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O…M…G…! A GUN Left Behind on a Disney Ride!

AKs & Cupcakes pointedly reminds us that gun safety is not just for the shooting range!  EVERYWHERE you carry, KNOW WHERE it is, WHAT DIRECTION it is pointed, AND Make Certain it is SECURE!

This is exactly the kind of situation that anti-gunners are going to love to get their hands on. The “what-if’s” are astounding. I  could see the rhetoric now: “if responsible gun owners can’t even keep track of their guns, why should they be allowed to have them?”

You don’t need a vivid imagination to realize what a stir this would have created if a child got a hold of the gun and not a responsible adult.  Yes, I said responsible because who knows what kinds of people are out there and what they would to to get their anti-freedom point across. What an opportunity this presented. A shooting at a theme park? a DISNEY Park? Where the Imaginators (or whatever they call themselves) are working their asses off to create the most happy place on earth? Are you kiddin’ me? That scenario would have been PERFECT and exactly what would have been the nail in the coffin, so to speak.

Check your Six, Watch your BACK, JACK… and know where your potentially-lethal machine is.  At All Times.

It’s for the children, and all of us.

Government v.2.0

Kevin Baker (of The Smallest Minority) brings to us an essay of enormous import.  In part:

The Information Age is here. Government v.2.0 is massive, sclerotic, invasive, inept, corrupt, incompetent, malicious, vindictive – it is, in short, what the second type of bureaucrats make it in the furtherance of the bureaucracy and their own power and privilege.  And the Iron Law of Oligarchy says:

Historical evolution mocks all the prophylactic measures that have been adopted for the prevention of oligarchy.

People keep acting as though things can keep going on as they have, but as Glenn Reynolds keeps repeating, “Something that can’t go on forever, won’t.” ~

~ One thing’s for sure – the powerful and privileged will do whatever it takes to keep as much power and privilege as they can.  And Government v.2.0 will be the tool by which it’s accomplished.

You need to go and read the entire work.  Kevin draws on the wisdom of historical giants, and his own, to weave for us this important message quoted above.

I’m hoping mercy will be included in the process, but if history is any indication, I doubt it.

“We are CITIZENS. They are SUBJECTS.”

The Armed Lutheran makes an excellent point in comparing two similar cultures – The American and The British.

The brutal near beheading of a British soldier by Islamic savages in the streets of London brought more than a few comments from gun rights activists, myself included. After extending my condolences to the family of Lee Rigby, I tweeted the obvious point: “Good thing nobody had a gun, somebody might have been hurt.” Gun banners like Piers Morgan and others were indignant, angry that we would “exploit” the tragedy, but failing to recognize his own history. Morgan, never one to shy away from a blood puddle to dance in, was so shocked that he banned Dana Loesch from his show within minutes. For me, as shocking as the crime was, the reaction of the public was more shocking still. ~

~Britain banned most firearm ownership in 1997 making armed self-defense impossible. Pompous Brits like Piers Morgan like to point out how civilized and safe the UK is as a result. Far from being safe and civilized, UK crime rates have soared in the years following the ban. What’s more telling is not the crime, but the public reaction to it. ~

~The English people, with the stiff upper lip and steely resolve, are reduced to unarmed spectators who watch and wait for police to protect them from bloodthirsty home-grown terrorists, common street thugs, or anarchist rioters. They are left helpless by do-gooders like Piers Morgan who don’t trust them to protect themselves. Rather than run from the danger to escape it, or run toward it to stop it, they simply watch, take pictures, and wait for unarmed policemen. If that is civilized, I want no part of it. The contrast could not be clearer.

The American experience is vastly different. The passengers of United 93, knowing they would likely die, hoping to prevent greater mayhem, confronted the hijackers. The men and women who ignored the danger and charged a deranged gunman who had already killed six people and gravely wounded a US congresswoman. 22-year-old Nick Meli, confronted a killer at the Clackamass Mall in Oregon to prevent him from killing more people. The people of Boston, who rushed toward the bombs to help the injured, not knowing if there might be more explosions.

There is evil in the world, and it must be confronted. With a gun, when necessary. We recognize that. Gun banners do not.

We are citizens. They are subjects.

Go and read the whole essay.  And recognize we have evolved.  They have devolved.  Great Britain, not so much, anymore.

♫ You’ve Got To Have Friends…♫

I’ve been known to be self-centered.  It’s one of my character defects.  Not to make excuses, but, I’ve had many bad things happen in my life.  I need to remember many other people have things much worse.

I own a 2000 Oldsmobile Intrigue.  Not my first choice, but the 1989 Isuzu Trooper gave up the ghost @ 170,000 miles.  In 2002.  And I didn’t have many choices, due to my financial condition.

All things considered, she’s been a good car.  Very reliable, except batteries (an Arizona heat constant) and failing engine sensors – something I’m told starts happening around 125,000 miles.  She has 137K.  And her A/C stopped working three or four years ago.  Not a big deal in much of the U.S., but in Arizona, a big deal.  115 degree Summers, and all.

I’ve been blessed with a cadre of terrific friends, who have given their time, money, effort and moral support over the years.  Two of these friends are Ms. T. and Mr. K.

I met them when I worked @ TMCCC.  T was a co-worker when we were doing credit card fraud investigations.  K later joined the department.  Both were going to school to further their educations and employment opportunities.  T now teaches at the college level, and K is an engineer at a major aircraft firm.

K became aware of my Intrigue’s air conditioning problems when he and T helped me move last Summer.  And said he would check into it.  I know he’s busy, so I didn’t push him.  After all, it’s been years.

Last week, T called and asked if I were available.  K was making his auto-mechanic rounds among friends and wanted to stop by to assess my car.  I said please.

In short, after some analysis and addition of new coolant (including some with stop-leak) my Olds’ air conditioning is now working!  And, as she’s not quite fully charged, he asked me to check back with him in a month and advise if she’s losing coolant, so more could be done.

I’m speechless.  So I’m writing.  🙂

I could go on and on about having a 14 year old car.  Or losing my home last year.  Or being on disability and barely making it.  Or having numerous medical ‘issues’.

But, that’s the wrong attitude.  K is one of those men who just gives.  And is uncomfortable when he is thanked for his doing so.

♫You’ve got to have friends.♫  

Thank you, regardless, K.  And T.  For all you do and have done.  You’ve got to have friends!

Memorial Day

There will be many posts on the blogs today regarding Memorial Day.  Hopefully, most of them remind us that originally it was called Decoration Day, and that families took flags and flowers to remember those family members who had passed too early in war.  Or had just passed.  Sometimes they’d even bring picnic foods to celebrate the person’s life.

Obviously, this has evolved into just a picnic holiday, forgetting the original meaning.  After all, it is the official beginning of Summer, and we get off work, school, etc.  And those who have gone before are still there, forgotten.  And hey, Target has a sale!

I remember one Memorial Day in 1977.  My Dad drafted me to come with him to visit the grave of my Mother, who passed when I was in the second grade.  We didn’t come here often, and being 24, I’d just-as-soon have been anywhere else.  And, my Dad mumbled something about his joining her soon.  I thought he was just being maudlin.

Three months later he joined her.  He knew something, and kept it a secret.

Please take a moment today, while you’re swimming, fishing, boating, picnicking, drinking beer, or partying to remember those who have gone before.  It’s the least you can do.

And, as always, hug those still with you and tell them you love them.  Do it NOW.  You never know.

Today in History

As some of you know, part of my morning routine is to visit the almanac page on Ref Desk (link above) just to see what historical things happened on this day – births, deaths, inventions, battles…

I found some of today’s entries to be interesting, if not ironic…


1907 John “Duke” Wayne [Marion Michael Morrison] Winterset IA, actor (True Grit)

1919 Jay Silverheels actor (Tonto-Lone Ranger)

1923 James Arness Minneapolis MN, actor (Matt Dillon-Gunsmoke, Thing)

Such are actors from my childhood.  Happy Birthday Duke, Jay and Jim!

john wayne

jay silverheels james arness

Too Late

Shall Not Be Questioned took us to Outdoor Life with this hypocritical revelation of Bill Maher:

While mocking the Constitution and Bill of Rights during a panel discussion with documentary filmmaker Michael Moore, Andrew Ross Sorkin of The New York Times and MSNBC’s S.E. Cupp, Maher criticized the failed Manchin-Toomey expanded background checks bill because it prohibited a national gun registry.

Of course we need a gun registry,” Maher said. “The Second Amendment is bullsh*t.

A short while later in his blathering discourse, Maher revealed he actually owns two firearms that he keeps in his home — one upstairs and one downstairs — and that he goes to the range twice a year to practice shooting.

Maher said there have been 12 home invasions in his neighborhood over the last year and he needs the guns to protect himself.

As long as we live in the gun country, I ain’t giving up my guns,” he said.

I don’t think I need add to this, save, if ‘they’ do eventually have a registry, and proceed with confiscation (which history shows us ALWAYS follows) Mr. Maher will have a decision to make – either voluntarily give up his right of self-defense against crime and tyranny, or join us.  Too late.

crocCare to join me then in crocodile tears?

What’s the number for 9-1-1 ?

911 Dispatcher Tells Woman About To Be Sexually Assaulted There Are No Cops To Help Her Due To Budget Cuts

JOSEPHINE COUNTY, Ore. (CBS Seattle) — An Oregon woman was told by a 911 dispatcher that authorities wouldn’t be able be able to help her as her ex-boyfriend broke into her place because of budget cuts.

Oregon Public Radio reports that an unidentified woman called 911 during a weekend in August 2012 while Michael Bellah was breaking into her place. Her call was forwarded to Oregon State Police because of lay-offs at the Josephine County Sheriff’s Office only allows the department to be open Monday through Friday.

“Uh, I don’t have anybody to send out there,” the 911 dispatcher told the woman. “You know, obviously, if he comes inside the residence and assaults you, can you ask him to go away? Do you know if he’s intoxicated or anything?”

The woman told the dispatcher that Bellah previously attacked her and left her hospitalized a few weeks prior to the latest incident. The dispatcher stayed on the phone with the woman for more than 10 minutes before the sexual assault took place.  …

I feel horrible for this woman.  And for any crime, fire or accident victim.  But, I’m reminded of the old Amex commercial with Karl Malden.  “What will you do?  What will you do?”

Karl Malden

Karl Malden

911 service (or it’s equivalent) is well-prevalent in the modern world.  And, it’s nice that our tax dollars have set up a system of brave and competent first responders to react as agents of government to help should that become necessary.

But, the system isn’t foolproof, nor is it a panacea.  Nor does it remove personal responsibility.

Keep a first aid kit and fire extinguisher in your home and car.  Know how to use them!  Obviously, I expect all responsible adults to own firearms, with the same caveat.

“When seconds count, the police are minutes away.”

h/t Maddened Fowl


paranoiaI love my new (to me) cellular telephone.  Smart?  Hell, she’s brilliant!  Me, not so much…

One of the many things I’ve programmed into her is a function to my credit union.  To see when a deposit appears.  And when it does, my cell phone instantly alerts me.  It’s nice to know when I’ve a little more money.  Or any money.

So, the other morning, I’m working on the blog, and she makes noise.  I investigate.  A deposit for a small amount has appeared in my account!  Cool.

Wait a minute?

I wasn’t expecting any money.  And, it’s not my usual payday, and it’s a small amount…hmmm.  Maybe some kind person hit my PayPal link on the blog sidebar? (hint-hint)  (It has been known to happen!)  So, I check my PayPal account, no dice.  No money either.  Hmmm.

Then it hit’s me – what if someone compromised my account number and was testing it, waiting for my next disability check to post, then WHOOSH – siphons it all away?  Crap.

Next, I contemplate calling my Credit Onion to determine the source of the deposit.  But first I need to get worked up and worried.  (Remember When in Danger or in Doubt?)  There are protocols for such things.

Suddenly it occurs to me.  The State of Arizona owed me $25.00 from my income tax filing last month!  That’s it!


Nope, not paranoid.  Just neurotic.

BBQ Guns!

It was perhaps 20 years ago that I first heard about Barbecue Guns.

A Barbecue Gun is a sidearm or handgun that has a pleasing appearance.  Not just s tool of self-defense, but a work of art.  Sometimes engraved, jeweled and emblazoned with custom wood stocks, made of rare or exotic woods.  In a custom holster.  Ostrich?

Something a gentleman (or lady) would wear to a barbecue, with their nicest snakeskin boots.  A showpiece.

Now, back-in-the-day, when I owned a small collection, I had one or two guns that might have made the cut.

An electroless nickel Colt Gold Cup, with Colt rosewood stocks.  Elegant in her simplicity.

A Smith & Wesson Model 39, in bright nickel, also with smooth rosewood stocks.  A beautiful presentation, but approaching passing BBQ gun into the realm of pimp gun.

A Smith & Wesson Model 24, 3 inch barrel, round butt.  with standard smooth, finger-grooved S&W stocks.

S&W 24

As I had rare occasion to O.C. at  any BBQ, I never got to get all gussied up and carry one of them.  And, of course, now they are gone.  😦

I imagine it’s not unlike getting to arrive at the BBQ with a tricked-out 1957 Cadillac for all to see.

"Round up the usual suspects."

In Loving Memory…