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RINO Form Letter

black-rhino_468_600x450Some days back, when voting on the Feinstein Make-It-Illegal-To-Possess-A-Modern-Firearm ‘Assault Weapon’ Ban bill seemed imminent, and Senator McCain was supporting measures designed to stop the filibuster measure against it (?!), I both called the offices of both AZ senators and sent them E-mails expressing my concerns and disapproval of both measures.  And ANY and ALL ‘gun’ control measures.

(Have you contacted YOUR Senators, yet?)

The same day, Senator Flake sent me an Email confirmation of my communication, along with verbiage stating he was not in support of any such measure.

Senator McCain’s office response? (crickets – chirp-chirp-chirp)

Until, a couple of days ago!  I finally received a form letter from Senator McCain’s office.  It says in part:

On January 16, 2013, President Obama and his administration introduced a twenty-three point plan which lays out both executive and legislative proposals that would attempt to prevent future violence. As the details of the President’s proposals become more clear, I look forward to reviewing them, and working with my colleagues to find sensible solutions that respect the Second Amendment but also help us prevent these type of horrific events from ever happening again.

While I am an unwavering supporter of the Second Amendment, please know that I will seriously consider all reasonable public safety legislation…

The RINO is charging, yet again!  When is he ever going to learn that more control simply means more control?  And that acceding to the demands of the ‘reasonable-sensible solutions’ folks is simply more tyranny for the law-abiding?

There was a time that Republican meant smaller government.  Of course, this was before a P.O.W. and veteran came forward to claim Barry Goldwater’s seat in the United States Senate.

Barry would be outraged.



About guffaw1952

I'm a child of the 50's. libertarian, now medically-retired. I've been a certified firearms trainer, a private investigator, and worked for a major credit card company for almost 22 years. I am a proud NRA Life Member. I am a limited-government, free-market capitalist, who believes in the U.S. Constitution and the Rule of Law.


8 thoughts on “RINO Form Letter

  1. They are NOT supporting us up there… And yes both emails and phone calls, and actual letters to their home offices…

    Posted by Old NFO | February 17, 2013, 8:15 am
  2. How does one start a recall election? Make the bastard fight for his damn job.

    Posted by TinCan Assassin | February 17, 2013, 8:59 am
  3. Recall chances may be slim and none, but it has to start somewhere.

    Posted by Rev. Paul | February 17, 2013, 9:20 am
    • The horrible part is this guys was the Presidential Candidate last time! And, we all knew he was a RINO.
      Based on the low number of folks actually protesting and writing in, I suspect a petition is foolish.
      But, probably a good idea, anyway!

      Posted by guffaw1952 | February 17, 2013, 9:24 am
  4. We impeach Presidents and they still hold office and are considered a good reference for someone running in the future. sigh.

    Posted by brigid | February 17, 2013, 4:29 pm

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