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Third Chemo 

(hopefully better than last week’s abortive attempt)


My oncologist made arrangements for me to spend another 24 hours in the hospital adjacent to his clinic, as he’s no one beefy enough to move me from the wheelchair to the recliner and back.

Hopefully, I can be wedged into my ex-wife’s car!

There are beefy folks at hospital admissions…

And yes, I will be wearing a mask, with all the crud going around and my low white count.

After the chemo, I’ll be held for observation.

Then released to my Sister, who will bring me to the new assisted living home. (where I have been has been abhorrent!). This place is closer to home and many friends and family.


I completed chemo in the middle – of – the – night and left early afternoon.

The new place is less crowded, cleaner, and seems to have better food!

Anyplace would be up.

A few glitches, but there always are, and I expect them to be resolved.

Another chemo tentatively scheduled for in three weeks. Probably another overnight.

Feel OK-no nausea.

One treatment at a time.

Thanks for continuing to be there, and for the kind words, thoughts and prayers! 😁

"Round up the usual suspects."

In Loving Memory…