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Free @ Last Sort Of

Well, after two substandard care homes, and a PET Scan, I finally found a decent place to live with better food, and have good news to report.
This is made possible as my lovely friend and ex-wife has loaned me her older Kindle, and my oncologist who has been treating me with chemotherapy.
His latest report (Thursday last) indicates the lymphoma tumor has shrunk .
There’s more work to be done. Thanks for your good thoughts and prayers!

Fourth Chemo

Well, here I am on the down side of chemo #4.

I expect to be done in about 4 hours. (Saturday, February 10)

No ill affects except tiredness! Thus far.

My ex-wife, who is a good friend, found a transportation service, for use in the short-term. Wheelchair room to room service, at a cost.

Then, it’s back to the daily grind of the private care home.

Third Chemo 

(hopefully better than last week’s abortive attempt)


My oncologist made arrangements for me to spend another 24 hours in the hospital adjacent to his clinic, as he’s no one beefy enough to move me from the wheelchair to the recliner and back.

Hopefully, I can be wedged into my ex-wife’s car!

There are beefy folks at hospital admissions…

And yes, I will be wearing a mask, with all the crud going around and my low white count.

After the chemo, I’ll be held for observation.

Then released to my Sister, who will bring me to the new assisted living home. (where I have been has been abhorrent!). This place is closer to home and many friends and family.


I completed chemo in the middle – of – the – night and left early afternoon.

The new place is less crowded, cleaner, and seems to have better food!

Anyplace would be up.

A few glitches, but there always are, and I expect them to be resolved.

Another chemo tentatively scheduled for in three weeks. Probably another overnight.

Feel OK-no nausea.

One treatment at a time.

Thanks for continuing to be there, and for the kind words, thoughts and prayers! 😁

Second Chemo +

A difficult past twenty-four hours.

Arrived at the doc’s office for chemo. Not on the schedule – was scheduled a week ago. 

After some emotional back and forth, (with thanks again to my Sister, who has been madame ombudsman for many of my trials) and my ex-wife, who provided transportation (through the American Cancer Society last week and this) who got in the face of the doctor and staff to get the error corrected, saw the doctor both at the car and in the office before a decision was made. 

I was to be admitted overnight to the adjacent hospital to take the chemo and for observation. 

Part of the reason why is he had no aids beefy enough to assist me moving from the car to the wheelchair ; and wheelchair to chemo recliner. 

So I went to the the hospital and waited two hours in the painful chair for admission. 

Finally got into a bed around 1100 – chemo began after 1400.

They left after 0130 Saturday – chemo began on Friday.

Hardly the five /six hour time frame it would have been in the doc’s office. 

Then, blood work @ 0200, vitals @ 0500,an IV @ 0600, pain from too rapid infusion @ 0620.


The ‘good news’ – no ill effects (nausea) as yet from the chemo! 

The ‘less than good’ news – the oncologist, based on my age and weakness gives me a prognosis of 20-30% of beating this variety of lymphoma!

Quality of Life? 

The assisted care facility is of poor quality. 

Hardly quality of life. 

Do I give up and move to a hospice or home? 

Judy doesn’t have the tools to care for me 24/7. And I don’t want her to be forced to watch me deteriorate. And go. 

I have new (theoretically better?) insurance after 1 January, so there may be other options soon. 

And I may get one or two more chemos out of this insurance. 

Guess it’s up to me to decide. 

A New Venue 

This Wednesday my insurance stops paying for my nursing facility and PT.

I am still unable to walk without a walker, and going home is problematic. 

Fortunately, my lovely Sister stepped up and I am scheduled to be moved to another home, on her dime. 

Hopefully, my rehab will continue and I will soon be walking. 

Unfortunately, Judy is having financial difficulties involving both our house and car. She has returned to work, but lost many clients due to her long absence. 

Any help would be appreciated. 

When it rains, it pours. 


Yes. I Am Still Here. 

I’ve wasted a lot of time in a hospital, and finally have been transferred a skilled nursing facility.

They are working on the to increase my strength with daily PT.  The goal is to get me strong enough to live at home independently, and ultimately strong enough to survive the next course of Chemotherapy.

Who knows how long this will take? 

I am  weak, and think of you all every day. 

And I miss my blog routine. 

But, one thing at a time.

My thanks to you you all for continuing to come back here. I appreciate your support. 

♫ Why Can’t A Woman, Be More Like A Man?♫

We’ve all wondered that, haven’t we? (especially after listening to ♫My Fair Lady♫?!)

Seriously, on a more earthly fashion, there are differences.

Witness THIS maker of equality…

Product Details

While I have known a number of woman who have demonstrated their proclivity to ‘void’ in the wildness,

this device seems to take it up a notch!

How do I know about such a device?  Knowledgeable women have shared such info with me.

And now, with age and infirmity, sometimes, I’ve a need for such a device!  😦

(fortunately, the come in pink, lavender, and – for the girl/guy on the go – KHAKI !)

(PS – I get NOTHING. FTC, go away!)

Break on Thru!

Well, I’ve broken on through – the first of four chemo sessions (with week three OFF), session one ostensibly the worst!  Or at least the longest…

0730 to 0430 yesterday (Tuesday).

Two different flavors, plus the anti-nausea meds (which had the worst of the side-effects thus far!)

We’ll see what’s in store NEXT Tuesday…

Meanwhile, I’m experiencing light nausea – and my meds are downstairs.  (Be prepare


Oh well, live and learn…

Guffaw, Now PLEASE!

I sometimes get frustrated with the ‘stuff of life’.  I’m disabled, on a small disability income, my 15-year old Oldsmobile is more or less parked for lack of funds for needed repairs, and with my disabilities regarding walking, standing or even sitting it is sometimes difficult or painful.  And a little less than two years ago I lost my home of 18 years.

Yes, sometimes I whine about other stuff, too.

BUT, I try to keep a stiff upper lip.  And keep chipping away at those things that I can do something about.

My stand-alone desktop computer has been waylayed for a little over a month.  For most folks having their home computer not functioning correctly is an annoyance, but in the grand scheme of things it’s not that big a deal.

BUT, not being very ambulatory, and now even less mobile, it became readily apparent my computer is a window to the outside world.  My email, and 3-year-old blog being it’s primary functions.  I can talk back to the TV, but it rarely responds.

FORTUNATELY, my roommate J loaned me an old laptop she wasn’t using for me to keep up with the day’s events and continue to publish my blog (such as it is) daily, as I’ve done since March 6, 2011.

For this I am forever grateful.

Being less-than-competent with regard to computer/Internet stuff, I’ve not been able to diagnose the problem with my computer, determine if it was even repairable, or what the cost might be.

J left town to visit her daughter and become a tourist for the holiday weekend, and I’m left as the dog wrangler again.  This is okay, because I love the dogs (and the cat – more or less) and it gives me more time to try to move files to the laptop and play at fixing my old computer.


Somehow, something inadvertently changed a couple of settings (not me!) – I changed them back (with about 100 missteps in the interim) and now the computer connects to the Internet, again!!


I’m using my original machine to write this!

This may not be watching a rose bloom, or being in love, or a new car, but DAMN I’m pleased!

pleased frogAND, I’ve been able to get my meds down, and an anxiously awaiting approval from the Leukemia, Lymphomia Society for Tuesdays go-ahead.

Time will tell. 


The Orville 

No, this is NOT a review of the TV show.

(I am not a regular viewer, nor a fan.)

It’s basically a send-up of the STAR TREK universe, with funny jokes and social commentary.

But the last episode (Majority Rule) was a cutting indictment of social media (Facebook, Democracy, anyone?)

The explorers visit a society wherein everyone at age eighteen they get a mandatory badge, containing a green up arrow and a red down one.

Any passers-by may choose to press one – or not.

Too many RED (usually do to some social faux paux) eventually gets one ‘reprogrammed’ (essentially lobatomized) .  Escapees are killed.

Think Shirley Jackson’s The Lottery .

I unfortunately have friends who think The Electoral College should be eliminated in favor of Majority Vote.  Resulting in a Ca./Ny national policy and leadership, undoubtedly.

Not only so they not understand history or The Constitution.

I would like them to watch this episode.

(Okay, you may now press my button.)

"Round up the usual suspects."

In Loving Memory…