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Tired of the political hijinks in the United States?

“Let’s go to Australia!”

In 1997, the Australian government implemented draconian anti-gun laws. They rounded up millions of rifles, pistols and shotguns, cut them all in half and burned them. Overnight the Australian government disarmed their law-abiding citizenry; nowadays only criminals can possess firearms in Australia. Australians are forbidden the basic human right of arming themselves in self-defense.

In America we have a contract with the government – the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The Bill of Rights lists what citizens can do – our freedoms – and what the government cannot do to us. No other country has this. In every other country in the world, the government tells the people what they can and cannot do. We are the exception to this rule; this is what makes us exceptional. This is American Exceptionalism.  – Sean Linneane

You should click on the above text and read Sean’s whole essay.  And give thanks, despite all the sociopolitical  hijinks here, we still live in The United States of America.

We could always emigrate to Canada!  Except, Canada has one-tenth our population, abysmal gun laws, NO Bill of Rights, and The Mounties – who resemble our federal law enforcement on steroids!   And, It’s COLD!

Nice people though, as are the Aussies…



Above is the official Cleveland REDSKIN team logo.

In no way does it appear disrespectful to a proud heritage of third Stone Age peoples found on these shores when the Eurotrash first appeared on the scene 521 years ago.  (Columbus – or longer?  Vikings?)

Nor does the moniker REDSKIN, which while slangy to me, is no different from Black, which seems to be one of the other accepted terms (at least this week).

I love how there were probably six people nationwide who were bothered by REDSKIN, until some politicians decided to make it their cause celebre’.  Probably because any other issue – immigration, tax reform, privacy, budgets, national security, the military, wars, debt ceilings, government slimdown ad infinitum, ad nauseum were being ignored by said politicians.  They had to hang their hat on SOMETHING!

I wonder if all the previously-conquered peoples of the World – you know, the ones who were outright slaughtered unless they assimilated into the victor’s culture, are even around to complain about the names of sports teams named after them?  I suspect most of them are not, or are wise enough to pick and choose their battles if they are.

We certainly didn’t do right by the American Indian*, and ‘awarding’ them crap land and special separate citizen status with their own ‘nations’ is part of that.  Didn’t Separate, But Equal fall by the wayside some 117 years ago? (Plessy vs. Fergusson)

Along with the top-flight federal government health care they receive.  Wait!  What? They don’t?

Perhaps there’s yet another lesson in that?

*NOT Native American.  Hell, I was born here, I’M a Native American!  I side with Russell Means (now deceased leader of the American Indian Movement and libertarian), who said, I’m an American Indian.  You’ll note American is listed first!”

…in the wrong hands.

(from The San Antonio Express News, courtesy of Live from the Alamo)

We have advocated in the past for universal background checks and an assault weapon ban. Incompatible with the Second Amendment? Not if the concept of “guns in the wrong hands” has any meaning.

I had a thought upon reading this.  What if we promoted universal background checks for anyone who wished to establish religion and freely exercise it, or speak freely, or publish, or peaceably assemble or petition the  government for redress of grievances?  And ban certain kinds of rapid dissemination of published material.  Incompatible with the First Amendment?

After all, isn’t there a concept of “words in the wrong hands”?

How far do you think we’d get?  Questioning the inviolability of The First Amendment?  We’d be tarred and feathered and pilloried and spat upon and run out of town on a rail.  Then hanged, drawn and quartered and the pieces arrested!

Of course there are “common sense” controls on The First Amendment!  Laws against libel/slander, inciting riots, yelling fire in a crowded theatre.  And there already are “common sense” controls on The Second Amendment.  Laws against armed robbery, armed rape, armed mayhem, armed murder.

Mr, President, Mr. Blumberg, and Mr. King –  leave me and my rights alone!  If I do something wrong, arrest me.

Same Ol’ Tune…

Whenever some nutbar does some heinous act – the recent Navy Yard murders come to mind – the initial reaction of most media is “Look at this evil man and what he’s done.”  Even if there are mental illness factors in the mix.


Let the nutbar be female, and most media reaction is something along the line of, “Oh, she is (was) obviously mentally and emotionally deficient in some way and needs our help!”

Connecticut woman gunned down in DC believed Obama was communicating with her, report says

The recent Black woman who ran barricades in D.C. and had to be shot to be stopped.  Sorry, we forgot, mentioning race is racist.  The man who shot up the Navy Yard was Black, too.  And, the Fort Hood murderer, and…

(Sorry – we should only mention race if the evildoer is White, then bigotry is the obvious motivator.)

And, don’t get me started on female sexual predators…

PD: AZ voyeur sold bathroom pictures online

BTW – the ‘voyeur’ predator is female!  I expect the poor thing to be considered a victim, somehow.


(end rant)

The Dutchman Always Rings Once…

Mike Vanderboegh (The Dutchman) brings us some intel that might be of interest…

Chase Bank Initiates Capital Controls, Limits Cash Withdrawals & Bans International Bank Wires

Nothing to see here – move along.  Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain…

AND THIS JUST IN – From Drudge:

Chinese Downgrades U.S. Credit Rating

h/t Sipsey Street Irregulars

A Thug-In-Chief?

My Daily Kona (Monday) quotes Boortz in a rant to end all rants, re:  the character of the commander-in-chief.

The money shot:

I knew 0bama had a deep resentment toward America when he came here in 1979 to enter Occidental College. Even so, I’m continually amazed at how vindictive, arrogant, dishonest, narcissistic and thuggish this man can be.  Yes … I said thug.  0bama is to the presidency what Jimmy Hoffa was to union leadership.

Aw, c’mon!  Tell us how your really feel!

You should visit the link above and read the whole thing.

The Republicans may have held the House of Representative (and by extension, the purse strings) and forced negotiation in that manner (as the Democrats have also historically done), but no President in my memory or knowledge has governed in such a manner.

And, it now appears The Republicans blinked.

No surprise here.  Most of the Republicans are RINOs, anyway…concerned on how the media makes them appear versus doing the job for which they were elected.  Because 2014 is only a year away.

REMEMBER.  The 2014 mid-term elections are only one year away.

How To Get Out Of ZIP TIES

A while back, I posted about ‘how to get out of handcuffs’.  It seemed like good information, given the propensity of certain agents of government to restrain folks.  Of course, this only applied to the classic metal restraints.

Then, I found THIS:

How to Escape from Zip Ties

Seems appropriate information to pass on as well.

With this caveat from a commenter on Sipsey Street Irregulars:

1 comment:

jon said…

good info. however.the break demonstrated for the dual-tie method doesn’t work if you’ve been restrained arms behind the back, and then the cuff itself zip-tied (3 ties total) to the belt loop at 6 o’clock on your pants. not through one of the two ties around your wrists, but an open tie run through the belt loop and through the eyelet formed by your arms/shoulders and the cuff. you can’t jump through it without also getting your pants off. if you’re wearing a belt and boots, you’re stuck also doesn’t work on LEO/tactical zipcuffs, which are built completely differently and have already addressed the issue.

h/t It’s Tactical

Questions of the Universe

Betty or Veronica?  Ginger or Mary Anne?  Zelda or Tuesday Weld?

OR, another imponderable…



The question is posed by on Neatorama by Eddie Deezen.  Don’t cheat, try to find the answer in your own memory, then go read his essay at the link from the picture.

And remember Mel Blanc laughing as Barney:  “Ah hehehe, hehehehe!”

Who Are The Powerful?



I’m tracking the so-called major media, looking for the major story about the Million Vet March…


To be fair, CNN, Fox, and NPR did cover the story, mentioning (mumble-mumble) thousand veterans showed up as promised, brought down the barricades, and occupied the memorials.  Apparently, some politicians spoke, and The President barricaded The White House against rioters.  (Actually, some protesters moved some barricades to in front of the Executive mansion!)

At least it was the lead on Drudge for a while…

No rioters were spotted.

There was no reported violence, or damaging of the historic sites, save the removal of the barricades.  One protester was arrested for having handguns in his backpack in D.C.

And no report as to accurate numbers of attendees, either.  It’s as though the MSM had an editorial agenda (?)

I was reminded of a Summer protest in front of the Arizona State Capitol.  I think it was the weekend after Independence Day, so you know it was hot.  The peaceful protesters were speaking out against yet another attempted action by the State and Federal governments, regarding guns and gun control.  This was during the time of the Clinton so-called Assault Weapons Ban.  Something like 250+ protesters were there, with appropriate signs and speakers.  Seems to me Sheriff Mack was there.  We drank a lot of bottled water.

And media vans drove around us, but, none stopped or filmed.  We didn’t fit the agenda.

For comparison, earlier that year, six (6) people met a couple State legislators on the steps of the capitol to discuss something to do with abortion.  THIS made state and national news.

Who are the most powerful persons in any newsroom?  The assignment desk and the editors.

It’s all about the agenda.

Guns are NOT Talismans!

JayG said it – truer words never spoken!

Then followed up with THIS!

Long Island Deli Worker Pulls Machete, Chases Away Armed Robber

A New York deli worker pulled a machete from under his counter and chased away an armed, masked gunman who fired a shot at the wall as he demanded money, police said.

Police on Long Island say the gunman entered the Stop & Shop Deli on Crooked Hill Road Sept. 25 and fired his silver .22-caliber pistol as he ordered the worker to stuff his Air Jordan backpack with cash.

The worker apparently chased the dude out of the store and through the parking lot. Armed with a machete. Against a gun. That’s pretty impressive right there, I have to admit. Not many people would go on the offensive against a (marginally) superior weapon. I know I’d sure as hell be reluctant to take on someone armed with a gun if I only had a lawn care implement…

Amen, brother!

(I was reminded that Jamaica has rampant violent crime, and very strict firearms control – perhaps we should all get machetes as backup?)

Another dispatch from..

"Round up the usual suspects."

In Loving Memory…