Borepatch and view this video.
Hell, you should be reading Borepatch, regardless.

‘everything that’s old is new, again…’

I Smell Bacon!

Holder/President Obama want to BAN so-called assault weapons, again

Say Uncle reports via The Daily Caller that United States Attorney General Eric Holder told Congress during the ‘Fast and Furious’ hearings that ‘they’ (the current Administration) are still working on a way to reinstate the Clinton so-called assault weapon ban.
Per Holder:
This administration has consistently favored the reinstitution of the assault weapons ban. It is something that we think was useful in the past with regard to the reduction that we’ve seen in crime, and certainly would have a positive impact on our relationship and the crime situation in Mexico. (emphasis Guffaw)

He was using this statement to not answer direct questions regarding his knowledge of U.S. government sanctioned smuggling of weapons into Mexico to the cartels, some of which have been used to kill American law enforcement agents, Mexican agents and Mexican citizens.
Quelle surprise?

You Never Know…

Rev. Paul  posted about how he keeps his .38 +P in his pocket, so he can get to his briefcase 1911, so he can get to his rifle in his truck…
Reminded me of a friend’s incident in the past…
Bob, my immediate supervisor @ Tom Ezell & Associates (and later my favorite gun store) went home one day in the middle of the afternoon.  (In the 80’s)
If memory serves, he was carrying an H&K P7-8 at the time.  No one was expected to be home.
He keyed his way in the front door, as was his custom, and something didn’t appear right.
His TV was missing, and where the stereo equipment was, there were cut cables.

He reflexively cleared leather, and heard noises down the hall, in the bedrooms.
So he sliced-the-pie to head down the hallway, opened the hall closet, and accessed his H&K .308 rifle.  He holstered the pistol and quietly checked the chamber of the rifle, advancing.
From there, he continued to clear the hallway and rooms, advancing toward the sounds.
(Bob knows the ‘technique’ taught in the self-defense schools is to exit quietly and call the police from a neighbor’s house.  He didn’t.  I’ve been there, too, and I didn’t.  There’s something about intruders present in one’s own home that arouses ones hackles!  – Guffaw)
He advanced down the hall, clearing each room quietly, until he got to the back bedroom.  There were three unauthorized occupants illegal aliens burglars – two inside the house, the other outside the window, they were transferring the swag outside.
He covered them from the hallway and announced his presence.  Funny, even though they didn’t appear to speak English, they knew to remain still, very still.  The miscreant outside took this opportunity to exit stage left, perambulating all the way. 
Bob let him go, rather than shoot him in the back in his retreat.
As he’d pickup up his cordless phone en route, he called the PD.  They arrived forthwith, first on the scene was a plainclothes female detective.  Her advice to Bob was he should have shot them all (!)
Ultimately, the two were prosecuted and deported.  You just know they were back in the United States before the paperwork cooled.
Justice served.
Yeah, right.

More coincidence in the PI biz…

When I had my own PI license, much of my work was for insurance adjusters locating people who had been held responsible for an accident, but had ‘skipped’ to avoid paying for their responsibility.
In the pre-Internet days, much shoe leather (and tire tread) was expended attempting to find such persons.
One case I was assigned was to locate a young woman who reportedly worked for (get this) a telephone company inside an electronics firm.  Huh?
I ran the usual drill:  directory assistance (no current listing); calling the previous good number (disconnected).
The electronics firm was a very large company with U.S. government defense contracts, so trolling the large parking lot for license plate numbers was out (armed private security).
I went to the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division (jocularly referred to a MoFoVee) and obtained a driving record and vehicle information for our ‘skip’.
The driver license had old data, and the motor vehicle record showed one vehicle, with a heretofore unknown address.  Huzzah!
The address was almost walking distance from my home office!
I had to drive-by a couple times to catch the vehicle parked at the new address.  Confirmed.
After preparing and sending out the report, I shared my good fortune with my wife.  She worked for a large electronics firm.  You can see where this is going, can’t you?
She explained that a private telephone company was resident within her company to maintain the thousands
of telephones and intercoms throughout the company campus, and connection intercompany with other corporate buildings throughout the Valley.
My wife had had lunch the previous week with my skip!  They weren’t close friends, but knew each other in passing, and happened to see each other in the lunchroom.
Who knew?
About a week later, they had lunch again.  My skip was apparently quite upset that process servers had found her and served her at her new address.  She explained to my wife that she had left the scene of an accident, so she had to keep moving to avoid responsibility.  She had no idea how they found her.
My wife had to keep biting her lip to keep from giving it all away.
Small World, eh?

"Round up the usual suspects."

In Loving Memory…