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Yikes! Here We Go AGAIN!

operaI am NOT a geek.  I only play one on the Internet.  At best, I am a proto-geek; a hanger-on to real geeks who know about things mechanical and electronic (witness Dave, the genius mechanic, for one!)

I took Guffaw in AZ from BLOGGER to WordPress; IE10 to FireFox to Chrome.  Now, I’m having problems with WordPress, making it necessary to revert to FF to publish my blog!  And there are WP software issues on both FF and Chrome!

I am NOT going back to IE10, unless I’ve no other choice.

WTF, over?


PS – I just downloaded Opera, and set it up for my multiple email accounts and blogging on WordPress.

So far, so good!  Fast, no problems using WP, and no ‘issues’.  Of course, it’s been a full 15 minutes! 🙂

(I REALLY don’t want to transition to Ubuntu!!!, and I’m running out of choices!)

“Bond, James Bond.”

Someone with way too much time on their hands (and a computer) took the images of all the movie James Bonds and made a composite, mega-Bond:

James Bond  (thus far)

James Bond
(thus far)

To see how they did it, click on the photo for the evolution.

PS – BTW, they forgot Barry Nelson ( Casino Royale – 1954)barry nelson and all the Bonds from the abysmal (1967) Casino Royale.  Which was no skin off my nose.

To Keep My Pants Up!

wilderness beltWhen the Balloon Goes Up just posted an excellent article regarding an oft forgotten part of a gunnie’s equipment – their belt.

I’ve seen experienced shooters with $100+ concealment rigs hanging from to a $9.95 cardboard 3/4″ belt from WalMart. Not a good idea.  I had a belt break once.  Kinda ruins the whole discrete, concealed thing.

My daily go-to belt is a Wilderness belt.  So much so that I’ve 5 or 6 of them, in assorted sizes, as my weight has gone up and down over the years.  My only caveat might be if carrying in a designated ‘no guns allowed’ area, it might be a ‘tell’ to the authorities.  ‘Course, they might decide your are an ‘only one’, and let you slide.

(Not that that’s ever happened to ME!)

For dressier (business) wear, I’ve a thick, dense, leather dress belt with a heavy nickeled brass buckle. Thankfully, I don’t have to dress-up much, anymore.  While I LOVE my Wilderness belts, they don’t work as well with dress slacks!

attn FTC – I bought all of my belts, holsters and assorted gear from Ralph (The Wilderness) Holzhaus, with the exception of those bought elsewhere!  Now go away.

Tucson (forcibly) rejoins Arizona Gun Laws

Of Arms and the Law is a blog authored by David Hardy, Esquire, a lawyer preeminent in gun rights law.  (Personally, I’m so glad he is a fellow Arizonan.)

He recently reported that the Arizona State Attorney General ruled that Tucson’s two recent gun laws violated the State’s preemption statute!  It’s about time Tucson joined the rest of the Free State of Arizona.  (for the uninitiated, Tucson is kinda like the Austin, Texas of Arizona.  Being an hour North of the Mexican border, the city government and the county tend to lean left.  Far left.  And thought they could do an ‘end run’ around the Arizona State Statute precluding local legislation against firearms.

This is where Rep. Gabby Giffords was shot and former Marine Jose Guerra were murdered.  The former by a nut-job, the latter by the Pima County SWAT Team holding a drug warrant.

No drugs of drug connections were ever found.

Regardless, Tucson keeps trying to bypass State law.  And got slapped on the wrist for having done so.

It’s about time.

Remember What I Said About Canucks?

Well, I take some of it back.

While OUR President (or rather his toady Secretary of State) signed the U.N. Small Arms Treaty (thankfully, an uphill fight for ratification in the Senate!), the Prime Minister of Canada refuses to sign it!

Three Cheers for Canuckistan!

Granted, they still have abysmal internal gun control laws, and no Bill of Rights, but, at least their executive recognizes the danger of ceding sovereignty to outside authority.

The United Nations?  Seriously?

Ten Things You Should Know About Ray Bradbury

(courtesy of Mental Floss)

ray bradbury

3. Not only did Bradbury never get a driver’s license, he didn’t believe in cars for anyone. His own personal aversion came from seeing a fatal car accident when he was just 16. In 1996, he told Playboy, “I saw six people die horribly in an accident. I walked home holding on to walls and trees. It took me months to begin to function again.  So I don’t drive. But whether I drive or not is irrelevant. The automobile is the most dangerous weapon in our society—cars kill more than wars do.

Here’ a link to the other Nine Things…

I remember Ray Bradbury fondly for Twilight Zone’s I Sing The Body Electric, and Alfred Hitchcock Hour’s The Jar. Of course, I AM a child of television.  He and Isaac Asimov and Robert Heinlein are my Sci-Fi triumvirate.

Bradbury didn’t fly, either – he took trains.

A Low-Tech Response to High-Tech Gov’t Snoopery


speed camera vandalism

This traffic camera, supposedly in Wicomico County, Maryland, was spray-painted over the lens and tagged with the year 1776, the year the U.S. declared its independence. (Photo via SBY News)

Now, I’m not suggesting criminal property violence is a solution to techno-fascism…

But, it warms my heart to see people taking up arms spray paint in defense of their privacy and Fourth and Sixth Amendment rights!  Other street cameras next?  You didn’t hear it from me.

h/t The Blaze

The End Justifies The Means?

Weird And Pissed Off shares with us a story he had to get from the BBC.

(So much for OUR media! – sorry Biff)

On Wednesday, BBC News reported the indefensible discovery that the D.C. Capitol Police’s SWAT team was ready to neutralize the Navy Yard mass shooting.

But, the highly trained and heavily armed, elite tactical group was, instead, ordered to stand down and leave the scene.  The Capitol Police promised a full investigation.

Today, BBC News reported more disturbing information.  No one has talked to the SWAT team members.  Not even for the protocol debriefing.  But, not only have members of the SWAT team not been contacted,the department “has installed a new leader”.  Without explanation.

Now, I’m not paranoid (or am I?) but this kind of thing smacks of pushing a political agenda through allowing violence to continue.

In an unarmed, target-rich environment for the bad guy!

And, it makes me sick.  And more paranoid.

Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied!

deniedWay Up North shared with us the tale of a court case.  A court case taking forever.

September 11, 2013.  More than four years have passed since the case was filed.  The Maryland case  has been heard, ruled on, appealed, and ruled on appeal.  The New York Case has been heard, ruled on, appealed, and ruled on appeal.  Both cases were filed nearly a year after the Palmer case was filed in the District of Columbia.

Speculation abounds that the delay in the District court in D.C. is deliberate. From

This delay is intentional. Why, you ask? It is because there is no States rights issue in the Federal Disttrict (sic) to balance againmst (sic) the rights of citizens. Delaying this case, and bringing only flawed other cases to SCOTUS means they are playing the waiting game. Wait until one of the 5 conservatives dies, then bring in cases to roll back Heller.

Four years is a long time for a simple ruling.  Perhaps this is  a “hot potato” that the judges do not want their name attached to.  Perhaps they have hoped for another case in the courts to overtake this one and render it moot.

You should go visit Rev. Paul and read the whole thing.  Let’s hope Justice is only blind and not lazy.  Or shirking her duties.

Sometimes, The Runner Stumbles

(NO, not the underrated Stanley Kramer film with Dick Van Dyke in a non-comedic role!)

I should have said, “Sometimes, the cripple falls – and food is less than perfect!”

A few days ago, J. left for California to assist her older sister who had just lost her husband.  This left me again in the role of Dog Wrangler, and caretaker of the homestead.  I’m okay with that.

Now, I’m a pretty self-sufficient guy, considering I’m on minimal disability and have some physical ‘issues’. Long time readers remember ‘Ed’, aka the really big shoe, which helps me to walk, unquasimodo-like (?)

Most of the time.  Once in a great while, it doesn’t.  Thursday, I just came in the front door when my right ankle turned and my 3 1/8″ built-up shoe went sideways.  And I went down.

pyramidNow, normally, this wouldn’t be a big deal, as my roommate would be there to assist.  But, she’s assisting her sister in California.  and the three amigos (chihuahuas) don’t have the muscles or skills to block-and tackle me back to vertical.  It would be like mice building the pyramids!

So, it took a bit for me to get up.  Inventory bones and joints to make certain nothing is sprained or broken – CHECK!  Pull myself over to the stair landing (next-to which I’d conveniently fallen) to get a purchase, and VIOLA’!

Some bruising and minor abrasions, muscle pain, and EVERYTHING hurt.  More than usual.

Thank the gods for ibuprofen!  And a short nap.  After all, walking in the door takes great effort.  So much for the plans I had to vacuum and dust on Thursday!  (Hooray!)

About an hour later, I awakened to a telephone call from a good friend in Chicago.  This reminded me of yet another task I had on my list.  PORTILLOS recently opened just a few miles away!

For the uninitiated, Portillos is a famous Chicago Hot Dog chain.  Visions of Chicago beef, hot dogs and Polish sausages went through my addled brain.  I’d not had a good red hot in some months!  Hmmm…..

SO, bent, but unbroken, I made my way to the car, and found out some additional muscles used for ingress and egress of said vehicle were also involved in my fall.  Ouch!  Nothing serious, though.  And off to Portillos!

What a place!.  Think Arnold’s from TV’s Happy Days on steroids.  Clean, well organized, busy.  At 2:00 in the afternoon!  Glad I didn’t come for dinner on a Saturday!

Quick, efficient service.  Good looking food.  BUT lukewarm.

It was still tasty, but would have been 75% better in my estimation had the Polish been steaming hot and fries as well.  And if the poppy-seeded bun didn’t look as it I’d fallen on it!  The malt was excellent, chocolaty and malty.  And cold.  At least they were consistent, temperature-wise!

I do plan on going back, to try the onion rings, and maybe the Italian beef.  But Yelp will get my opinion, one way or another.

Perhaps I’ll clean house Friday (having written the draft Thursday)…

PS – It’s Sunday, still haven’t cleaned!  🙂

FTC – get your own Chi-town food.  I paid for mine.

"Round up the usual suspects."

In Loving Memory…