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Warning Shots

Stately McDaniel Manor has a post (linking to an additional post) with regard to warning shots.  And how they may or may not relate to the Trayvon Martin case.
One conclusion:

Warning shots—and shooting to wound—are a really, really bad idea.

He does expound on this at the link.  And the legal ramifications.

But, the whole subject got me thinking.  There are many folks who receive their firearms training via television and movies.  In other words, they don’t have any.  And in these venues, sometimes, warning shots are employed.
Because they can show the hero shooting a firearm.

I believe Col. Cooper said warning shots are not a good idea, as they waste ammunition.  And, unless you are engaging a substantial backstop, as a heavy steel dumpster or advancing assailant, you might be discharging a round in an unsafe direction.  It also wasn’t particularly good tactically.
Or something like that.

The whole ‘use of lethal force’ legal thing gets involved, even if that’s not your intent.  Don’t use a lethal force tool for non-lethal purposes.  Mike McDaniel and the Colonel are correct.

h/t Mike McDaniel, Jeff Cooper


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3 thoughts on “Warning Shots

  1. Wastes ammo and money, serves no purpose, is dangerous. “Draw only to shoot, shoot only to kill, therefore draw only to kill.” (U.S. Navy firearms training).

    Posted by Rev. Paul | April 29, 2012, 1:05 pm
  2. Rev beat me to it… Warning shots, just like ‘wounding’ shots are verbotten… Center of mass until the threat stops… PERIOD!

    Posted by Old NFO | April 29, 2012, 6:48 pm

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