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Civil Rights Case Wins!

Instapundit has two news stories of interest to the gun rights world.

CIVIL RIGHTS PROGRESS: Supreme Court Rules Against Gun Ban. “The Colorado Supreme Court has sided with opponents of a campus gun ban at the University of Colorado who claimed the ban is illegal because it was not approved by the Legislature. The court ruled Monday that lawmakers intended to take away the authority of the Board of Regents to regulate concealed handgun possession on campus.”


CIVIL RIGHTS UPDATE: Victory in Woollard, MD Case Against Justifiable Need Requirement for Concealed Carry. “’A law that burdens the exercise of an enumerated constitutional right by simply making that right more difficult to exercise cannot be considered –reasonably adapted’ to a government interest, no matter how substantial that interest may be.”
Related: Maryland Ruling a ‘Huge Victory’ for Second Amendment, Says SAF. “A federal court ruling in Maryland, that the Second Amendment right to bear arms extends beyond the home and that citizens may not be required to offer a ‘good and substantial reason’ for obtaining a concealed carry permit, is a huge victory, the Second Amendment Foundation said today.”
UPDATE: More from Dave Kopel.

We keep chipping away at the competition!  Good job, everyone! – Guffaw

h/t Glenn Reynolds and Dave Kopel


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