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“Der Speichel, Bitte!”


…and MORE!

Remember “Papiere, bitte!”, the “Papers, please!”, ‘lauded’ in song and story?

Well, the government has taken it to the next level.  Your spit and blood!

“Der Speichel, Bitte!  (Your Spit, Please!)

From an email I received:

Dear (Guffaw),

Drivers in at least 60 U.S. communities have been pulled over at checkpoints and coerced into providing saliva swabs and blood samples.

The controversial program started in Fort Worth, Texas, and was first reported in November 2013. It has now been rolled out to towns and cities across the country, most recently in Reading, Pennsylvania.

While it appears that the traffic stops are being conducted by local police, they are actually conducted by armed federal government contractors as part of a research program for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

And while the NHTSA claims the stops are completely voluntary, in practice they are not. As Kristin Tate reports…

>> Read more about the new Fourth Amendment violations here <<

Don’t be scared. Be prepared.

Regardless of the tone of this letter, I AM scared.  And ANGRY!


Freedom of Speech

‘Duck Dynasty’s’ Phil Robertson on Indefinite Hiatus Following Anti-Gay Remarks

Here’s a TV show I never watch, and have no interest in.  I’ve seen snippets, and except for the family’s touching religiosity (like dining together and saying grace) I find it inane.  It’s reportedly the most watched show on television!

Based on Mr. Robertson’s pronouncements, this is an area where he and I disagree.

Chick-fil-A president deletes tweet denouncing Supreme Court rulings on gay marriage

I’ve never been to a Chik-fil-A.  There isn’t one nearby.  I understand the food is exceptional (for fast food),  the places are spotless, and, because of the company’s president’s predilections, it is closed on Sunday.  They are rumored to have terrific biscuits.

So what?

The media was all over the Chik-fil-A story last Summer, and is now having a feeding frenzy over the Duck Dynasty story.  How dare people hold opinions different from those promoted by the mainstream media?

This doesn’t mean I agree with the President of Chik-fil-A or Phil Robertson.  But, I can make my own decisions with regard to my interaction with them! (or not).

AND, they have a right to express their opinions!!

If you disagree with the president of Chik-fil-A, so be it.  If you choose not to patronize them, don’t.  If Phil Robertson upsets you, don’t watch the show.  Or watch it and yell at the TV – I don’t care!

Just don’t tell me what is politically-correct to buy or watch.  I make my own decisions, thank you.

The Garlic Goldfish Have Arrived!

2013-12-19 17.53.49The Garlic Goldfish (a perennial favorite Christmas snack) have arrived! 

Actually, they were assembled by yours truly, in a couple hours standing at the iron skillet, Worcestershire, Blue Bonnet margarine and garlic powder at-the-ready.  Then slow baked until dry and toasty.

(For the uninitiated, this is a snack I’ve made traditionally for years.  Originally, I made standard Chex Mix, with the requisite addition of peanuts, pretzels and the like.  With a tablespoon of this, a dash of that.  I determined two things – people singled out the Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Crackers for consumption so the other ingredients were wasted, and screw this tablespoon-dash thing!)

I cover roughly 9/10 of the bottom of the skillet with Worcestershire, add 1/2 a stick of margarine, and sprinkle garlic powder generously.  Then marinate a pan full of crackers until they soak it all up.  Transfer all to a turkey roasting pan and bake @ 300* or so, turning every 10 minutes of so to check for burning, until they are all dry and crispy.  (I use Blue Bonnet because it’s cheap and takes the high heat.)

I used to make these in massive quantities for Christmas when I was employed and bring them into work.  It became such a tradition that folks would start asking me in September if I was bringing in goldfish that year!

Consumer Warning – they are QUITE addictive and go great with beer!  People consuming these snacks needn’t be concerned they will be molested by vampires, or members of the opposite sex. (Unless they, too, have partaken of the garlicky treats!)

FTC – neither Blue Bonnet, French’s Worcestershire, Pepperidge Farm Crackers or anyone else gave me anything!  I bought and assembled it all myself.  Go make your own – and Merry Christmas!

Control Groups overspent NRA/GOA 7 to 1 !

A sweeping look at monies spent on advertising for federal gun control shows that gun control groups outspent groups like the National Rifle Association (NRA) and Gun Owners of America (GOA) at a rate of 7 to 1.

According to, “gun control groups spent $14.1 million on TV advertising” in the months following the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary. On the other end of the spectrum, pro-gun groups “only spent $1.9 million.”

Yet even after this huge disparity in spending “White House efforts to strengthen gun control laws went no where.” And the House of Representatives “did not even consider addressing gun control legislation.”

Michael Bloomberg led in spending for gun control by “[budgeting] $12 million” for a 2013 ad campaign that began by featuring celebrities who support gun control.

The NRA and others were able to counter this by spending their money “on lobbying instead of advertising.” In fact, the NRA spent $6.2 million on lobbying in its effort to prevent further infringement of the Second Amendment.

Follow AWR Hawkins on Twitter @AWRHawkins 

Message:  The Truth and the Facts aren’t always obscured by overspending.  But we must keep the pressure on and maintain vigilance or we will eventually lose.   Because control-freak Statists will NOT stop – Guffaw

“Driving Mr. Guffaw” (an after-action report)


After three previous abortive attempts, Bob and I made it to the desert, yesterday.  It was unseasonably warm (81*- sorry Rev. Paul and Gloria!).  There was enough breeze to keep the sand flies at bay, but not enough to knock over targets.

That was in part because Bob brought his recently acquired steel targets!  That 3″  wide roll of masking tape in my range bag was unnecessary!


And the best part of the trip (as my car – the 2000 Olds Intrigue – is not running very well), Bob took it upon himself to pick me up, drive us to the shooting location, then lunch, then back home.  Just one trip one direction was at least an hour, mostly freeway!   😛

I, of course, shot my National Match 1911 and S&W 442 (electroless nickel).  Bob shot his Glock 19, 21, and his 10″ bbl SIG 556 SBR!  Both with and w/o the can!  (He let me shoot them, as well!)

Then, we went up the road to Rock Ridge* Springs – a famous desert freeway pit stop – for lunch and homemade pie!  All-in-all a good day…

EXCEPT, due to my not shooting very often, my skills have deteriorated.  I sense more dry practice in my future.

*a Blazing Saddles reference.  I always wanna call Rock Springs Rock Ridge!

attn FTC – we bought our own pie.  Get your own!

Say NO to Al Qaeda in the United States!

In June, we at the Constitutional Rights Political Action Committee lambasted Congress and the Obama administration for letting refugees from the conflict in Syria come to the United States.

We said many of these so-called refugees are Al Qaeda-affiliated thugs who have killed Americans or demonstrated a willingness to do so. How could this make sense? Who would sort out the truly needy from the truly thuggish? How would we ensure accuracy?

Turns out that, as usual, there was no plan to any sorting out. It was all a big oopsie … sort of like that Obamacare website thingie. The Department of Homeland Security – the agency that can’t get anything right – told ABC News it mistakenly allowed several dozen terrorist bombmakers into the country.

Thugs entered along with the needy. Two of these thugs, in fact, turned up in Bowling Green, Ky., where one held a job for only a few weeks before going on public assistance. That’s right … you were paying for room and board for people who came to this country to try to kill you.

One sketched IED designs that demonstrated his expertise, said he had built a dozen or more bombs in Iraq and used a sniper rifle to kill American soldiers north of Baghdad.

DHS promises us it has assigned a team of experts to work around the clock to find these “dozens” of other bombmakers and assorted terrorists.

But why were they let into the country in the first place? Did no one in this clueless administration even wonder whether some of these “refugees” might be a threat to our own citizens? Who was in charge of screening them? What might have happened if an alert citizen in Kentucky hadn’t tipped off police about these suspicious people?  (excerpt from a letter sent by the Constitutional Rights Political Action Committee – Larry Ward to Guffaw)

I wonder how long before the spin doctors and/or nudgers in the administration will paint the action of letting in terrorists as refugees is the equal of Operation Paperclip (Wiki)- the admittance of former Nazi scientists into the United States after WWII ?  Did Dr. Wernher von Braun and company commit sabotage and murder while pointing our way to the Moon?

One may debate the wisdom of expatriating scientists who rained V2 rockets on London during the war, but I don’t think they engaged in any criminal activity here?

SAY NO WAY TO AL QAEDA REFUGEES IN AMERICA  (click here to petition)

How These 5 Dirtbags Radically Advanced Your Digital Rights

(from WIRED, courtesy of Alphecca)

At first glance, I went old-school in my head – ignoring the word Digital – thinking this was an article regarding such folks as Ernesto “the convicted rapist stabbed to death in a bar” Miranda.

Turns out, it’s about bullies, con-artists, hackers, drug dealers and child pornographers who all achieved fame notoriety using errant electronic means in commission of their crimes.  Were caught and convicted.  And legal precedents protecting all of us were established therefrom.


How did Jones’ drug-dealing benefit your rights?

In overturning Jones’ conviction and life sentence, the Supreme Court ruled in 2012 that the authorities needed a warrant to affix a GPS tracker to his vehicle and monitor his movements for 28 days, which linked him to various drug houses. The case obliterated the Obama administration’s position that attaching a GPS device to a vehicle was not a search and did not require a warrant from a judge.

Following the ruling, the FBI stopped using thousands of GPS devices it was employing without warrants. “This is one of the biggest Fourth Amendment cases in recent memory,” says Hanni Fakhoury, an Electronic Frontier Foundation staff attorney. “It was huge.”

The Justices also wrote, in the ruling, that they thought they should review the so-called “business-records” exemption that allows the authorities to obtain banking, medical, and telephone records without a probable-cause warrant. Though the court last month rejected without comment a related challenge to the NSA phone metadata program, which allows federal spies to collect all calling information in the United States.

A pretty good read, if you can stomach reading about child pornographers and drug dealers…

Bill of Rights Day!

I’m not certain it’s HAPPY Bill of Rights Day, though…

Cato@ Liberty said it all much better than I could.

A snippet:

The Second Amendment says the people have the right “to keep and bear arms.” Government officials, however, make it difficult to keep a gun in the home and make it a crime for a citizen to carry a gun for self-protection.

Please visit the link above to see all the other enumerated rights we no longer have.

But don’t shed a tear – get ANGRY!  Take ACTION. 

But don’t do anything illegal…


jackassMcCarthy: “Carrying a loaded firearm is the gateway crime to committing a murder.”

Posted by  on December 11, 2013 at 9:39 am

Chicago police superintendent Garry McCarthy made his authoritarian views on the Second Amendment quite clear in September when he announced that he’d have his officers shoot concealed carriers first and ask questions later.

You know, because the Chicago PD’s anti-gun zealotry has made the city so incredibly safe and not the murder capitol of the United States.

Oh, wait.

McCarthy is now attempting to claim that a new initiative to take guns off the street is a success, even though it’s very “success” shows how much of a miserable of a failure Chicago’s anti gun laws really are:

We’ve reported extensively about Chicago’s problem with gun violence.

Now Chicago police said they have seized more than 6,500 illegal guns this year. That’s 130 illegal weapons each week.

Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy says that’s more than any major city and he says if you can reduce weapons you will reduce crime.

“Carrying a loaded firearm is the gateway crime to committing a murder,” McCarthy said.

Here’s another take on McCarthy’s absurd spin.

If Chicago’s officers are taking 130 from criminals every week—6,500+ so far this year—then that statistic is cold, hard evidence that the draconian anti-gun laws of the city are an abject and complete failure. This suggests that there are probably tens of thousands of criminals with guns in Chicago, while law-abiding citizens are effectively disarmed. Chicago has set their citizens up as lambs to be slaughtered, and being slaughtered they are.

McCarthy’s view of his department’s success is so divorced from reality as to be laughable. There were 500+ murders in Chicago last year, so many that the exact numbers are in dispute; this CBS report claims “just” 507, but Chicago Redeye documents by name 520 homicide victims, and Crime in Chicago blog claims 537!

Crime in Chicago also documents that 2,670 were injured by criminals that ignore Chicago’s laws in 2012, and there are 2,393 casualties so far this year, on pace to easily exceed 2,400 for 2013.

There are entire blocks of U.S. states, and even war zones with fewer deaths and injuries than Chicago, and McCarthy dares claim that Chicago’s anti-gun views, policies, and laws are working, and that even more draconian laws are needed?

Garry McCarthy shouldn’t be running a major city’s police department. He should be institutionalized until he can bring his delusions under control.


Can you believe this guy?  A police ‘chief’ in a major metropolitan city makes this pronouncement – all the while he and his police forces are armed!  And millions of us law-abiding citizens are carrying nationwide with fewer problems statistically than sworn police officers!

Can we say ‘Only Ones’?

Statist Jackass!

More Evidence of Global Warming…

snow in cairo

Cairo, Egypt

“Climate Change”. sorry

Funny how when the IPCC came out a couple months ago stating there was scant actual evidence of their previously reported global warming being true that not only did most of the media ignore this, but the IPCC themselves opted to NOT change their previous pronouncements.  And, of course, no one noticed changing ‘Global Warming’ to ‘Climate Change’ as being the slightest unscientific…

“Gee, it’s not working the way we titled it.  I know – change the title!”

"Round up the usual suspects."

In Loving Memory…