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I hate Illinois Nazis!

an Illinois Nazi (Henry Gibson - The Blues Brothers)

Murphy’s Law @ Lagniappe’s Lair reminded me (inadvertently) of two things:

1.  While this is Guffaw in AZ, we’ve not had guffaw fodder in a while.  And we (I) need to.
(Visit the link, above), and,

2.  A long-forgotten episode at TMCCC*.

The episode:

I worked with a number of folks who survived the drudgery of credit card investigation life through humor.  Silly jokes, costumes, general intentional stupidity.  Non sequiturs.  Attempts at mirth.  Insanity.
There was a new guy on board.  Seemed relatively quiet, kept to himself, did his job.  Mike something.
Mike and I got along, but save a couple innocuous conversations about home life (he had a wife and infant child) we hadn’t spoken much.  But one of the rabblerousers caught his attention, and planted a seed.
So, one day we were standing together, adjacent to one another, awaiting some pointless management pronouncement when he turned to me and said:

“I’ve always loved you!”

To which I responded (to him and a waiting audience, breathlessly awaiting my reaction):

“I hate Illinois Nazis!”

And then we went back to work as if nothing happened, while our secret audience went into hysterics.
If you don’t get it, go to the link, above!

*for the uninitiated, That Major Credit Card Company, from which I medically-retired a few years back.


You may have noticed a couple of charitable organizations listed on my sidebar.
The Wounded Warrior Project and Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.
I’ve no idea what kind of salaries their executives receive, but I do like and support the work they do.  I (sadly) am not a veteran, but am disabled and have some understanding of some of what they must be going through.
I am a lymphoma survivor.

Stormbringer has an informative post regarding the financial status of some other charities.  If you are able to contribute, you might want to read what he found out.

Thank you – Guffaw

h/t Sean Linneane

Left wing; Right wing – same stinking carrion bird in between.

carrion bird

The Ultimate Answer to Kings presents us with a memory flogger, reminding us that while The President certainly has participated and believes in eliminating limiting our rights, he wasn’t the first to do so.  The Republicans and their President also eagerly participated!

an excerpt:

Really? Name one original thing – other than OCare, which I concede – that Obama has done to take your freedom away.

No, I said original.

NDAA? Tell it to Jose Padillo.
Signing statements? He’s got a long way to go to beat Bush’s record there.
Executive orders? C’mon.
“Free Speech Zones?” Again, Bush.
Didn’t close Gitmo? Who opened it?
Drone wars? Bush.
“Economic Stimulus?” TARP.
Eric Holder? John Ashcroft.

Look at these shitheads. Obama, Romney, Santorum, Gingrich, whoever. Is there a single one of them – Okay, Ron Paul did surprise me, I admit it, but he sure won’t be the nominee – that you’d allow to watch your dogs while you’re on vacation?

And one of them is about to be declared the “leader of the free world.” Sheesh.

Left wing; Right wing – same stinking carrion bird in between.

h/t Joel

“Free” Press?

Rachel Maddow

Say Uncle suggests Rachel Maddow says, in his words:

On occasion, Maddow says something insightful and not inciteful.

…and commenter Bubblehead Les takes issue with his suggestion.

Not having a dog in this fight, I’ll take my own advice and not cast aspersions toward any of the participants, much as I don’t call Rush Limbaugh or Michael Moore fat.

Go and read, and draw your own conclusion.  Independent, reasoned thinking toward a conclusion – how rare!

h/t Say Uncle, Bubblehead Les, Rachel Maddow, Jack D. Lail

Hurray for Captain Spaulding!

Captain Geoffrey Spaulding (Groucho Marx)

Shall Not Be Questioned brings up an embarrassing diplomatic faux-pax.
Kazakhstan’s shooting team has been left stunned after a comedy national anthem from the film Borat was played at a medal ceremony at championships in Kuwait instead of the real one. …
The song was produced by UK comedian Sacha Baron Cohen for the film, which shows Kazakhs as backward and bigoted.

What is it with our diplomatic culture?  The President says we can solve most of our problems through diplomacy, but then gives the wrong kind of CD to the British Queen, and has the Israeli Prime Minister leaving the White House next to the garbage pails?  Is the Executive no longer getting sound advice regarding how to properly behave in the diplomatic arena?

Now this?  This is tantamount to playing Hurray for Captain Spaulding to honor one of our military heroes.

Get a clue, people!

h/t Bitter

They have 1,000,000 Guns on Backorder!

Maddened Fowl links to a Fox News report that more and more people are buying firearms, as the public perception is either the President will win re-election, and push forward his anti-gun agenda, or Tweedle-dee/dum will win the election, and not be pro-gun, regardless.
I do find it interesting the photo Fox News chose was the AR-15 armed man at an anti-Obama rally.
with this caption:  Aug. 17: A man carries a military style AR-15 rifle during an Obama opposition rally in Phoenix.

Nowhere is it mentioned that the man is Black…

Regardless, Maddened Fowl further reports the following:  Ruger no longer taking orders

They have 1,000,000 guns on backorder

h/t The Duck

How to hide a gun in a suit…

Guns & Coffee has a link entitled How to hide a gun in a suit.
Obviously, this assumes one is having a suit tailored.  But, the article is in a website that sells suits, not a holster, gun or firearms-related retailer.

So clothing issues are addressed.

If you have the means to afford tailoring, this is good information.

If not, it’s still interesting.

Attn FTC – not getting anything for linking to this article, as if you’d ask…

h/t RTB, Guns & Coffee


The Oldest and Youngest living Medal of Honor recipients, together…


Medal of Honor recipients – Wikipedia

h/t Facebook, Judy

Quote of the Day, the Second…

View From The Porch does it’s usual stellar job of commenting on the latest movies having been released, aimed at young people.
Complete with snark, at no extra cost!
One of the commenters on her post, however, has another Quote of the Day:

Anonymous said…
I just saw the movie and enjoyed it immensely – it’s a crackerjack action flick. But the whole time I was in the theater, I couldn’t help thinking that Hollywood – a city of arrogant, superficial, self-absorbed parasites who consider everyone else to be sub-intelligent cattle to be manipulated for their benefit has created a movie where the villains are a city of arrogant, superficial, self-absorbed parasites who consider everyone else to be sub-intelligent cattle to be manipulated for their benefit. Maybe I should have invested in that irony mine after all.Game, set, match and the Internets to Anonymous!h/t Tamara

Warm Bodies

Back in the early 80’s, I was working as a security guard supervisor for a small, mid-West security company.  They had a satellite office in Phoenix, and a few security guard contracts.
As a supervisor, my job was to maintain payroll, staffing and scheduling – which meant if someone failed to show up to a guard site, if I couldn’t blackmail cajole bribe sweetly convince an off-duty guard to fill the void, then it was up to me to do it.
Many double shifts were worked, and many guards convinced to take an extra shift, because they were offered 10 cents more an hour for that shift.  Sometimes a nickel more.  Seriously.
It was the height of the recession, and finding warm bodies was often difficult.  Most security work was not rocket surgery, however.
We used to joke about trolling The Deuce for warm bodies to put guard suits on to fill the vacancies.
If you ever saw the movie Armed and Dangerous, all those characters really exist.  They worked for me.
One of my warm bodies I had worked with a few years earlier at the Legend City amusement park.  His name was Nick Teslevich and he was an old Ukrainian guy.  He had a very heavy accent, and the joke was Nick spoke 12 languages, unfortunately, none of them was English.  He didn’t have a car, so, if you wanted him to fill a spot, you had to go get him and take him to the guard post.
Another was, for lack of better description, a biker chick.  Muscles, tattoos, the whole bit.
Because she wore clogs and carried a machete (!) she was only assigned to construction sites.  At night.  Low public visability.
I certainly didn’t want to mess with her.  (Sorry, Dave, I cannot remember her name!).
One of her charms was a small cadre of friends with whom she ran.  Many would sometimes accompany her to the office to pickup her paycheck.
One was a kinda scruffy dude, skinny, dirty, uninteresting.  The rumor was he was a poor little rich boy who had been cut off from the family fortune and was slumming with the biker chick and her machete.
Later he cleaned up his act, put some weight back on and got back in the family’s good graces. He was quite an accomplished musician, and had previously done much work in Hollywood.  He also sang as part of “The Utility Muffin Research Kitchen Chorus” on Frank Zappa‘s triple album Joe’s Garage (1979)
Eventually, he owned and managed the Wrigley Mansion (and the Wrigley Mansion Club) in Phoenix.
His name was ‘Geordie Hormel’, heir to the meat-packing family fortune. He passed away in 2006.
Not everyone was just a warm body.  I never hired him, though.

Geordie Hormel

"Round up the usual suspects."

In Loving Memory…