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Sorry, Jim!

I’ve a good, long-time friend named Jim.  We met in 1960!

Jim is a former Marine, and has worked for the federal government for years.  He is a good man, even though we differ politically and philosophically on many levels.

Jim LOVES trains.  Especially train history and actually traveling in them.  My father, who had worked on the railroad for a time (like his father before him) left me a gold-filled pocket watch, with a fob and locker key.  The key was to his locker in Grand Central Station, NY!

Jim loves trains so much that for his 50th birthday, I gave him my father’s watch, fob and key.  I knew he would appreciate it much more than me.

When we were in high school, Jim joined the National Association of Railroad Passengers.  Got me to join, too.  And Jim, his younger brother John and I took an overnight train trip from Flagstaff to L.A., and back (after spending a day @ Disneyland.)

Amtrak, the U.S. taxpayer-supported passenger railroad, is losing tens of millions of dollars a year on food and beverage service even after years of cost cutting, its inspector general said.

Amtrak’s Auto Train from Virginia to Florida offers passengers complimentary wine and cheese, and three long-distance routes provide complimentary wine and champagne to sleeper-car passengers, Alves said, costing Amtrak $428,000 in 2012.

“The Amtrak Inspector General has confirmed that Amtrak cooked the books to cover up food service losses that now approach $1 billion,” [John] Mica [R-Florida, chairman of the House Government Operations Subcommittee – DB] said.

The government running goods and services just isn’t healthy for the economy!  (BTW – my ‘membership’ in the NARP only lasted one year.  My heart wasn’t in it.)

Sorry Jim!  And that government-run postal service for whom you work isn’t a bastion of efficiency and profit, either!  Maybe they should increase the cost of their ad deliveries and get into the 21st Century offering Email and computer message services?

Just a suggestion.

(Hattip: Virginia Postrel, by way of the Popehat Twitter.)  Whipped Cream Difficulties

Nazi or Commie?

I cannot decide…

Sheriff Joe

Sheriff Joe

Joe Arpaio is the Sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona.

Maricopa County (/ˌmærɨˈkpə/marr-i-koh-pə) is a county located in the south-central part of the U.S. state of Arizona. As of the 2010 census, its population was 3,817,117, the most populous in the state,[1] and ranks fourth among the nation’s counties and is greater than the population of 23 states.[2] Maricopa County is also one of the largest counties in the United States by area having a land area greater than that of seven states.  (Wikipedia)

Sheriff Arpaio has been Sheriff since 1992, having been elected for 4 – 4 year terms, thus far.  He is 81 years old.  He is the Chief Law Enforcement Officer of the County. (CLEO)

(from A Geek with Guns…)

Do you love your country? Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio does. In fact he loves his country so much that he’s punishing all nonbelievers in his prisons:

Arpaio said he has implemented an American flag campaign in his jails.

Each cell is getting a sticker of an American flag. Any inmate who vandalizes the flag will be punished with the restricted diet.

In keeping with the patriotic theme, Arpaio has ordered that the playing of God Bless America and the National Anthem be done daily in every jail facility over the public address system and for all the inmates, regardless of national origin, to hear and sing-a-long.

Now I am a patriotic American.  I vote, pay attention to civic affairs, and sing along The Star-Spangled Banner when appropriate.  Because I CHOOSE too!  (And sometimes, I cry when so doing).  I’ve no problem with having American Flags in jails, nor with playing The National Anthem for the inmates.

Now Sheriff Arpaio’s forcing patriotism on those under his administration, to me, smacks of Soviet Russia and/or Nazi Germany.  Any foreign visitor to this country would be respectful of our nation’s flag and anthem.   (I hope.)

Are the inmates being forced to stand, directly or through intimidation?  THIS is the question I have.  Sheriff Arpaio has done some good things, but these have been counter-acted by the many lawsuits for abuse and deaths while in his custody.  And his going over budget, constantly.

And, he’s in constant trouble by opening his mouth!  He’s currently being monitored by a federal ‘civil rights’ attorney!

We need a strong law and order guy at the helm of the county, tempered with knowledge of the Bill of Rights, and the Freedoms being protected.  Not this guy.

PS – as to mindset – he’s retired D.E.A.!

We’re NOT going to take your guns!”

N.Y.P.D. has begun sending out the following form letter to registered legal owners of (now illegal, under NY State law) firearms.


click to embiggen

AND, there is a push in Congress for the passage of a ‘general warrants’ measure, to make it easier to search homes of legal gun owners to determine if there firearms are ‘stored safely’. (as they already do in Massachusetts!, unwarranted…)

These ‘general warrants’ were proposed by the N.S.A.(!), for the express purpose of (legitimizing actions already taken in) bulk (telephone) data collection.  You know, to keep us ‘safe’.

WASHINGTON — THE framers of the Constitution declared that government officials had no power to seize the records of individual Americans without evidence of wrongdoing, and they embedded this principle in the Fourth Amendment. The bulk collection of Americans’ telephone records — so-called metadata — by the National Security Agency is, in our view, a clear case of a general warrant that violates the spirit of the framers’ intentions. This intrusive program was authorized under a secret legal process by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, so for years American citizens did not have the knowledge needed to challenge the infringement of their privacy rights. (NYT Opinion Pages, November 25, 3013)

…Each of these proposals represents real and meaningful reform, which we believe would have fulfilled the purpose of protecting our security and liberty. Each was rejected by the committee, in some cases by a single vote. (IBID)  (emphasis Guffaw)

Nothing was mentioned about limiting governmental power of these proposed ‘safety’ measures to just wiretapping.

How many times in recorded history have governments given power back to the people, after having first usurped it?  I’ll give you a hint – NONE, without benefit of revolution.

I could probably list about 75 ‘safety’ measures taken by the government ‘for our benefit’ since ‘Dan Cooper’ hijacked a plane for ransom on my birthday in 1971, beginning the steady erosion of THE RIGHTS OF THE INDIVIDUAL CITIZEN.  But what would be the point?

I’m pretty certain most of my readers tend to agree with me on liberty issues, or they wouldn’t be my readers.  So, I’m preaching to the choir, yet again.

Do YOU see a pattern here?  I f’n DO!

h/t Random Nuclear Strikes

I Would Not Carry a Gun for the Government.

I Would Not Carry a Gun for the Government



Ron on his new personal website, and why he became a doctor and not a soldier.

When I was thinking of the URL for my new personal homepage, I considered many possibilities. Thanks also to all those who sent other suggestions. But I settled on as reflecting a very important area of my life. To be a physician, and deliver 4,000 babies, was extremely fulfilling. Many times, I see people wearing a “I Was a Ron Paul Baby” t-shirt. Once, when I gave a speech in Iowa, I was told the head of the convention center wanted to talk to me. She had her birth certificate, and this time, she said, she wanted a legible signature! I was delighted to sign it again. highlights the non-political aspect of my life, the part not involved with that great engine of violence in DC, except to oppose it. Though when I first ran for office, advisors told me to emphasize the MD, since it showed I was not a lawyer!

Most important, I became a doctor to avoid being a soldier. I knew I would be drafted, and such things as seeking asylum in another country, or becoming a conscientious objector, were out of my range of thought at that time. But if I became a doctor, I knew I would not be given a rifle and told to shoot other young men at government orders.

Though the horrible UN oath is used in medical schools these days, I still adhere to the Hippocratic Oath, and its injunction to “First, do no harm.” It’s a great, ancient libertarian principle.

Thanks for visiting my home page. I hope you come back often.  (emphasis Guffaw)

Dr. Paul reminded me of something.  When I turned eighteen, my Father made certain I registered for The Draft.  This was during the height of the Vietnam War.  Between my disgust for communism, and a family history involving Marines, I really wanted to go.  And kill communists for my country.

But, being disabled, they wouldn’t have me.  Later, in college, I tried again with R.O.T.C.  They, too, refused me.  Said I couldn’t march.  (I could shoot, but when was THAT ever a qualification?)

One of my good friends, David (Yes, another David – this makes 4?) came-of-age and registered as a conscientious objector.   I even wrote a letter to his draft board attesting to his sincerity in his beliefs.  And I asked a third time if they’d consider me as his replacement.  No go.

But in my adolescent fantasies (the ones not consumed by girls), I had dreamt of becoming a Marine, then a local cop, then a federal agent of some flavor.  This was not in anyone else’s cards.

It occurred to me a couple years ago that the primary reason I wanted law enforcement under my belt was so I could carry a firearm, legally, concealed.  And, of course, to catch the ‘bad guys’.  Now, with my CCW permit (and Constitutional Carry) I can do that in most of my State with impunity.

Now that I’m over 60, and the appeal of working for The Man is gone, I would not carry a gun for my government.  Unless, of course, the Chinese military is advancing up from the Mexican Border…

And many of those ‘bad guys’ now work for government.  Who knew?

I cannot imagine the anguish of those in government who honor their oaths to The Constitution, and have to do the bidding of the ‘bad guys’.  It must be excruciating.  And demoralizing.

Some of them are friends.  You know who you are.  Thank you for your service and dedication.

Voter ID critics proved wrong – Shocking!

(Yeah – I’m shocked, too!)  😛

THE quote:

That is a turnout increase of 300%. If voter ID was intended to suppress votes, it is failing as spectacularly as

And here’s the entire article.


Now hers’ the SHOCKING PART!

h/t CNN !

Personal Responsibility

Murphy’s Law recently posted a fine piece about Rep. Carolyn McCarthy, her history of massive attempts to violate the rights of legal gun owners, and her mind set.

Politician with cancer smoked for 40 years, sues over asbestos

Distilled down, this is all about personal responsibility.

Now I have a number of health ‘issues’.  Chronic conditions requiring regular monitoring by physicians and prescription medications for blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar regulation and arthritic/neuropathic pain.  My weight is not within the CDC guidelines.  I consume too much fat, protein, carbohydrates and volume.  Probably too much alcohol.  Because of my ‘issues’, I get minimal exercise.  And I’ve an aversion to tofu and most cooked vegetables.  And don’t eat as much salad as I should.

Now, if I get more sick, or when I die, I’ve no expectations of suing beef, cheese, pork, egg, sugar, booze and bread manufacturers because it’s their fault!  That’s asinine!

I’m certainly not the poster boy for always owning up for my errors-in-judgement, but I’m trying.

Murphy’s Law is right.  Rep. McCarthy is the poster child for the ‘it’s their fault, they need to pay’ mindset.

I hope I never get THAT sick!

♫Oh, Ru-Beeee…♫


NOVEMBER 24, 1963

…don’t take your gun to town! ♫ (sung to the tune of Ruby, Don’t Take Your Love to Town by Mel Tillis; originally made popular by Kenny Rogers) – New lyrics by ‘Guffaw’ and B. Jannuzzi)

You’ve put on your sport coat and got your Colt Cobra there,

Ruby are you contemplating going out somewhere?

The shadow on the wall tells me that Oswald’s goin’ down…

Oh Ruby, don’t take your gun to town!

It wasn’t me that started that crazy Asian war,

But I was proud to go and do my patriotic chore.

And yes it’s true this isn’t the country that it used to be.

Oh, Ruby, are you controlled by the Mob and The Company?

It’s hard to love a man whose legs could be broke and paralyzed…

and the wants and needs of a man your age, Ruby I realized.

Oh Ruby, don’t take your gun to town.

He’s leaving now, ’cause I just heard the slammin’ of the door.

The way I know I’ve heard it some 100 times before.

If I could move I’d get my own gun and put Lee in the ground.

Oh Ruby,  for God’s sake turn around.

The Warren Commission’s ‘Official’ answer said there was ‘no credible evidence’ Oswald and Ruby knew each other.  No assassination conspiracy/coverup.

In the words of Dennis Miller, “I haven’t seen choreography like that since the Lee Harvey Oswald prison transfer!”


Dedicated to the tireless investigators, both public and private, who see the Warren Report for the hokum, bullsh*t, disinformation it is.  And to the Vietnam Veterans for whom Mel Tillis wrote the original, unbastardized song.

(BTW – Happy Birthday GUFFAW!  61 Years.)

Vigilantism and Gun Possession

“Headline” – Bernhard Goetz Arrested After Allegedly Selling Pot To Undercover Cop

First of all, vigilantes were members of committees of vigilance (plural).  There is no such thing grammatically as a single vigilante.   The movie Death Wish notwithstanding.

Second – the article spends 85% of the time NOT focusing on Mr. Goetz’ marijuana bust, but on the previous crime, case and aftermath!  If it had been you or me, we wouldn’t even have made the papers.

“Headline #2” – Arming TSA officials not the answer.

After the LAX shooting, a former flight attendant weighs in on a possible solution.

My two cents?

First of all, the TSA routinely violates the Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution, and needs to be disbanded, immediately.

Have they halted any terrorist attacks on airlines?  NO!

Secondly, what do the ‘authorities’  do when confronted with a shooter?  Respond, with shooters.


I know, it’s a paradox.


JFK – 50 Years Later…

I’ve recounted here before how the JFK assassination changed the direction of my life.  The short version is with a family history in law enforcement, and being a 6th Grader interested in being a cop at the time of the assassination, I was primed to evolve into an investigations career.  I spent many years as a private investigator and researcher, and have made a lifetime study of this crime.

I was fortunate enough to visit Dealy Plaza on November 22, 1992 (the 29th Anniversary) and to meet and speak with Jean Hill (The Lady in Red) and Penn Jones, Jr. (Forgive My Grief), as well as to walk the crime scene and take photographs.  Along with about 300 others that day.

My understanding is the City of Dallas is selling tickets (!) for the capacity crowd today.  Crime scene as tourist trap (see Ford’s Theatre).

There are those who believe The Warren Report as gospel, that Oswald acted alone; and those who believe the FBI, Secret Service, CIA, Army Intelligence, anti-Castro Cubans, pro-Castro Cubans, the military industrial complex, Lyndon Johnson and the entire road cast of Cats are responsible.  Or some amalgamation, thereof.

My best guess, based on the physical evidence,  is there was more than one assassin.  As to the puppetmasters, pick-a-card.  Certainly there are many accessories-after-the-fact who participated in obfuscation to cover their own incompetence, at the very least.  And perhaps elements of them were compartmentalized conspiratorial elements before the crime.  We’ll probably never know.

Hell, they still question whether or not Napoleon was poisoned, and the official Secret Service account of Lincoln’s killing neglects to mention his co-conspirators.  It’s neater that way.

Some things to ponder:

  • In the early 60s (during The Cold War), the Defense Department was actively using military recruits to ‘defect’ to Soviet Russia, to plant disinformation and collect intelligence.  Oswald learned Russian while a Marine, defected, and returned.  With ease. One of the telephone numbers LHO called from the Dallas lockup was to a military phone in North Carolina.  (His handler, perhaps?)  Of course, records where the number went are no longer available.  He was also a CI for the Dallas FBI.
  • In the late 50s, Jack Ruby was a known criminal informant for the Miami Police, with respect to smuggling and gun-running into Cuba.  He was mob-connected.  He obviously was not just a patriotic, grief-stricken night-club owner. (Incidentally, the last page of his Miami PD CI informational form, which contained names of his friends and associates has been ‘sanitized for your protection’).
  • I’ve stood behind the stockade fence at the top of the infamous ‘grassy knoll’.  It is not just an easy rifle shot. It’s decent pistol shot for someone with some skills.
  • Evidence suggests a bullet strike to the rear of the President’s car, in the street, another to the curb in front of the Triple Underpass (wounding James Tague) and a cracked limo windshield.  There is also a photograph of the dashboard with an obvious bullet strike from the rear. (I’ve seen it, but it’s not available on the Internet(!) The ‘Single Magic Bullet’ would have had to defy all laws of physics and then some for this to happen, with a single shooter and only three shots.  And LBJ ordered the limo and Gov. Connally’s suit cleaned before JFK’s body was cold!  Evidence, what evidence?  And speaking of Gov. Connally, there was more metal left behind in his wrist than was missing from CE 399 (the Magic Bullet)!
  • Men behind the stockade fence produced Secret Service credentials to Dallas Police, and others, immediately after the shooting.  Only the entire Secret Service entourage was with JFK, Jackie and LBJ at Parkland hospital at the time.  Who were these impostors?

The United States is promoted to the rest of the World as a beacon of liberty and not a banana republic.  At least it used to be.  Between Fourth Amendment abusers (like the TSA, NSA et al) sometimes I wonder.  And we should be able to protect the Chief Executive, or minimally determine what happened to him if we were unable to do so.

Not doing so is contrary to what’s left of this Constitutional Republic.


The Zapruder Film – enhanced (click to view)

h/t Jean Hill, Penn Jones, Jr., Harold Weisberg, House Select Committee on Assassinations, et al

(and Happy Birthday to Dave the Genius Mechanic!  And many more, my friend!)

From ‘Across the Pond’

WideShut, a British blog, enlightened me to what folks are thinking about in Merry-Ol’-England…

Specifically, Should 16 Year Olds Get The Vote?


Apparently, in the former Great Britain, one is allowed to drive, have consensual sex, join the army and get married.  All at 16.  Hopefully, not all in the same week.  (Nothing was said about signing contracts.)

Much like the old tale, I remember being 16 and thinking my parents were idiots.  At 22, I couldn’t believe how much they had learned in 6 years!  And the older I get (61 is looming!) the older I think people should be to be able to marry, sign contracts, drive, have consensual sex, and yes, VOTE.

I fear, like so many of the ‘wonderful’ ideas exported infected into the East Coast of the United States from England – ‘free’ health care, anglo-centric Islamofascism, gun control – that this, too will take hold and arrive on these shores.  Complete with a host of other ‘new’ concepts which will be patently un-American, politically-correct and irresponsible to be foisted upon our republican Society.

As I’m fond of saying, “Didn’t we fight a war to get away from these @$$#0les?”

"Round up the usual suspects."

In Loving Memory…