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The United States Does ‘Something’ @ The United Nations, BUT Doesn’t Report It Widely…

Review Conference
on Illicit Small Arms Trade
14th Meeting* (PM)

Review Conference Adopts Text Renewing Commitment to Prevent, Combat, Eradicate

Illicit Trade in Small Arms, Light Weapons

Concern Voiced over Accuracy, Lack of Stronger Language in Some Areas

Concluding its two-week session today, the second United Nations conference to review the 2001 Programme of Action on trafficking in small arms and light weapons adopted a consensus outcome document that highlighted the international community’s renewed commitment to preventing, combating and eradicating the illicit trade.

The document’s adoption represented a major achievement for delegations, who had failed to agree on a final outcome at the first review conference, held in 2006.  “We accomplished something great today,” said U. Joy Ogwu ( Nigeria), President of the Conference, formally known as the United Nations Conference to Review Progress Made in the Implementation of the Programme of Action to Prevent, Combat and Eradicate the Illicit Trade in Small Arms and Light Weapons in All Its Aspects.

There was one caveat in the report:  Representatives of Israel and the United States said they wished to disassociate themselves from preambular paragraph 11 of the Programme of Action, relating to the right to self-determination of people under foreign occupation.

That’s it?

This didn’t show up on Congresses’ Thomas Database, either.  What did The President say about instituting gun control ‘under the radar’ to Sarah Brady?

This U.N. measure has effectively been adopted world-wide, and member countries have agreed to adopt it by 2018!

Go to the link to read the whole press release.  While not reported in the press, the United States reportedly supports this measure, with the exception noted above.  The Senate hasn’t taken action, yet.

It’s getting scarier every day.

h/t Rev. Paul, madmedic

Prepper Mindset

Brigid has a terrific post regarding prepping.  Not so much the specifics, but the attitude.  You should go read it!

Home on the Range

The key line is the final one:

Being prepared is harder work than remorse, a lesson that as individuals and a nation, we often learn the hard way.

I’ve thought much of prepping – ever since the onset of survivalism (ala Mel Tappan) in the 70s.  But rarely have had the resources to do it properly.  And I’m no former specops guy; wasn’t a Boy Scout, and as an older, infirmed, overweight, crippled American on regular medication, there is much I cannot do.  Not to mention my income was cut 60% a few years back – due to my disabilities.  It’s not as if I can shave a couple gold bars to trade for some cases of ammunition and Metformin.  I’ve no gold bars.

But Brigid’s post brought up for me the mindset.  After all, didn’t Sun Tzu say we first fought with our minds?  I may not be able to have a survival bunker in the wilderness stocked with food, fuel, ammo, gold and water.  Hell, if TEOTWAWKI arrives, or even an earthquake or a bank run, I won’t panic and expect my government to take care of me.

I can fend for myself.  That’s the beginning.

About F&*#%)@ TIME!

(I was originally going to title this Better Late Than Never, but I’m Pissed!)

WELL, it’s been an interesting day @ Guffaw in AZ to say the least!
Minimal (or no) Internet connectivity – which meant no email accounts, no news, boredom…

And for the first time since March 6, 2011 no daily blog post!    I’ve been doing this as part of my routine – and I missed it!  I’m not going to post something this late, only to post more in the morning – assuming things are working correctly then!

The good part is the World kept spinning in my absence; the bad part is I kind of like the routine.
T-Mobile, to whom I switched because Verizon was just getting too expensive, is the culprit.

Hopefully, this will be an isolated incident.

I have my doubts…

Collective Delusion

Collective Delusion aka Mass Hysteria!

Pick a subject:  The Kennedy Assassination, 9/11, terrorism, the economy, our perverse government, our perverse corporations, gun control, ad infinitum, ad nauseum.

There is a propensity in the human condition to look for reasons why things happen.  And, to punish the people responsible, if those things are bad.

I, for one, subscribe to the Conspiracy Theory of History.  This means that while we may only see the titular head of the iceberg (John Wilkes Booth or Lee Harvey Oswald) there were less-than-obvious forces behind the scenes, involved in the giant ongoing chess game about control  (see my previous post How it Really works).  Both pre and post the event(s).

And as we know, the winners write the history books.

Of course, this doesn’t mean everything is the result of some dark conspiracy.  Sometimes individuals are just koo-koo.  Or evil.  Unto themselves.

But today, more than ever, with rapid electronic communication and the Internet, disinformation gets out of bed and makes it’s way around the World before the truth facts have their socks on!

It’s even easier when one is predisposed to believe what is presented.  If the President or Bernie Sanders is said to have made a collectivist statement, I tend to believe it, as they are collectivists.  The same for Rush Limbaugh if he is alleged to make a right-wing statement.  And, of course, if I already think poorly about the person and their opinions, statements attributed to them seem automatically true:

“Our main agenda is to have ALL guns banned. We must use whatever means possible. It doesn’t matter if you have to distort facts or even lie. Our task of creating a socialist America can only succeed when those who would resist us have been totally disarmed.”  –  Sarah Brady

The only problem is she never said that!  And it keeps getting re-attributed as proof of her beliefs.

We need not to keep passing on disinformation as fact – not buying into the collective delusion.

For more on this phenomena, please go read The Great Seattle Windshield Epidemic.

Trust, but verify, before passing along information.

h/t Neatorama

As Charlie Brown always said, “ARRRGGGHHH!”

I’ve been having issues with the WordPress software for a few days.


I attach a photo or an image to my post (as I did with the previous post re:  saps), click ‘Save Draft’, and the image disappears!

THEN, it appears in the post, as planned.  Until I edit it.  Then it goes away for good!


Any suggestions regarding how to keep the imagery from going away?   WordPress has been of no assistance.  – Guffaw

(I’d place a graphic here, but, well, you know…)

UPDATE – apparently, the flaw has now been fixed!  Huzzah!

“What a SAP she had!”

(I don’t know if it’s my age, or what, but I keep channeling Firesign Theatre references – my apologies)

A NC Gun Blog recently posted a post entitled The sap is a fun and interesting defensive tool.  This got me to thinking.  When I was in private security, I used to carry both a nightstick AND a sap.  And I had two saps, one of woven leather straps wound around a cylindrical spring (with a bulbous lead end); the other flat steel – beavertail shaped – with a lead-weighted tip, as well.  It was fortunate early on my partner Ron showed me all about knees and collarbones, otherwise I might have inadvertently killed someone!

In my early days of private security, sometimes, we were not allowed to carry firearms.  So we carried these assorted striking implements.  (This doesn’t mean that we also didn’t have firearms – shhhh!).  I remember Ron responding to drunken altercations in the exclusive country club where we worked.  He’d pop open his Samsonite briefcase and take a half-second to decide which sap was the best, then head out.  It was almost like Arnold Palmer deciding which iron to use.

As one of the other blogs said, I never considered carrying a sap as a primary tool before.  But where the prohibition is against firearms and/or knives, this might work (?)

“Ees gun, ees not safe!”

A few other blogs this week have pointed out the idiocy of people acting unsafely with firearms.

Specifically, blank-shooting firearms.

Immediately, a couple things came to mind:  1)  The Four Rules – see right sidebar for specifics, and

2)  Jon-Erik Hexum

Mr. Hexum was a rising young star in the 1980s.  Deep voice, great physique, okay actor.  I remember reading in a TV Guide interview that while he cut a striking figure, he was not (and I quote him) “Not just another drop-dead clothes horse.”
Obviously, though, he’d not heard of The Four Rules.

(from IMDB)

However, on October 12th, 1984 after a long and draining day’s shooting on the set of “Cover Up: Pilot (#1.0)” (1984), Hexum became bored with the extensive delays and jokingly put a prop .44 magnum revolver to his temple and pulled the trigger. The gun fired, and the wadding from the blank cartridge shattered his skull, whereupon the mortally injured Hexum was rushed via ambulance to hospital to undergo extensive surgery. Despite five hours of work, the chief surgeon, Dr. David Ditsworth, described the damage to Hexum’s brain as life-ending. One week later, on October 18th, he was taken off life support and pronounced dead. However, Hexum’s commitment to organ donation meant five other lives were assisted or saved with organs harvested from him. The youthful & charming Hexum was dead at only 26 years of age.

I believe it was Jeff Cooper who told a story of a Russian discussing the ‘safety’ of a particular firearm.  He said, “Ees gun, is not safe!”

We cannot stress this enough.  Firearms (EVEN blank firearms) are dangerous tools.  Just as with chain saws and other tools, there are safety protocols.

Those Pesky Executive Orders!

My friends over at Mental Floss (brethren/sistern of Neatorama and Miss Cellania) have come up with an old essay regarding the power of the President, specifically, Executive Orders.

Much had been made in the blogosphere with regard to recent E.O.s (like the one about the so-called Dream Act) and other actions taken by this and previous Presidents.

Is it LAW?  Is it overreaching and/or unconstitutional?  Is it both a dessert topping AND a floor wax?  (sorry)

They reach into their archives to bring us author Chris DesBarres history and humor regarding this very serious and complex subject.


Critics call them “legislation by other means.” Supporters defend them as a necessary tool for leading the country – especially in the face of a Congress unwilling or unable to make tough choices. Whatever your position, the Executive Order has been used by presidents for good, for ill, and sometimes for just plain odd reasons.

Constitutional Basis

Article II, Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution contains a vague reference to executive orders, giving the president the power to “take care that the laws are faithfully executed.” Strict constructionists interpret this phrase to empower the president only to enact laws approved by Congress, but presidents have shown a remarkable mental flexibility to overcome this potential obstacle. Executive orders have covered every topic from school desegregation, to starting wars, to providing political supporters with cushy government positions.

These orders went largely unchecked until President Harry Truman signed Executive Order 10340, which placed all U.S. steel mills under Federal control. The Supreme Court ruled that Truman had overstepped his authority because he attempted to make law rather than clarify an existing piece of legislation. Justice Hugo Black, concerned that his majority opinion had offended the President (which it had), invited Truman over for dinner. Truman, overcome by the Justice’s hospitality, remarked, “Hugo, I don’t much care for your law, but, by golly, this bourbon is good.”

Patronage: Is that civil service exam too hard? Not a problem if you’ve got friends in high places. Presidents have frequently used executive orders to award jobs. Theodore Roosevelt seemed particularly fond of this hiring practice, doling out over two dozen jobs to clerks, engineers, doctors, and administrators. Of note, his Executive Order of June 23, 1904, appointed Dr. William L. Ralph as curator of the section of birds’ eggs in the National Museum, and his E.O. of November 2, 1903, made Mrs. Roy L. Quackenbush a permanent clerk in the Post Office.

Go to the link above and be both disgusted and amused.  As I am simply by seeing the name Quackenbush.

h/t Miss Cellania

Bullets Beans and Bullion

The ubiquitous Gun Blog Black List always seems to be adding different and interesting items to their content.  Today, I noticed a listing for Bullets Beans and Bullion.

While technically not a blog, it does present an interesting compilation of links.  Blogs, reference materials, news. politics, all designed to attract thoughtful readers.  Many wearing tin-foil chapeaus.

Preppers, gun folks, libertarians, anarchists, conservatives, political junkies, bullion hoarders.  During my initial cursory review, I even spotted something for Lyndon LaRouche fans!  Different strokes, what?

The columns differentiate types of links as follows:  Economics     Bullets, Beans
Alternative Media    Miscellaneous/New Blogs

I’ve not had a chance to check it all out (because there is MUCH content), but it appears interesting and if you add a comment you may very well have your blog or website added into the mix!

Don we now our metallic apparel and go take a look see.

Penn Jillette

Firehand directs us to a CNN opinion article authored by Penn Jillette.

Mr. Jillette is a magician, a comedian, an actor, firearms owner,  and a(n) (in)famous atheist.  He is also quite astute and is a libertarian.

From the piece:

It’s amazing to me how many people think that voting to have the government give poor people money is compassion. Helping poor and suffering people is compassion. Voting for our government to use guns to give money to help poor and suffering people is immoral self-righteous bullying laziness.

People need to be fed, medicated, educated, clothed, and sheltered, and if we’re compassionate we’ll help them, but you get no moral credit for forcing other people to do what you think is right. There is great joy in helping people, but no joy in doing it at gunpoint.

Can I get an AMEN?  I assume this wouldn’t offend Mr. Jillette’s atheistic sensibilities.

h/t Irons in the Fire, CNN

"Round up the usual suspects."

In Loving Memory…