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Made in USA? (NOT U.S.A.)

Miss Cellania is a site I link to often, mostly for humor and trivial entertainment. But, sometimes she provides Items of other interest.
For example:

The Cover-Up

When you see the words “Made in USA” it just might stand for Ulhasnagar Sindhi Association, which is in Mumbai, India. Or maybe Usa, which is a town in Japan. Or it could just made in the United States, but just that tony little part. (via reddit)

I’m not a xenophobe, and I do believe in free trade, but this is the kind of thing which brings us substandard and even dangerous products, like poisonous baby and pet food. – Guffaw

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I'm a child of the 50's. libertarian, now medically-retired. I've been a certified firearms trainer, a private investigator, and worked for a major credit card company for almost 22 years. I am a proud NRA Life Member. I am a limited-government, free-market capitalist, who believes in the U.S. Constitution and the Rule of Law.


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