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We Need More Information…

Theo Spark presents us with the following graphic:

As one of his commenters mentioned, a third map showing the density of legal gun ownership would also put some light on the subject.

But, what do WE know?

Meanwhile, in Switzerland


Starbucks, we hardly knew ye…

starbucks noWell, it was a nice run.

A few years back the ubiquitous coffee distribution chain Starbucks let it be known that as long as their patrons followed federal, state and local law, they could carry and possess weapons in their places of business.  The No Guns Allowed signs came down.

Why this is weird and/or shocking is weird and/or shocking.

And the gunnie community jumped on the bandwagon, promoting Starbucks within it’s ranks as a gun-friendly place.  I’m certain their revenues increased.  And two or three anti-gun rights freaks boycotted and wrote scathing letters!

Sadly, while O.C. (open carry) might be legal in many parts of the country, culturally it’s looked-down-upon, at least in some areas.  And parts of the gunnie community attempted to push the envelope by attending Starbucks in open possession of all manner of weaponry, including shotguns and rifles.

If we look ‘normal’ and unthreatening, it will become a cultural norm, and so on…

Sadly, there continue to be hoplophobes.  Those folks who see a real firearm from 50 yards away (or a toy or a squirt gun, or a paintball gun, or a child making a pistol image with his thumb and forefinger) AND THEY FREAK OUT!

And many of these folks (the previous two or three?) wrote threatening letters to businesses with whom they have issues.

Starbucks recently responded, stating while the current policy remains in force, they are asking the firearms community to leave their guns at home!

I, for one, had hopes the fear subculture would change, and bringing a rifle or a pistol into a place of business wouldn’t be looked at any more askance than bringing a wallet.  Seriously, when I see someone with a gun in public, as long as it’s not being pointed at someone, my first thought is ‘Cool!  What kind is it?’

I don’t get coffee out much and rarely at Starbucks, anyway.  Guess, if I do, I’ll continue to carry concealed. But, at their policies and prices, I’ll probably go to Dutch Bros.!  Locally, they had an armed employee stop a robbery of their shop, and they didn’t fire him!

They gave him a raise!

Dutchbros Coffee.


WHEN Will THEY Get A Clue?

navy signMonday, the Naval Yard shootings. Previously, Fort Hood.  Too many school shootings.

It’s obvious ‘we’ (read the government) cannot protect everyone from everything.  Death is implicit in Life.  But setting up school children and military personnel and civilian contractors as clay pigeons to be destroyed at will by some loon is insane.

Or two loons.  Or a flock.  Regardless of their motive.  Is beyond shameful.

It’s criminal.  My solution?

Allow Enable appropriate adults to function in a security capacity at all schools, nationwide.  Allow Enable all adults who may carry firearms to do so.

no gunsAfraid armed adults will suddenly become homicidal/suicidal, as they do in countries where that is allowed?  Like Israel?  No, wait!  They not only have minimal occurrence of such events in Israel, terrorist attacks at schools in Israel are practically non existent!  Because the teachers and staff are armed!

And what about soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines, contractors?  Do we still need to keep THEM disarmed while on base and on duty?  They’re military for chrissake!  Do you think Hasan or this latest clown would have had near the body count if their potential targets had returned fire?

We bloggers mostly hide behind our noms-de-blog while we preach incessantly about the individual’s rights to keep and bear arms.  What about the teacher and the sailor?  Or some schlub working on a military base.  Don’t they have the same rights, even a duty to protect?

Ever ran a stop sign?  Drove after ‘a few’?  Did the warning signs stop you?  Of course not.  And there are no drugs or guns where that sign is displayed.

Yeah, right.

Stop staking our children and military out for the slaughter.

What do they do when there’s an ‘active shooter’ at a military base or a school?  Call for people with guns to fix the problem.


A Visitor From The Past

The Feral Irishman (aka Pissed) is one of my daily blog stops.  Not that he has any attractive photos of women (including many redheads) or anything…

AHEM,  Anyway…

He posted part of a poem, from Keystone State III which spoke to me.

In part:

by Thelen Paulk

I had a dream the other night, I didn’t understand.
A figure walking through the mist, with flintlock in his hand.
His clothes were torn and dirty, as he stood there by the bed,
He took off his three-cornered hat, and speaking low, he said:

“We fought a revolution, to secure our liberty.
We wrote the Constitution, as a shield from tyranny,
For future generations, this legacy we gave,
In this, the land of the free and the home of the brave.”…

You should really go and read the whole thing at the Keystone State III link.

It spoke to me.  The redheads never do.

“It’s What’s For Dinner…!”

Brigid did a recent post about home cookin’ (who knew? :-)) with Mr. B and Midwest Chick, and included STEAK!

Geez, I miss steak…  😦  (the image of Guffaw as Homer Simpson, reclining on the couch and drooling)

I’ve had a couple ‘home-cooked’ and a couple at ‘steakhouse’ versions in the past few years, but very few have met my very high standards.  Even when prepared by me.

There’s one place that sticks out in my mind that gets it right, perhaps because I discovered it in adulthood and have only been 5 or 6 times.  And not in recent years.


a recent billboard


Founded in downtown Phoenix by Jack Durant (before 1953) this place embodies a time capsule for the late 50s, early 60s in terms of service, food and ambience.  If The Rat Pack ever ate in Phoenix, this would have been their place.

The wait staff all wear tuxedo dress.  The place is dark and cool, even in the Arizona Summers.  The red flocked wallpaper is above the red leather booths.  Think San Francisco’s Ernie’s in a smaller venue.  The restrooms are well-appointed and the bar is fully stocked.

And the food.  The best steaks and seafood on the planet.  (I’ve taken the opinion of others on the seafood).

One parks in the rear (or uses the varlet valet), and usually enters through the impeccably clean, organized KITCHEN (!), directly adjacent to the massive broiler.

Reservations are recommended for evening hours.  The dress code, surprisingly, is as follows:  NO SLEEVELESS SHIRTS ON MEN.  I guess not surprising, as this IS Arizona.  🙂

The desserts are to die for.  The wait staff is always there, but never hovers.

Jack passed a few years ago.  Ernie’s no longer exists.  But Jack’s restaurant continues!

The billboard above the restaurant used to say it all.

“Durant’s is the finest restaurant in the World!  signed/Jack Durant”

Durant’s gave me nothing to write this.  FTC, find your own steak place!

h/t Brigid

Well, So Much For THAT Amendment!

Censored-First-AmendmentMike Vanderboegh (and a number of other bloggers) bring to our attention to a further attempted erosion of our rights.  This time, Amendment the First!

Advancing their quest for “common sense press control,” the Senate Judiciary Committee voted yesterday to define who the government will consider to be an “Authorized Journalist,” meaning if the measure becomes law, they will also be able to declare who is not. Voting 13-5 on “a compromise worked out by Democratic Sens. Chuck Schumer, Dianne Feinstein and Dick Durbin in coordination with news organizations … the overall bill will … would codify many of the regulations proposed earlier this year by Attorney General Eric Holder,” Fox News reported.

Notice who the three Senators are, and who is specifically excluded as an ‘authorized journalist’ in their proposed definition of same.

(I’ll give you a hint)  BLOGGERS

ALL ANIMALS ARE EQUAL BUT SOME ANIMALS ARE MORE EQUAL THAN OTHERS.  (Wikipedia entry, quoting from George Orwell’s Animal Farm)

Be afraid.  Be VERY afraid.

Another Day at the Salt (Sugar) Mines


This was a Today’s Funny I posted the other day.  It reminded me of when I worked at TMCCC.

The company supported many charities.  Seemingly more each year, both nationally and locally.  And they were constantly hitting us up for more money for something.  To make the company look good.

I do remember numerous times being hit up for money for The Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, a good charity to be sure!  They usually did this by having helium balloons attached by a ribbon to a bag of peanuts or yes, a candy bar, with a note, to be given as a present or Valentine to a coworker, for a contribution.  On more than one occasion, I pointed out to management (being the smart ass I was am) that selling candy bars to promote diabetes research was akin to (that Vietnam War peacenik phrase) f***ing for chastity!

Of course, I was nicer about it, then.

I was more supportive after I was diagnosed as a diabetic.  Who knew?

“We Don’ NEED No Stinkin’ Badges!”

Joel links us to an article regarding two fools feuding at a campground, infused with firearms and liquor!  Of course, it turns out the feudees are sheriff’s deputies!

A number of other bloggers have linked onto Joel’s post, making the argument that those who propose firearms are only for the police and the military err because of such stories.

“SEE!  The Police can be just as stupid and foolish as we citizens!”

While I applaud the efforts of Joel and company, one disturbing idea popped into my head.

The anti-gun-rights crowd will twist such events as meaning the police and the military don’t need firearms either!

Britain and Australia have largely banned firearms, and the constabulary tends to operate by shear force of numbers instead of firearms.  I remember more than one story about some Aussie criminal with a gun, and the PD had to find the guy with the vault key to get the department gun and load it to respond!  And American soldiers already are largely unarmed, until they are deployed.  Witness the Fort Hood murders, and the inability of the surrounding soldiers to respond to the murderer.

So, in my mind, trumpeting foolish firearm follies of law enforcement doesn’t make our case.

Being responsible stewards of the Second Amendment does.

We don’t need no stinkin’ badges!

Statistics Are Just NUMBERS, Right?

I’m not a fan (nor a regular reader) of the Huffington Post, any more than I am of ‘public’ television or NPR.(No, that’s not true – I dislike HuffPO more, for their outright bombast)  At least NPR tries to have the ‘cosmetic appearance’ of centricity.


Give Me Liberty linked to a HuffPo stat-fest, showing how drug overdoses and traffic accidents accounted for more deaths statistically than firearms!

Now most readers of this blog (all two of you) knew this, but my point is this comes from the Huffington Post!

Does this mean they’re preparing an opinion piece about severely restricting drug access and use or driving?

I kinda doubt it.

But, it IS good to see.

"Round up the usual suspects."

In Loving Memory…