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With Summer just around the corner, Summer food popped into my head!  (Not that we can’t eat Summer foods all year ’round here in Arizona!)

PawPaw’s House recently did a post about ‘discovering’ Ball Park Franks.  Yummy, but got me to thinking about my history with the proverbial tube steak…

(are hot dogs mentioned in Proverbs?)

‘ve always been a picky eater.  Hot dogs have been a perennial  favorite.  But one does develop ‘taste’ as one matures.   (Theoretically…) When I was a kid, pretty much any hot dog would do.  Armour, Bar-S, Hormel, Oscar Meyer.

THEN I discovered Hebrew National, Vienna and Nathan’s!  And Ted’s Charcoal-broiled, and Portillo’s!

But my heart belongs to Jimmie’s of Savin Rock!

Sure, they are ‘on the shore’, and have myriad seafood choices, steak and prime rib.  I don’t care about that (from them).

They have The Best Hot Dogs In The World!  Period!


Savin Rock was an amusement park in West Haven, Connecticut, and Jimmie’s grew with them.  When the park closed, Jimmie’s stayed.  I was born in Connecticut.  I remember visiting from AZ with my family in 1967.  The hot dogs resembled the cartoon hot dogs of my youth – strung together!  They serve them split, to hold more condiments.  They were so yummy, my Father packed a few pounds in ice & styrofoam for our trip back home!

I haven’t had one in years – I’m thinking of ordering a few pounds overnight express…

I’m not too compulsive, am I?

hot dog

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  1. If you like em, go for it! 🙂

    Posted by Old NFO | May 8, 2014, 9:51 am

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