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Coming Soon To A Police Radio Near You…

Swedish police will no longer be able to give descriptions of alleged criminals for fear of being seen as racist.

According to an internal letter, police in capital city Stockholm are instructed to refrain from describing suspects’ race and nationality, according to news website Speisa.

Local newspaper Svenska Dagbadet reported it had seen the letter, which it said outlined how officers should now notify the public of crimes.

Of course, this is concurrent with the massive influx of rapist, terrorist refugees from Syria and other Arab countries.
Oops, sorry, I’m not supossed to mention that!
h/t Brock Townsend

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2 thoughts on “Coming Soon To A Police Radio Near You…

  1. I feel compelled to comment on this story, for any of you who might be interested in furthering the libertarian cause.

    There is a huge sense of betrayal amongst many feminists right now over the rash of sexual attacks going on in Europe right now. The attempted cover-ups and downplaying by the authorities have left many outraged and furious. In pursuing a multi-culti ideal, they have thrown women under the bus. There is a heated debate right now between the multi-cultis and feminists over this issue. Multi-Cultis are trying to tell women that they need to tolerate being suddenly second-class citizens in their own country, or, at least patiently wait until the new incoming men can be re-educated.
    Feminists are responding that this is unacceptable.

    There could be an opening here for libertarians to make these feminists welcome. In order to build a true alliance, there would have to be assurances that libertarians truly consider women to be equal citizens, and support equal pay for equal work, access to healthcare, etc.

    Women already know that the Right wants to control them just as Muslim men want to do. So, if they are betrayed by the Left, the libertarians might have an opening.

    Just sayin’……

    Posted by tomiarthistorian | January 29, 2016, 9:37 am

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