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‘I don’t have time to play this constitutional bullshit with you….’

Days of our Trailers brings our attention to yet another abuse of power.  Not by some activist judge, or some President vastly overstepping his authority, but by a commander in the police force.

As stated in the post:

“I’m not giving you the key. I’m not giving consent to enter my house,” Sgt. Corrigan recalled saying in an interview with me last week at D.C. Superior Court after the city dropped all 10 charges against him. 
“Then the cop said to me, ‘I don’t have time to play this constitutional bullshit with you. We’re going to break your door in, and you’re going to have to pay for a new door.’”

~And this wasn’t just rookie ‘Beat Cop’ , this was a Commander of the force, a person who’s sworn to uphold that ‘Bullsh!t’ he so hates.~

That’s what certain individuals put into positions of authority think of things like Due Process, obtaining Warrants, Miranda, etc.  The ‘boy in blue’ in our Nation’s Capitol.  Versus An Iraqi War Veteran.

Go see the post and the article.

“Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” – Lord Acton

h/t Thirdpower, Washington Times


Maddened Fowl links to an story, wherein the People’s ‘Republic’ of China condemns the United States for a Human Rights Violation!!!

Because we have individual rights of firearms ownership and possession.  This is the violation.

Quelle surprise?

Of course, the Communists are so accommodating to the rights of the Tibetans, and their own people.  And the rest of the World.

Symbolic of the PRC’s respect for Rights…


MUCH better stated by Roberta X !

h/t The Duck, David Codrea, Roberta X

The ‘News’, Internet Style

No more this kind of guy

I’m old enough to remember when the ‘news’ was The News.  By that I mean one opened the morning newspaper, the front section was national and international news stories, the second section State and local stories, the third human interest and the fourth sports/weather.
Television was largely a similar format.  Top stories up front, followed by lesser stories, perhaps one human interest story, sports and weather.  And the newscasters were mostly skilled reporters – who kept their political views private.  And we liked it that way.
NOW, more-and-more folks get their news via the Internet, newspapers are rapidly going the way of the buggy whip and television ‘news’ is more and more infotainment, more human interest (or sub-human interest) and less hard news.  And the newscasters are pretty people with scant reporting skills.  And they don’t hide their views.
A few months back, I changed the homepage on my computer from Yahoo.  Even though it allowed for some editing of content (I’m not a sports fan, so I don’t care) the ‘news’ content that came through was still largely politically slanted.  With views with which I disagreed.  And I tired of seeing it.
SO, I changed to Google News.  Not the most libertarian or Constitution-loving of the media outlets, but as compared to Yahoo, it was Reason magazine.
And it was still content-editable, to weed out sports stories and other stuff in which I had little interest.
But, here’s a selection of recent ‘news’ content.  (To be fair, there was hard news, too!)

Arizona Diamondbacks bats come alive in win over Los Angeles Dodgers (AZ Republic)

Welcome to the world’s nicest prison (CNN)

Orthodox Jews Rally to Keep the Internet Kosher (Wired News)

American Idol 2012: Jennifer Lopez busts out of a VERY low cut top for ..(Daily Mail)

Ace Young proposes to Diana DeGarmo on “American Idol” finale (CBS News)

Now I know that it’s unreasonable to think a news page be “Just the facts”, and they had no stories about Jersey Shore or the Kardashian idiots, but, I’m still annoyed…

Women in the Infantry?

I was never in the military.  This was not for lack of trying.  But, my physical disability was too great for me to qualify for any kind of military service.

My father had great respect for the military, and HIS father had been a Marine – before WWI.  And my step- sister’s husband did ROTC and Vietnam, and retired a Lt. Colonel in the Army.  I not only respect military folks, I value their opinion, largely because they have been there, and I have not.

American Mercenary is not as he titles.  He enlisted in the Army @ 18, and continues to serve.  And he recently wrote about this latest debate regarding women serving in the infantry.

Go to the link and read.

Nine Pound Sledgehammer Said It First!…

That sound you heard was me grinding my teeth

Radio: “Memorial Day: It’s about barbeques, auto racing, and shopping at” click
Me: “No, it’s not, it about remembering those who died for our Country you dumbass!” – TinCan Assassin

…and the maroons who say ‘Happy Memorial Day’ on TV and Radio.

…and Brigid said it best!  It’s Not About a Day Off from Work

No reason to be maudlin.  Solemn would be nice.  Remembrance.

I used to spend Memorial Day watching Uncommon Valor, but I can’t anymore.  It’s just a movie.

Mark A. Bell, USN
1952 – 2012

I miss you brother.  Thank you for your service.
(click on the photo to see what I previously wrote about my friend – Guffaw)

h/t Tin Can Assassin, Cathy Bell, Brigid, and all who gave all

Patience and Acceptance

Currently, I’m involved in a project which includes physical labor.  Being older, overweight, and somewhat disabled, this activity presents one with ‘challenges’.

One of the challenges is that there are two of us, and the project is physically taxing.  My ‘partner-in-crime’ called me this morning, after yesterday’s work, to explain she doesn’t feel well and is tired and sore, and needs to rest today.

Of course I was disappointed.  I was dressed, rarin’ to go and almost out the door when she called.

The other feeling I felt was gratitude.  While I’m anxious to complete this project (there IS a time limit), I felt relief.  When I told her the other day ‘We’re not 20, anymore!’, she responded ‘Hell, we’re not 40, anymore!’

And, of course, she’s right.  And she’s right in line with my Internet friends who know of the project, and intone me to ‘take care of myself’.  I’m tired and sore, as well.

SO, I AM taking care of myself, AND, learning (yet again) Patience and Acceptance.

h/t Judy, with thanks!

The Immigration Debate

My good friend Lonnie (who was awarded two Bronze Stars in South Vietnam) forwarded me an email which had been forwarded to him.  He doesn’t send me a lot of junk, and most is of an historical/military nature.  But this email was a little different.

My personal opinion is that The United States is a free nation, and it’s no surprise others from other more-oppressive and less prosperous nations wish to emigrate here.  We are indeed made up of the melting pot, and folks who can contribute to the Nation and the economy should be welcomed.

In a few words, the email outlines some of the issues and frustrations regarding The Immigration Debate.

In part it says:

My Grandfather watched as his friends died in WW I…My Father watched as his friends died in WW II and Korea …I watched as my friends died in Vietnam ….None of them died for the Mexican Flag…Everyone died for the U.S. flag…In Texas , a student raised a Mexican flag on a school flag pole; another student took it down.Guess who was expelled.. the kid who took it down.Kids in high school in California were sent home last year on Cinco de Mayo because they wore T-shirts with the

American flag printed on them.Enough is enough.

The below e-mail message needs to be viewed by every American;
and every American needs to stand up for America ..

We’ve bent over to appease the America-haters long enough…

I’m taking a stand…

I’m standing up because the hundreds of thousands who died fighting in wars for this country, and for the U.S. flag can’t stand up…

And shame on anyone who tries to make this a racist message…

Let me make this perfectly clear!

THIS IS MY COUNTRY!  And, because I make This statement
mean I’m against immigration!!!
To come through legally:

1. Get a sponsor!
2. Get a place to lay your head!
 Get a job!
 Live By OUR Rules!
 Pay YOUR Taxes!
 Learn the LANGUAGE like immigrants
have in the past!!!

 7. Please don’t demand that we hand over our lifetimesavings of Social Security Funds to you.

If you don’t want to forward this for fear of offending someone,
When will
AMERICANS STOP giving away THEIR RIGHTS???  We’ve gone so far the other way…
bent over backwards not to
 offend anyone…
But it seems no one cares about the

that’s being offended!
WAKE UP America !!!

It should be noted here that one of Lonnie’s son’s was killed in an automobile accident, while driving home from work one night.  A couple guys ran a stop sign, after stealing beer from a nearby convenience store and hit him.  They were illegal aliens.

Yet he STILL believes in LEGAL immigration.

Stainless, Electroless Nickel, Rostfrei, plated, white finish…

I’ve never been involved in a self-defense shooting.  Statistically, while many of us train to be able to stop an armed assailant @ 25 yards (or greater), most self-defense shootings happen at arm’s length, or not much greater.

So, is dismissal of a lighter (‘white’/silver) firearm finish really all that necessary to show one is ‘tacticool’?  Or is it just a gun culture meme that dark blue/black firearms look cooler, not as much like the childhood cap guns of yore?  If one is properly concealing one’s sidearm prior to the event, does rapid presentation of a shiny weapon signal our intent sooner than we would like the potential target to discern?  Or is this a pointless discussion?

Speaking only for myself, while I prefer a dark shiny (or a dark mat) finish for esthetic reasons, stainless and electroless nickel have served me well.  My perspiration has the properties of hydrofluoric acid, and a couple of blued firearms have been damaged because of it.  Even with daily maintenance and oiling.  (sigh)
I did own a SIG P-226 in 40 S&W, with a black (Nitron) stainless steel slide.  But in the short time I had her never carried her concealed.

I have had good luck with the Tenifer finish of the Glock products, and Robbie Barkman of ROBAR coated my NM 1911 with Poly-T.  It is wearing off a bit around the edges, but, it has been almost 20 years.  And I’ve owned and carried many Smith & Wesson stainless revolvers.  The factory electroless of my S&W 442 is getting a little rough.  But, she’s been living in my Kramer pocket holster for much of the past 17 years.

It is important to remember stainless does not mean rust free, in spite of the German translation – rostfrei.

And I don’t plan on waving around a shiny metal object long enough to get negative attention of any bad guy.  No matter what color it is.

Glock, Kramer, S&W, Colt and SIG have given me nothing but pleasure.  Look elsewhere FTC – or just stop looking!

h/t Whipped Cream Difficulties

Manufactured Domestic Terrorism II ?

Dateline October 10, 1995, an Amtrak train, the Sunset Limited, is derailed in the Arizona desert.  One passenger is killed, 100 injured.

(NYT) ~ A note found near the wreck of the train, the Sunset Limited, en route to Los Angeles from Miami on track owned by the Southern Pacific Rail Corporation, claimed responsibility for Sons of The Pioneers Gestapo, a name that investigators said was unfamiliar to them. ~

It IS interesting it is almost six years to the day before the 9-11 attack, and five months after the Murrah Building.  And that no other attacks have ever been linked to, or have credit claimed by Sons of Gestapo.  (whatever THAT is)

Are we dealing with the same animal?  Manufactured terrorism prior to 9-11?

This case has kinda faded from history.  I couldn’t find any arrests made.

If you’re paranoia-deficient, I found this on the Internet, certain to get your tin foil hat panties in a bunch!
You didn’t hear it from me (skulks away…)

The Case of The Sunset Limited

h/t NYT, The Baker Street Irregulars

Couldn’t find a decent photo of the derailment on the ‘Net anywhere. This is the general location, today.

More ‘Manufactured’ Domestic Terrorism

Free North Carolina via Survival reports the following:

(regarding the most recent domestic terrorist plot)

~Right in the nick of time, just like in the movies. The authorities couldn’t have more effectively made the Occupy movement look like a danger to the republic if they had scripted it. Maybe that’s because, more or less, they did.

The guy who convinced the plotters to blow up a big bridge, led them to the arms merchant, and drove the team to the bomb site was an FBI informant. The merchant was an FBI agent. The bomb, of course, was a dud. And the arrest was part of a pattern of entrapment by federal law enforcement since September 11, 2001, not of terrorist suspects, but of young men federal agents have had to talk into embracing violence in the first place.~  (emphasis Guffaw)

Gotta justify their ever-increasing budgets, law-enforcement reach and ongoing rights encroachment  somehow.

I envision the real enemies of the Republic doubled over with laughter.

h/t Survival, Brock Townsend

"Round up the usual suspects."

In Loving Memory…