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Doctor Visit And Internet Aftermath

A couple of weeks ago, I made one of my semi-annual doctor visits.  Having many maladies including diabetes and neuropathy make this a requirement.  To see ‘where I am’ with regard to my overall health and make certain my medications are up to date.

My numbers were ‘okay’ (same weight as 6 mo. ago (maintaining my lowest weight in years!), low bp from meds, good A1c, good fasting blood sugar, low PSA), but my doc did ‘recommend’ taking fish oil supplements, as my bad cholesterol number was up.

I had taken some before, but stopped because they made me belch what tasted like aquarium water!

But, I found a non-belching version on Amazon, and am now taking it!  Thus far, success!

So, I was feeling pretty good about myself.

And, I was doing my bit, looking at stuff online (always dangerous).

And found THIS:


Standard Measurements View Metric Measurements
Your Height:
(feet) (inches)
Your Weight:  
Your BMI:
BMI Categories:
Underweight = <18.5
Normal weight = 18.5–24.9
Overweight = 25–29.9
Obesity = BMI of 30 or greaterThe BMI TablesAim for a Healthy Weight:
Limitations of the BMI
Assessing Your Risk
Controlling Your Weight

And according to this, I remain OBESE!  (Just barely)


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I'm a child of the 50's. libertarian, now medically-retired. I've been a certified firearms trainer, a private investigator, and worked for a major credit card company for almost 22 years. I am a proud NRA Life Member. I am a limited-government, free-market capitalist, who believes in the U.S. Constitution and the Rule of Law.


8 thoughts on “Doctor Visit And Internet Aftermath

  1. Don’t sweat it. Your mirror will tell you all you want to know about obesity.
    BMI is one of the most useless numbers that anyone dreamed up. It only works if you fit in a certain “box”. When I was working, I could power-walk the treadmill in my physical as well as the young bucks did in their 20s.
    I was 50.
    But because I had tree stump legs, large shoulders and a large chest, I didn’t fit into the BMI box ideal of long and lean so I was “overweight”. Body builders are also “overweight” even though their body fat is usually in single digits!

    Posted by KM | February 5, 2016, 11:33 am
  2. Good news, and +1 on KM about the BMI…

    Posted by Old NFO | February 5, 2016, 7:41 pm
  3. I’m with you on the business of belching aquarium water. Yuck! What did you find that doesn’t cause that? I’ve discovered it helps to take the pills with a meal.

    Posted by chipmunk | February 6, 2016, 12:03 pm

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