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Mr. President…

We’ve secretly replaced the verbiage of the unconstitutional executive orders you’ve issued against the Second Amendment as though they were for the First Amendment.  Because all of the Bill of Rights amendments have equal status, per Supreme Court decree…(as corrected)

List of executive actions Obama plans to take as part of gun hate speech violence censorship plan

Published January 16, 2013  (with amendments)

The following is a list, provided by the White House, of executive actions President Obama plans to take to address gun violence hate speech - defined as speech the government doesn’t like..

1. Issue a Presidential Memorandum to require federal agencies to make relevant data available to the federal background check system.  (There’s a background check for publishing, uttering, worshiping or redressing grievances?)

2. Address unnecessary legal barriers, particularly relating to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, that may prevent states from making information available to the background check system. (see #1)

3. Improve incentives for states to share information with the background check system. (#1 again)

4. Direct the Attorney General to review categories of individuals prohibited from having a gun speaking,or worshiping freely and openly to make sure dangerous people are not slipping through the cracks, or redressing grievances.

5. Propose rulemaking to give law enforcement the ability to run a full background check on an individual before returning a seized gun book, speech, or publication of utterance..

6. Publish a letter from ATF FTC to federally licensed gun dealers to bookstores, publishers and Internet Service Providers showing guidance on how to run background checks for private sellers speakers and utterers.

7. Launch a national safe and responsible gun ownership free speech and exercising of rights campaign.

8. Review safety standards for gun locks and gun safes (Consumer Product Safety Commission)  censorship, both media and personal. (Free Speech Czar)

9. Issue a Presidential Memorandum to require federal law enforcement to trace guns utterances recovered in criminal investigations hate speech crimes.

10. Release a DOJ report analyzing information on lost and stolen guns plagiarized speech and make it widely available to law enforcement.

11. Nominate an ATF director Free Speech Czar.

12. Provide law enforcement, first responders, and school officials with proper training for active shooter hate speaker situations.

13. Maximize enforcement efforts to prevent gun speech violence and prosecute gun hate crime.

14. Issue a Presidential Memorandum directing the Centers for Disease Control to research the causes and prevention of gun speech violence.

15. Direct the Attorney General to issue a report on the availability and most effective use of new gun safety censorship technologies and challenge the private sector to develop innovative censoring technologies.

16. Clarify that the Affordable Care Act does not prohibit doctors asking their patients about guns in their homes their personal beliefs, philosophies, religions and political positions.

17. Release a letter to health care providers clarifying that no federal law prohibits them from reporting threats of violence speech with which they disagree to law enforcement authorities.

18. Provide incentives for schools to hire school resource censorship officers.

19. Develop model emergency response plans for schools, houses of worship and institutions of higher education to prevent speech with which the government disagrees.

20. Release a letter to state health officials clarifying the scope of mental health services that Medicaid plans must cover, because the government knows better than your person physician..

21. Finalize regulations clarifying essential health benefits and parity requirements within ACA exchanges.

22. Commit to finalizing mental health parity regulations.

23. Launch a national dialogue led by Secretaries Sebelius and Duncan ( the Free Speech Czar) on mental health, because, after all, anyone who owns a firearm or who speaks out about their rights must be crazy.  Right?

Mr. President, The First Amendment is inviolate, except for yelling fire in a crowded theater, libel, slander or child pornography.  The Second Amendment deserves the same respect.  A law-abiding citizen has the right to burn a flag, or call a jar containing a crucifix and urine art or many other things.  Millions of law-abiding American citizens have the same rights to own, possess, transfer and carry firearms.  None of the recent heinous acts have anything to do with 99% of the population – stop inhibiting their rights!

Gun Control is not about Crime – It’s about Control!

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About guffaw1952

I'm a child of the 50's. libertarian, now medically-retired. I've been a certified firearms trainer, a private investigator, and worked for a major credit card company for almost 22 years. I am a proud NRA Life Member. I am a limited-government, free-market capitalist, who believes in the U.S. Constitution and the Rule of Law.


6 thoughts on “Mr. President…

  1. I want to see them in the Fed Register, and read the ‘actual’ wording…

    Posted by Old NFO | January 16, 2013, 7:55 pm
  2. Given the political climate today, taken altogether, I don’t think his agenda has the proverbial snowball’s chance of succeeding … but I’ve been wrong before.

    Posted by Rev. Paul | January 16, 2013, 8:24 pm
  3. The following is a list, provided by the White House, of executive actions President Obama plans to take to address hate speech – defined as speech the government doesn’t like..

    That’s the same argument I’ve used when talking to “the AWB is good” crowd. I’ve told them that this is about **freedoms**, not guns. If you don’t want to use your 2A rights, that’s up to you – don’t tread on mine.

    The same works for those that say, “1776 didn’t have AR15s”.
    Well they also didn’t have TV (w/ 24/7 ‘news’), internet or wide circulation of newspapers.
    If you want to limit my weapons, how ’bout if the New York Times and CNN and CBS want to put out news or express an editorial opinion, they have to use a 1700s printing press and a Town Crier.
    Sound like a good fit to that “ignore the Constitution trend?”

    Posted by KM | January 16, 2013, 10:16 pm

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