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But…But…Immigrants! The Huddled Masses…?!

(from FNC)

Trump Sending So Many Gang Members Back to El Salvador That Officials There Now in a Panic

Via Billy

The Trump administration is sending violent gang members back to their home countries in droves — so many that one country is dreading what’s to come.

El Salvador authorities are holding emergency meetings and trying to come up with new laws to keep track of all the criminals being deported from the U.S., The Washington Post reports.

Gee.  Do you think El Salvador actually supported these folks initially leaving and not coming back?
The Mariel Boat Lift comes to mind…

Soon, Brought To You (Yet Again) From ‘Across The Pond’

“Why did the Roman Empire fall?”

(This question was posed by Dr. Smith in my Western Civilization class in the Fall of 1970.)

His answer?

“Moral decadence and pleasures of the flesh!”

To which a lecture hall of 300 or so randy college students cheered.

There is nothing new under the Sun.  – The Book of Ecclesiastes

We have been watching the decline and fall of (Great) Britain for some time.  Political correctness, coupled with inclusion of foreign cultures (and not promoting assimilation) are the proximate causes.

Destroying the economy, devaluing the established culture, and passing more and more ridiculous legislation with which to strangle the people are the order of the day.

Just like here in the States.

And now, this (in part)…

British Moral Decay Provides A Haven For Foreign Degenerates  (link)
(…) Great Britain’s Judeo-Christian heritage and moral values have been gradually eroded away after years of invasive ‘progressivism’ to the point where every degenerate from Pakistan to Perth feels comfortable enough to push their sexual agenda and indulge in once taboo sexual practices without shame.

‘Progressivism’ spreads like weeds in a flower bed; if they aren’t regularly dug up by the roots and destroyed they will flourish and eventually take over, choking off any flowers that try to bloom.

Great Britain is now an old flower bed where only weeds flourish, where every native flower is strangled from seed and allowed to wither and die.(…)


You should visit the link above and read Daniel Thomas’ entire report.  Bring with you an airsick bag.

And, I suspect, as it is with most things Anglotrash, this concept will be exported to the Colonies.  Because, after all, we are so backwards here.

h/t Theo Spark

What Ever Happened To The Great Melting Pot?

Should we be concerned about the Arabic one?  You know, where they keep on trying to pass Sharia law?  Otherwise, an interesting take on the evolution of language in the U.S.

Last I knew, California has their ballots in 13 different languages!  Now, I’m not for an ‘official’ language, but I strongly support the use of English as a common one.

Just for simplicity, cost, and melting pot sake…

h/t Free North Carolina


Tired of the political hijinks in the United States?

“Let’s go to Australia!”

In 1997, the Australian government implemented draconian anti-gun laws. They rounded up millions of rifles, pistols and shotguns, cut them all in half and burned them. Overnight the Australian government disarmed their law-abiding citizenry; nowadays only criminals can possess firearms in Australia. Australians are forbidden the basic human right of arming themselves in self-defense.

In America we have a contract with the government – the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The Bill of Rights lists what citizens can do – our freedoms – and what the government cannot do to us. No other country has this. In every other country in the world, the government tells the people what they can and cannot do. We are the exception to this rule; this is what makes us exceptional. This is American Exceptionalism.  – Sean Linneane

You should click on the above text and read Sean’s whole essay.  And give thanks, despite all the sociopolitical  hijinks here, we still live in The United States of America.

We could always emigrate to Canada!  Except, Canada has one-tenth our population, abysmal gun laws, NO Bill of Rights, and The Mounties – who resemble our federal law enforcement on steroids!   And, It’s COLD!

Nice people though, as are the Aussies…

Remember What I Said About Canucks?

Well, I take some of it back.

While OUR President (or rather his toady Secretary of State) signed the U.N. Small Arms Treaty (thankfully, an uphill fight for ratification in the Senate!), the Prime Minister of Canada refuses to sign it!

Three Cheers for Canuckistan!

Granted, they still have abysmal internal gun control laws, and no Bill of Rights, but, at least their executive recognizes the danger of ceding sovereignty to outside authority.

The United Nations?  Seriously?

Internet Taxes are BACK! Now with Congress’ and U.N. Approval!

(from my personal Email, in part…)

Dear Guffaw,

Call it the Valentine’s Day Tax Massacre.

On February 14, 2012, statists in Congress introduced S. 336, the National Internet Tax Mandate.

Of course, the tax-and-spenders sponsoring the bill mislabeled it the “Marketplace Fairness Act.~

~Under the new National Internet Tax Mandate:

*** All Americans would see their taxes go up as big spending governors of BOTH parties work with the federal government’s IRS goons to implement a state sales tax on ALL goods purchased online.

Big spending governors are running their states into bankruptcy, and – instead of reducing spending – they want the IRS to force YOU to bail them out with new Internet taxes!

*** Tax collectors in one state would now be free to pursue retailers across state lines.

For example, if a customer in New York makes a purchase from an online retailer in Texas, that retailer MUST collect New York’s exorbitant sales taxes and send it to New York’s tax collection agencies;

*** New and higher taxes would CRUSH economic growth and set the stage for massive new regulations that threaten the very existence of the Internet.~

~Now the one-world socialists at the United Nations want in on the action, as well.

NO Internet Tax Mandate

Just a few months ago, the U.N. drafted a new “Telecommunications Treaty” to impose restrictive regulations, global CENSORSHIP, and a massive new tax on all Internet operations.

If ratified by the United States Senate, the United Nations’ “Telecommunications Treaty” – designed to take effect in 2015 – could give control of the Internet to U.N. bureaucrats.

Ultimately, the U.N. hopes to use this scheme to take a tax bite out of the TRILLIONS of dollars exchanging hands via Internet commerce – money that will make the U.N. a true world government.

And this National Internet Tax Mandate is playing right into their hands.~

Please go to the link above and sign Congressman Ron Paul’s No National Internet Tax Petition.  Whether or not you contribute to the cause is your business.  Internet Taxation may kill all of ours!

The United States Does ‘Something’ @ The United Nations, BUT Doesn’t Report It Widely…

Review Conference
on Illicit Small Arms Trade
14th Meeting* (PM)

Review Conference Adopts Text Renewing Commitment to Prevent, Combat, Eradicate

Illicit Trade in Small Arms, Light Weapons

Concern Voiced over Accuracy, Lack of Stronger Language in Some Areas

Concluding its two-week session today, the second United Nations conference to review the 2001 Programme of Action on trafficking in small arms and light weapons adopted a consensus outcome document that highlighted the international community’s renewed commitment to preventing, combating and eradicating the illicit trade.

The document’s adoption represented a major achievement for delegations, who had failed to agree on a final outcome at the first review conference, held in 2006.  “We accomplished something great today,” said U. Joy Ogwu ( Nigeria), President of the Conference, formally known as the United Nations Conference to Review Progress Made in the Implementation of the Programme of Action to Prevent, Combat and Eradicate the Illicit Trade in Small Arms and Light Weapons in All Its Aspects.

There was one caveat in the report:  Representatives of Israel and the United States said they wished to disassociate themselves from preambular paragraph 11 of the Programme of Action, relating to the right to self-determination of people under foreign occupation.

That’s it?

This didn’t show up on Congresses’ Thomas Database, either.  What did The President say about instituting gun control ‘under the radar’ to Sarah Brady?

This U.N. measure has effectively been adopted world-wide, and member countries have agreed to adopt it by 2018!

Go to the link to read the whole press release.  While not reported in the press, the United States reportedly supports this measure, with the exception noted above.  The Senate hasn’t taken action, yet.

It’s getting scarier every day.

h/t Rev. Paul, madmedic


Vox Popoli links to a Guardian World News story wherein the Dutch now are employing mobile euthanasia ‘units’ who travel around the country to assist those who wish to end their lives.
One must apply for this service, but, it is provided by the government at no cost.
Every year 2,300 to 3,100 mercy killings are carried out in the Netherlands, although opponents of the practice claim the figure is much higher because many cases are not registered. The Royal Dutch Medical Association (KNMG) supports euthanasia in principle if there is no alternative, but has distanced itself from the NVVE initiative, arguing that giving it the name Life End will foster the idea that it is for those who it said are simply “weary of life” rather than those who are sick.
Go read the whole article, or the post @ Vox Popoli.
Personally, I don’t think quality of life is extended by being kept alive clinically, in constant pain, waiting to die naturally.  But, is this the answer?


The War on Guns reports the sight of a gun on a BART platform caused a scare and train delays this morning in San Francisco.
(from the Contra Costa Times)  PLEASANT HILL — The sight of a gun on a BART platform caused a scare and train delays this morning, and then it was learned that the firearm belonged to an off-duty police officer, BART police said. (emphasis Guffaw)

Thank the gods this wasn’t in Arizona, where everyone has a gun or a knife.  It would have been a non-event-story.  Yawn. 

BART SWAT – Not scaring the public

h/t David Codrea, David Licht

Machete Control Bill in 3…2…1…

Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court Stephen Breyer was robbed at machete-blade-point in his vacation home on the Island of Nevis (a British protectorate).
Sipsey Street Irregulars has the intel.
Thank the gods the bad guy didn’t have a gun, nor the Justice, either, with which to protect himself.
(British-style gun control law, and all).
Irony Alert – as the Mr. Associate Justice has distain for the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution!
Media commentary:

“Ha-ha!”, Nelson Muntz – The Simpsons
“neener-neener”, Dr. Sheldon Cooper – The Big Bang Theory

h/t Dutchman6

"Round up the usual suspects."

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