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The President Visits Cuba

And opens a can of gusanos*.

In an effort to further ‘normalize’ relations between our two countries, the President (and his family) landed in Cuba, yesterday.

(I think the last Chief Executive to visit was Warren Harding…?)

Of course, it was President Kennedy, at the height of the Cold War, who stopped trade and most legal interaction with the communist country, in an effort to starve the influence of the Soviet Union from her shores.

Apparently, his efforts have finally failed.

As a libertarian (small L) I see the value in free trade with all nations.  As a person who detests communism, and the millions of lives it has taken and imprisoned, I’m ‘reluctant’ to further engage the Castro regime, to say the least.

In the last century we fought both Germany and Japan – now they are both (relatively) free nations with which we engage travel and trade.  We fought North Korea – still divided from the South, and still a real danger.  U.S. citizens may travel in the South.  Vietnam, which used to be North and South, is now another tourist destination and trading partner.  And while we never officially fought the Soviet Union and China, one is now an oligarchy, and the other a remains a communist oligarchy.

And our largest trade partner and wholesale banker.  Yes, The People’s Republic of China (aka Red China or the PRC) totes our note!

And ALL of these nations, whether fascist or communist, took political prisoners, executed millions, and stole private wealth and property, all in the name of the State.  (And many continue to…)

And many welcomed to their shores terrorists, spies and criminals as well, and sponsored terrorism, espionage and crime abroad.  In the ‘free’ world including most pointedly The United States.

Which brings me to my point.

Is it reasonable to continue to treat Cuba as a redheaded stepchild, sequestered in the Caribbean closet away from other nations, because of their bad behavior, when we welcome nations like the PRC to bring their substandard goods and poisonous pet food to our shores?

And make them our bankers?

When the PRC has killed and imprisoned millions?

Should we view the normalization of relations with Cuba as evolutionary – this is how things go?  Or as Fabian evolution – well, we’re friends with other totalitarian regimes, we might as well add Cuba to the list.  It might take generations.

Until we ourselves are swallowed-up in the Fabian-socialist-communist-progressive Leviathan that is the State knows better than the individual?

Or is it already too late for this debate?

*Spanish for worm – what Fidel called those who escaped his revolution

PS – In a disgustingly humorous note, Raul Castro did not meet the President after he landed.  A slight to be sure.  And later the President spoke in front of a huge likeness of Ernesto Che’ Guevara, a hero of the Cuban people (well, at least the communist ones).  Che’ was an infamous bigot and murderer, who wrote extensively about Black people being inferior.



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