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Women, Guns and Training

A Girl and Her Gun has become, in her words, ‘the talk of the town’.  Why is this?  Because she was attacked, survived, and is recovering by taking back her life.  And blogging about it.  Learning about firearms, training with top trainers AND training with a force-on-force trainer on how to actively respond.

Not just with a gun, because lethal force isn’t always appropriate.

Some of the gunnie blogosphere have been questioning the force-on-force training.  She did get injured in training.  Is it too much, too intense training?

My impression of the above question is the unanswered suffix – for a girl?

Many of the guys I know have taken formal firearms and self-defense training.  Not Seal Team 6, but certainly more active than just punching holes in paper.  And some have become injured.  I, myself, suffered two cracked ribs as a voluntary target in a karate class.  But, even in today’s theoretically enlightened age, a man getting injured isn’t questioned.  But, a woman?

I’m glad most of the reaction to her training has been positive, because, based on her writing, she certainly is becoming the well-rounded person we all should be.  I’ve a number of female students who’ve advanced to become range officers and firearm trainers themselves.  And others who have become gunnies in their own right.



Not me (for a change).  I’m going through some stuff right now, and have a tendency to whine, anyway.  But, I found this website entitled First World Problems, wherein people who aren’t starving and trying to survive in some Third World Hell Hole whine about their petty problems.

It DOES help me put things in perspective…

If you’d rather not go to the link, above (and O.D. on them), here’s a few examples:

US was placed alphabetically instead of at the top of a drop down menu, so I had to scroll down like some kind of Ugandan

Left my bottled water out overnight so had to drink it at room temperature like some homeless man slurping up a rain puddle.

Girls in the city I’m vacationing in all dress like sluts… I can’t tells who’s a prostitute and who isn’t.

My universal remote’s batteries are dead. Now I have to use 3 remotes like some kind of barbarian.

I accidentally bookmarked a web page, now I have to open my bookmark panel and remove it like some 16th century librarian

I have tons of beer, but not enough fridge space.

I ordered pizza and now I have to put pants on to answer the door.

The smoke from this burning house is ruining my golf game.

Life is better, now, isn’t it?

Bar Carry

FreeThinker blogs about there being a place for ‘bar carry’.  Of course, his perspective as a gay person is the most dangerous part of the night is that which falls between bar and car.

I’ve no disagreement with him.  It’s probably the same for us straight folks, too.  (He agrees, later in his post).

A number of States specifically prohibit bar carry (AZ being one), one is currently debating it in their legislature, and I believe a few allow it.

And statistically, there doesn’t seem to be much difference in improper acts by armed individuals in these environs.  Save, of course, the persons targeted may respond in kind.

I’m a libertarian.  I see this blanket restriction as an assault on my rights.  It might not be the wisest course of action to consume alcohol while armed, but is it wiser to be an unarmed victim?  Of course, as an armed individual, I remain responsible for my actions and their consequences.  Like driving.

I believe it was Massad Ayoob who stated “If you need to carry a firearm to where you drink, you need to find a better place to drink.”  Perhaps.  But gays and women and the disabled (yours truly) have rights too.  Including the right to defend themselves against attacks initiated because of who they are.  Just like straight males in good health should.

h/t Gay Cynic

The Ongoing Project is Ongoing…

…and is getting to the end.

And, because the Universe delights in complicating such matters, this week the temperatures are going into the ‘teens (113* F+) AND I’ve developed some-kind of cold.  And my 12 year old car doesn’t have working AC.

Now, this is interesting, as I usually don’t get sick, e.g. colds.  When I become ill, I go whole-hog, e.g. diabetes, flesh-eating bacteria, lymphoma.  Nothing as plebeian as a cold.

Not that I desire something more serious.  Just that the timing sucks.

But time marches on.  And as was stated in Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle, “The Universe tends to unfold as it should.”

And so will this project.

Why A Government?

A Geek With Guns presents us with a cogent argument against the rampant statism that is, of course, today’s norm.

A sampling:

One argument made by statists to justify the existence of the state is that without the state that would be roving gangs going around taking everybody’s sh*t. This argument makes little sense in my opinion. First, it assumes that humans are inherently uncooperative and prefer to take instead of trade. Second, it assumes the state itself isn’t a roving gang of thugs who go around and take everybody’s sh*t. (emphasis Guffaw)

Sounds kinda like the ubiquitous individual liberty (free market cooperation) versus government-enforced cabal (communalism) argument.

Please go and read the whole essay

h/t Christopher Berg

It’s Father’s Day…

So, it’s time for another Molly story.

After her mother and I separated, I was fortunate to have Molly every other week.  This meant planning the day around her, including taking her to a before grade-school ‘day care’, which then ferried her to school.  (I had to be to work @ 0600.)  They then retrieved her after work.

Much of the time she’s fall back to sleep in the car, but, sometimes, especially in the warmer, Spring months she’d remain awake, checking out the neighborhood as we drove past.  Kids don’t want to miss anything.

One morning she was looking out the passenger window down the block from our house, and there was some guy working on the shrubbery in front of his house.  Squatting.  Giving all-the-World the plumber’s eye view of, as Hawkeye Pierce put it, “The permanent vertical smile, lauded in song and story!”

Molly saw this, and was trying not to smile, as was I.
So I said, “Just say no to crack!”  And we both busted up.

You just know she couldn’t wait to get to school to tell her friends.

The Bells of St. Mary’s – a Father’s Day Memory

My Father was born and raised in Providence, Rhode Island.  Born in 1915.  If you can imagine, times were quite different back then.

He used to regale me with tales of pranks from his days of yore – often with the intonation “I’d never better catch you doing this!”, and a big smile.  Talk about mixed messages.

His father, being a railroad cop and all, had many firearms about the house.  One was a bolt-action J.C Higgins .22 rifle.

My father told me the tale about how he took the rifle one day, braced it across the handlebars of his bicycle, and rode to downtown Providence.  I’ve no idea when this was to have happened, but I suspect it would have been in the late 20’s or early 30’s.

No one bothered to question the teen riding his bike in a major city, armed with a rifle.  Imagine if a kid did this NOW?

The Bells of St. Mary’s

A church downtown was famous (and I guess still is?) for chiming twelve chimes at noon.  This particular noon, the church bell rang thirteen times, instead of the requisite twelve!

Everyone traditionally counts the rings, albeit half-consciously, and knew there were thirteen!  And the bell-ringer ran into the street yelling, “It wasn’t me!  It wasn’t me!”

And my dad rode home with a smile on his face!

Cutting-edge Medical Technology, for the Military

Sipsey Street Irregulars reports on new medical technology specifically designed to keep soldiers from ‘bleeding out’ before they can get help.

As reported in his local paper:

~BIRMINGHAM, Alabama — On Friday morning the U.S. Special Operations Command received its first shipment of a medical device that has Birmingham roots and promises to save lives on the battlefield.

The Abdominal Aortic Tourniquet will be used when soldiers or Marines are injured in the pelvis or upper leg by gunshot, shrapnel or a blast, causing a wound that could bleed a person to death within minutes. A medic quickly straps the AAT around the belly of the victim, tightens it with a windlass and pumps in air.

This pushes a balloon into the belly with the force of more than 80 pounds, clamping the abdominal aorta against the spine to cut off blood flow to the legs.~

Go to the link and read all the details.  Whatever we can do to help the military AND it’s made in the good ol’ U.S. of A.!

h/t Dutchman6

What are ‘Gun Rights’?

North has been blogging less, of late, but, when he does…WOW.

He recently posed the above question.  My answer was simple.  Amendment the Second enumerates rights already held by the citizenry.  The courts have interpreted this (in at least one case) to mean military- style weaponry, capable of being operated by one individual.

I call this the ‘Stinger in the Basement’ approach.

Of course, if these rights are misused, there should be severe consequences.

I suspect this approach would be looked at with a jaded eye by the anti-rights folks, though.

Civility and Humanity, WHAT?

The lovely and talented Roberta X hits it out-of-the-park, yet again!

Politics makes people sociopathic — somebody linked to an article on the subject recently but I can’t find it again. Thing is, its true; when we form up sides and fight over Ideas, it’s wired right into us to forget that the men and women espousing ideas we oppose are still people and it’s just as easy for them to do the same to us.

Please visit the link and read the whole thing.  Because it’s important to remember.

Of course, you should be reading Roberta X daily, anyway…

"Round up the usual suspects."

In Loving Memory…