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Remember Goldfinger?

Goldfinger aka Gert Frobe

Goldfinger (Gert Frobe)

OathKeepers copied an article in Zero Hedge which caught my interest…

After all, I’m interested in MONEY (even though I have none and am in serious debt), and in my mind GOLD equals money.  I’ve no gold, either.

JPMorgan Is Selling The Building That Houses Its Gold Vault

On the surface, there is nothing spectacular about the weekend news that JPMorgan is seeking to sell its 1 Chase Manhattan Plaza office building. After all, the former headquarters of Chase Manhattan Bank, located deep in the heart of the financial district and which was built by its then chairman David Rockefeller, is a remnant to another time – a time when banking was about providing loans, not about managing and trading assets which has become the realm of Midtown New York, and since JPM already has extensive Midtown exposure with its offices at 270, 270 and 245 Park, the 1 CMP building always stood out as a bit of a sore thumb. Of course, as Zero Hedge readers first learned, the big surprise is literally below the surfacesome 90 feet below street level to be exact, where the formerly secret JPM gold vault is located, which also happens to be the biggest commercial gold vault in the world.

It was only a month ago when we learned that JPM was planning to exit the physical commodity business, ….

Further down the page…

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, as a result of our cursory examination, we have learned that the world’s largest private, and commercial, gold vault, that belonging once upon a time to Chase Manhattan, and now to JPMorgan Chase, is located, right across the street, and at the same level underground, resting just on top of the Manhattan bedrock, as the vault belonging to the New York Federal Reserve, which according to folklore is the official location of the biggest collection of sovereign, public gold in the world.

At this point we would hate to be self-referential, and point out what one of our own commentators noted on the topic of the Fed’s vault a year ago, namely that:

Chase Plaza (now the Property of JPM) is linked to the facility via tunnel… I have seen it.  The elevators on the Chase side are incredible. They could lift a tank.

… but we won’t, and instead we will let readers make up their own mind why the the thousands of tons of sovereign gold in the possession of the New York Fed, have to be literally inches across, if not directly connected, to the largest private gold vault in the world.

You should go and read the whole article.  

Now, I know little about the economy, but I do know that we are no longer on the gold standard, and that the government keeps printing fiat capital to pay it’s debts (Federal Reserve), and that the PRC is making serious moves to get the rest of the World off the American Dollar standard, and we owe them and Japan boo-koo monies and the Federal Reserve is a privately-held bank which has never been audited, and people Worldwide have been buying gold and silver at an alarming rate, and hoarding it for if when the Dollar collapses.  whew!

After you read the article, go and read the Ian Fleming classic Goldfinger.

Then figure out who is planning on becoming the richest man in the World.  Hint:  It’s not Soros or the Koch brothers.

Cui bono?  (Who Benefits?)

“Let’s Have A Dialog About Race.”

After the recent Zimmerman trial and verdict, I’ve been seeing comments like the post title popping up. Seems some folks want us to do this, yet again.

The United States of America is alleged to be a nation of laws, not men.  As such, not only is racial discrimination prohibited, but justice is supposed to be blind.

Haven’t they seen the statue?justice

If that is so, then why is categorizing folks racially exist on all  government forms and applications?  I can see it as an identifier, e.g. John Jones the White guy versus John Jones the Black guy, or John Jones the Pacific Islander.  Especially is one is already convicted of something.

But why else?

Because in spite of the National and State Constitutions, and the vast body of laws and protections afforded to all, the government wants to keep the battle going.

Because if we are fighting amongst ourselves, we will be paying less attention to Congress and the President making laws exempting themselves from laws they enact.  And laws that keep eroding our rights even further.

Add the media focus on the Kardashians, Justin Bieber, and some recently-born British prince, and we will be ignorant of the fundamental transformation the President promised us if elected.

See, he’s keeping at least one promise.

Airsoftly, As I Leave You…

I’m not big into firearm toy replicas.  Mainly, because, I like the real things.  Sadly, I can no longer afford them, nor toys.


The roomie and I signed up for GEARHOG, an outdoorsy equipment site that emails us daily with discounted offers of rifle cases, fishing rods, knives, all manner of goodies!  Usually offered at a specially discounted price for a limited time.  Usually, I gloss over these sporting goods items, because, as I said, I’ve no money.

Then, one morning I saw THIS:

Airsoft SIG Sauer GSR 1911, spring-operated

Airsoft SIG Sauer GSR 1911, spring-operated

And the description stated ‘suggested value $25.00, our price $9.99’!!

TEN BUCKS!  You can barely get a hamburger (made with real hamburger) and fries for that money!  So, I checked my bank balance and said what the hell.  Amazon has ’em @ $25.00!

I go downstairs to breakfast and meet my roomie there, and I told her of my purchase.  And she had ordered one, too!

Then (dammit) she got her’s first! 😦 .  Two days ahead of mine! Damn UPS guys!

I made up an ersatz bullet trap and went for it.  Corrugated cardboard box/sheet of printer paper.  She came with 100 bright yellow .12g plastic pellets and TWO magazines (which hold 12!)  Single action – must actuate the slide each round to cock the spring.  The hammer safety works, too.  Just like a 1911!

328 FPS!   Or so the package states.

At least the errant pellets are somewhat easy to find, being yellow, and all!  I’m missing three.  It actually works well enough for real trigger control practice indoors!

Now I gotta by more pellets.  😦

FTC – I bought the damn thing.  GEARHOG gives me nothing.

Okay, I’m Creepy and Kooky – But NOT Like THESE Folks!

Gomez And Morticia Addams Have The Best Marriage Ever

I LOVED The Addams Family.  So much better than The Munsters.  ‘Course, I was a kid at the time.  My favorite holiday was Halloween and I wished (much like the Cleavers) my family were more like them.

Please click on the Gif to read how Gomez and Morticia had the best marriage EVER!

We should all be so lucky!

h/t BuzzFeed and Miss Cellania

O Say Can You C ?


not Tam

The lovely, endearing and forever snarky Tam recently posted about Starbucks Appreciation Day, persons objecting to the militarization of civilian police, and other issues.  She referred to Sebastian and his take on the matter.

Even to the point of suggesting carrying an elongated garden implement into the coffee shop in lieu of the ostensibly more objectionable bullet projector.  Reductio ad absurdum, I presume (?)

This got me to thinking.  Back in the day, when I first became a handgun owner (the 70s) there was no CCW law in Arizona, and certain no Constitutional Carry provision on the horizon.  One carried concealed at one’s own peril – a misdemeanor conviction if caught and possible loss of the offending firearm if convicted.

Open Carry was the LAW.  And, the rule.  And except for occasionally running into a tourist or snowbird (Winter visitor) there was rarely a problem.  I remember one late night visit to a grocery store.  I was at one end of an aisle, and a woman at the far end was screaming (to no one in particular), “Oh My God!  He’s got a GUN!”  I assumed she was speaking about me.

No one cared.

However, times have changed.  Arizona law still provides for Open Carry (whilst adding brandishing to the list of no-nos) as well as a concealment permitage and Constitutional Carry.  Citizen’s choice!

But with the concealment laws have come changes in the State’s culture.  Open Carry isn’t as accepted as it once was.  Concealment is considered more socially acceptable, more polite.  Only uncouth ruffians would carry openly.

At least in the big city.  I guess if I lived in Apache Junction or Prescott, O.C. would be no big deal.

But, I mostly choose to carry concealed, now.  A more genteel Guffaw…

Yeah, right.

TODAY is Robert Culp’s Birthday…

He left us in 2010.

Be cool, today.

Robert Culp - Cool Guy

Robert Culp – Cool Guy

Integrity Diminishes…on little cat feet.

moral compassThe Art of Manliness does it AGAIN.  This time with an essay about Integrity.

I’m convinced a significant percentage of our adult population never (or rarely) considers the moral and ethical implications of their words and actions.  And we are the worse off because of this.  Most moral compasses have the needle missing.  And we’re passing this lackadaisical attitude to our children.

What Strengthens and Weakens Our Integrity – Part I: Why Small Choices Count

A segment:

It’s not too difficult to discuss this quality in a general way and offer advice on maintaining one’s integrity of the “just do it” variety. But a quick glance at the never-ending news headlines trumpeting the latest scandal and tale of corruption shows that that’s not always the most effective approach. While the foundation of integrity is having a firm moral code of right and wrong, it can also be enormously helpful, even crucial, to understand the psychological and environmental factors that can tempt us to stray from that code. What’s at the root of our decision to sometimes compromise our principles? What kinds of things lead us to be less honest and what kinds of things help us to be more upright? What are some practical ways we can check our temptations to be immoral or unethical? How can we strengthen not only our own integrity, but the integrity of society as well?

You should go and read the whole essay.  And watch for the remaining three follows-up.  Hell, you should be checking out TAOM on a regular basis, regardless!

Why Do I Carry A Handgun?

Mike McDaniel, of Stately McDaniel Manor, gives us a succinct listing of most (if not all) or the reasonable answers to the question Why Do I Carry A Handgun?

Killing Zombies is not one of them.

Here are the answers I choose to use:

* Evil exists and may confront anyone at any time and any place.

* As an adult, I am solely responsible for my continuing existence.

You should visit the link above and read the whole thing.

One answer was not on the list:

Some guys just carry a gun, you know? – Lee Harvey Oswald

Made sense when I read the Warren Report, still does.

The Slings, Arrows and Sore Butt and Legs

…of outrageous fortune!

Well, the last two, at least, I’ve been suffering.

IMAG0073My economy desk drafting chair, from which I write/steal this daily drivel, broke a few months ago.  Because of my leg disability, I need to sit taller.  Most available standard desk chairs go as tall as 28 inches; some 30!  and lower down to 16 or 18.  Not exactly what I require.  If I sit on the floor I might not be able to get up.

SO. I’ve been perching on a low bent wood chair of my roommate’s.  Nice furniture, but not designed with a crippled, fat person in mind.  Did I say it is LOW?  And hard, even with a pillow.

I mentioned my predicament to a good friend only over the Internet.  They promptly sent me PayPal funds specifically earmarked for a new chair!  Without my asking.  I’m blessed.

IMAG0074Then came the nightmare that is Amazon Prime and UPS, in concert to make me wait, then miss the delivery.  I commented to another friend, “Technology is great!  But, then we expect it, and when it fails, we whine,”  Well, I do, anyway.

But, no longer, I’ve a new, taller chair (thanks to my benefactor) and can return the old one to my roommate. Relatively undamaged.

All’s right with the World.  At least my butt thinks so.

Eye, Eye, Ma’am!

eyeSo, the other day I went in for an eye examination.  I’m supposed to go in annually, as I’m diabetic.  For the unfamiliar, the disease affects circulation, which in turn may affect the optic nerve and/or retina, causing blindness (!)

Of course, I didn’t go in last year, as I was in the process of moving, so my mind and money were elsewhere.  And my regular physician has been bugging me to get it done.  So, I went.

I was a little frightened, as my eyes aren’t getting any younger.  And, it had been two years.

All for naught.  The exam was quick and efficient.  My eyes were very nearsighted in my youth, and as I get older and have presbyopia (the thing where older folks get more farsighted) my vision is actually improving!

The one caveat is I’m developing what my eye doc called ‘baby cataracts’.  No, these are not tiny Japanese luxury cars.  She said that I might need corrective surgery in about 10 years.

So, I’ve a new prescription for improved eyeglasses (which I cannot afford).  And my internal eye exam showed no problems from the diabetes!  The eye doc even took my regular doc’s info and faxed her the exam results.  When I go in later this month, there will be one less hassle from my doctor.  Huzzah!

Small win.

"Round up the usual suspects."

In Loving Memory…