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Marksmanship builds concentration, confidence and trust

It’s a terrible time to say this, right after a 9-year-old girl killed her instructor with an Uzi, but shooting guns can be great for kids.

I know it’s a parallel universe, or the bizarro world when a liberal spew sheet such as Time actually allows such a radical op-ed in it’s pages.  Of course, I suspect the following letters-to-the-editor were scathing indictments of an America, crime laden with youngsters poisoned by such criminal tutelage.

Or not.

1)  The times (Times), they are a changin’., and

2)  I don’t care about the opinions of those who seek to deny the law-abiding their rights – unless, of course, they are in power!

REGARDLESS – what a turn of events!

h/t Maddened Fowl