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The King of Film Noir

Those familiar with this blog know I loves me character actors and film noir.  I’m certain this evolved from my Dad’s love of film and character actors.

Humphrey Bogart is one of my favorites, but there are so many others.

Robert Mitchum is the king.

If you’ve not seen The Night of the Hunter or (the original) Cape Fear, you have missed something.

Of course, he had an ‘interesting’ private life.  One of the early Hollywood types busted for marijuana use, he served a week in the county jail, then more time in a prison farm. (from Wikipedia)

On September 1, 1948, after a string of successful films for RKO, Mitchum and actress Lila Leeds were arrested for possession of marijuana.[7] The arrest was the result of a sting operation designed to capture other Hollywood partiers, as well, but Mitchum and Leeds did not receive the tipoff. After serving a week at the county jail, (he described the experience to a reporter as being “like Palm Springs, but without the riff-raff”) Mitchum spent 43 days (February 16 to March 30) at a Castaic, California, prison farm, with Life photographers right there taking photos of him mopping up in his prison uniform.[8] The arrest became the inspiration for the exploitation film She Shoulda Said No! (1949), which starred Leeds.[9] The conviction was later overturned by the Los Angeles court and district attorney’s office on January 31, 1951, with the following statement, after it was exposed as a setup:

After an exhaustive investigation of the evidence and testimony presented at the trial, the court orders that the verdict of guilty be set aside and that a plea of not guilty be entered and that the information or complaint be dismissed.

He did appear to be an early version of the stereotypical beatnik, but, considering his career, certainly not with an aversion to work(!)  Robert Mitchum was an American actor who was in over 110 films and TV series over the course of his career. (Wikipedia)

He was married to his wife Dorothy for 57 years!  He reportedly proposed by saying to her, “Stick with me Baby, and you’ll be farting through silk!”

Mitchum as Max Cady in Cape Fear (1962)

Mitchum as Max Cady in Cape Fear (1962)

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6 thoughts on “The King of Film Noir

  1. Regardless of whatever personal foibles he may have had, he certainly played convincing tough guys on film.

    Posted by Rev. Paul | January 17, 2017, 9:52 am
  2. He was one of the good ones! 🙂

    Posted by Old NFO | January 17, 2017, 10:29 am
  3. Watch “Out of the Past.” It’s supposed to be one of the quintessential noirs. Mitchum is the hero(?), and the villain is Kirk Douglas. (Dueling Chin Clefts!). It has an insanely complicated plot like all good noirs, snappy dialogue, and is a very good movie. If you like noir and you like Mitchum, you’ll like this.
    (If you’ve already seen it, you know all this, and I’m just giving you an excuse to watch it again, plus I’m turning other people on to the movie. And I got to use “quintessential” in a sentence.)

    Posted by Old 1811 | January 17, 2017, 1:35 pm
  4. Sorry to disagree with you. I never liked Mitchum at all. I am definitely a Bogart fan, especially when being paired with Bacall. I have another actor I like as well; William Powell. He was great in ‘My Man Godrey’ and the Thin Man series. Sorry Mitchum, you are not on my list.

    Posted by Dean | January 17, 2017, 2:50 pm

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