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Does Possession Of A Firearm Justify A Stop And Frisk?

(from Tamara, via FB)

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Guy A. Relford

If you carry a gun, you should know that the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit has ruled that you have relinquished your rights under the Fourth Amendment (contrary to the holding of the Indiana Supreme Court).

Please share!…/indiana-ag-citizens-dont-forfeit-thei…

(AND, the comment posted below which takes the Internets!)

Ed Blade Sooo…exercising one right negates another???


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I'm a child of the 50's. libertarian, now medically-retired. I've been a certified firearms trainer, a private investigator, and worked for a major credit card company for almost 22 years. I am a proud NRA Life Member. I am a limited-government, free-market capitalist, who believes in the U.S. Constitution and the Rule of Law.


6 thoughts on “Does Possession Of A Firearm Justify A Stop And Frisk?

  1. This has grown extremely tiresome. But it’s all part of a bigger picture: it’s the Progressives attempting to tie EVERYTHING up in knots, forcing all court cases to the Supreme Court. Their stated goal (see Rules for Radicals) is to overload the system until it collapses.

    It’s not about the rights; it’s about bringing down the U.S. government. Again, see that despicable Alinsky’s book.

    Posted by Rev. Paul | August 2, 2017, 8:02 am
  2. Once again extremely thankful I live in Texas.

    Posted by Old NFO | August 2, 2017, 7:58 pm
    • I’m glad I live in Arizona! 🙂
      Carry your gun concealed or open w/o permit.
      Walk around with your favorite bowie or automatic knife, concealed or open. (Doesn’t even warrant a second look around here)
      At least TX is headed in the right direction! Not sure what direction Indiana is headed…the courts apparently need a high pressure flush.

      The only knock I have against our laws is the business “No Guns” signs have force of law, not just a trespass if you don’t leave. (they don’t get my money!)

      Posted by KM | August 3, 2017, 1:07 am
    • I hear ya!
      The Free State of Arizona has her charms, as well!

      Posted by guffaw1952 | August 3, 2017, 7:12 am

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