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Fundamental Transformation

For my good friends who voted for the President (even though they are responsible, legal gun owners) because they just couldn’t stand Senator McCain’s RINO waffling, or four years earlier, because they saw President G.W. Bush as evil or inept (or both), I give you the following…

In addition to all the Administration-supported pending legislation against our natural rights, and The Bill of Rights, Amendment the Second…

We’re all Criminals Now: President Obama Calls for Background Checks before ENTERING a Gun Show

obama-anti-gun-speechWhile reading the transcript of President Obama’s gun control speech this morning, I came across this shocking statement:

“If you think that checking someone’s criminal record before he can check out a gun show is common sense, you’ve got to make yourself heard.”

A background check before CHECKING OUT a gun show? This is guilty until proven innocent on steroids and a Constitutional violation of epic proportions.

Folks, it’s become perfectly clear that this isn’t about reducing gun violence, it’s about restricting as many of your Constitutional rights as possible.  I can’t help but ask myself why President Obama and his band of anti-rights, gun grabbers want to make it as difficult as possible for responsible and law abiding citizens to even look at a firearm? I’ll let you decide for yourself, but I can’t come up with an answer that isn’t truly terrifying.

The President has consistently been for tighter controls on civilian gun possession and ownership, ammunition restrictions, magazine bans, and universal background checks for all purchases, public and private.  When the criminals are constrained from completing BATFE 4473, because doing so would violate their 5th Amendment rights!

NOW, he adds THIS to the mix?  Can you see the First Amendment next?  Licenses/background checks for newspapers?  Bloggers?

Don’t laugh.  Such a thing is being seriously considered in the UK.

Welcome to the New World Order.  Or, as he said it, fundamental transformation.

I like it.  NOT!

PS – It occurred to me after posting this that we already have the TSA.  Fourth Amendment be damned! – Guffaw 

h/t Great Satan, Inc.

W.O.P. Guns – Are They Safe?

In Jennifer’s Head recently wrote about it having been the fifth anniversary of her first gun purchase!  Congratulations!

One of the commenters brought up the issue of private versus licensed dealer sales.  And that got me to thinking.

Back when I had a gun safe (with a small arsenal collection, therein) I kept my licensed dealer guns in one part of the safe, and my W.O.P. guns in a separate part.  (In politically-incorrect slang a wop was an illegal alien – it stood for With Out Papers!)  The firearms I purchased legally, but privately.

Now that this has become an issue, yet again (the whole fictitious gun show loophole) and as Senator Feinstein’s Further Remove Your Natural Rights Assault Weapon Ban bill includes a measure requiring documentation of private, personal sales,  I thought it appropriate to mention.

If indeed legislation is passed banning private, undocumented transfer of firearms, and all become ‘registered’, and ‘they’ come for them, do we really think ‘they’ will just take those in the register?  Or will they use metal detectors to look for ‘illegal’ guns secreted in the walls or buried in the yard?  Or detain individuals until they give up their stash?  (See the War on Drugs and Prohibition for historical context.)

Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun – Mao Tse Tung

‘They’ (many local governments) now require you to present ID to vote, have a social security number, file your taxes, maintain your home and yard to an arbitrary standard, put your kids in school, have them vaccinated, not have church meetings in your home-if not so zoned, not sell unpasteurized milk-without a license, separate your recyclables, have your auto emissions tested for license, get a permit to carry your gun, get a safe to secure it unloaded in your own home.  Ad infinitum, ad nauseum 

And most of these rules, if disobeyed, will eventually result in a confrontation with armed government authoritiesGovernment is force.

Of course, in the coming socialist utopia, that would never happen.  Or we’d never read about it in the socialist-utopia controlled media, if it did.

The Gun Shows of Yore

Back in the day…

I used to attend a relatively small gunshow at a local Catholic High School multi-purpose room.  No unloading, open carry allowed (this was before AZCCW licensing).  Just don’t touch it.  On second thought, I think we had to clear it and go in empty.  But we did O.C.  And no nylon zip ties.

Reportedly, there were a few accidental negligent discharges at recent gun shows nationwide.  I’m certain in part to the massive new, uneducated consumership generated by the current President, and the pending rights-restrictive legislation.

I suspect this uneducated/untrained ignorance accounts for at least some of the discharges.  But, then again, if the anti-gun folks are to be believed, if guns cause crime and accidents, the gun shows should have been a bloodbath.

They weren’t.

Of course, the ‘powers that be’ don’t care about the facts; just their agenda.


h/t Roberta X

Land mines in the psyche

First of all, my apologies in advance of you reading this post.  I’ve a tendency to get a little maudlin this time of year.  Missing friends; family…

My roommate (and place-to-live benefactor) and I are very close.  We’re good friends – truth be told, we used to date.  So we know much about each other including backstory, family history, skeletons.  Stuff from our past(s).

And we were fortunate enough to visit the last gun show together.  A couple of blog friends were kind enough to give me the financial means. (Thanks, again, we couldn’t have done it without you!)

But there are land mines in the psyche.  Stuff I’ve forgotten about and don’t expect.  Buried deep.  You see, I used to take my daughter to the gun shows.  We used to visit antique malls, as well, and sometimes little antique-y things are displayed at gun shows.  There were a few at this one.

When my daughter was small, and she’d see a cameo, she’d remark, “There’s that lady, again.”  Hearing that always brought a smile to my face.

And, of course, I shared her expression long ago with my roommate.  Part of the tales from the past people getting to know one-another pass along.  And I always hear Molly’s voice in my head when I see that kind of jewelry.

So, here we are at the gun show, taking it all in, and up comes an antique jewelry display.  Not exactly why I visit guns shows.  So, I’m getting ready to gloss over it, when my roommate says softly, reverently,

There’s that lady, again.

And I cried.cameo

A small Gun Show Bleg

My apologies in advance.  I AM quite reluctant to do this, but…

End of this week is the Crossroads of the West Gun Show, here in Phoenix.  This is the BIG show, with 7-8 buildings (exhibit buildings in the State Fairgrounds), separated by a large parking area tarp-covered outside display area the size of another two buildings.  Something like 1500 tables.  And the Small Arms Review exhibit, as well.  Traditionally, I’ve been attending this every year, but the past few years I’ve not been as fortunate.

In December 2008, while attending this very show, I began having breathing difficulties.  We didn’t stay very long, nor see all the exhibits.  The end result was end-of-January 2009, I was hospitalized and diagnosed with lymphoma.  Six months of chemotherapy followed that.  Today (thankfully) I’m lymphoma free.  :-)

I tried to attend last year’s show, but other health issues occurred.  So, I didn’t get to see very much.  Those issues have in part been resolved (now wearing ‘ED’, the really big shoe (built-up) – and can walk better).

But this year there’s another issue.  On my small income, I really don’t have the means to drive across town, and pay parking and admission.  Certainly not enough to buy anything.  That’s not what I’m requesting.

If someone could cover parking and admission for two, it would mean a lot!  That’s about $32.00, last I checked.

Update – I’ve been informed I’ll have the needed funds, tomorrow!  Thank you kind benefactor!  gfa

STICK It To ‘Em!

…or other implements of defense it to ‘em! (link)

I have owned (but have rarely used) a Cold Steel Walking Stick.  It has a metal ferrule on the end, so its more for show than actually using as a walking stick.  (Even though my ever-increasing disability probably warrants use of such a device!)  I DID place a rubber crutch tip over the ferule to make it more ‘walk-friendly’ for me!  :-)

I did do some police baton training back-in-the-day, so I’m certain that will translate to walking stick-fu!

I own some other Cold Steel products (like a set of fine kitchen knives with durable rubber handles) and find them to be reasonably priced and serviceable .  One of the kitchen knives was even a replacement piece, as the original was missing after my burglary.  I suspect they were trying to use it to unlock the Fort Knox safe, after they pried off the combo dial and handle.  It didn’t work for that!

Cold Steel also makes some excellent knives, and striking implements, and their free DVD shows them torture testing some of the knives – Excellent!  I highly recommend them.

The Crossroads of the West Gun Show extravaganza (you know, the big one with the SAR folks included!) is scheduled for November 30 through December 2.  I only hope I have enough stamina to be able to walk the entire show as I have in shows past.  If so, I plan on drooling at the Cold Steel exhibit for a while…

Might even bring my walking stick…

(attention FTC – neither Cold Steel, Crossroads, or Fort Knox provided me with anything save fine products at a reasonably price!  Bye-Bye Nosy Bastards!)

"Open and Show Clear"

There was a nice story the other day (okay, it was YESTERDAY-
I don’t remember which blog, sorry!  Geez I’m old!) in the blogosphere regarding the set of questions from the TV interview show wherein it’s asked, “If there is a Heaven, what would you like St. Peter to say upon your arrival at the Pearly Gates?”

And the gunnie’s answer is “Open and show clear.”
Funny and cute.
Made me think of guns shops and gun shows.
I believe in the Four Rules, as recounted in this blog more than once.  Ten years ago (that long, really?) when I was working part time in the gun store, I was shocked (and continue to be shocked) at the poor gun handling between salesperson and customer.
And, this doesn’t get any better at gun shows.
For all the rants in the blogosphere regarding safety, poor gun handling, accidents, ‘keep your booger hook off the bang switch’, The Four Rules, I’m continually amazed at alleged gun-educated folk in shows and stores NOT showing open and clear AND crossing people!  AND putting their fingers on triggers!  AND not pointing in a safe direction!
Lets not encourage unsafe behavior through laziness in the shop or the show.  This is how accidents, bad press, injury and death happen.

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

As regular readers know, I went to my first gun show in three years, yesterday.  The weather was reported to be cold and wet, so I thought there would be a smaller turnout, especially as the first day was on a Friday.
No so.  Cool, but not bone chilling.  Not wet.  A brisk day.  Not a light turnout.
The show opened @ Noon, so we opted to arrive a little after 1:00 PM.  My main concern was my leg and foot pain making standing and walking difficult.  My friend accompanying me is asthmatic, and has breathing issues with long walks – especially in the Valley’s Winter inversion layer of pollution.
We made quite a pair.  Wasn’t that a vaudeville team?  Gimp and Wheezer?
We had to park on the other side of the State Fairgrounds from the exhibition buildings, so we walked perhaps a couple hundred yards before we ever got to the show, itself.
And, of course, the show is in something like seven exhibition buildings, with tarpaulin-covered display area in between.  Lotsa walking.
And, with the weather being cooler, they had the industrial strength heaters on.  I removed my long sleeve shirt and used it as a mop.  Everyone present was glad I had a t-shirt on.  It was sauna-esque.
As I’d read in a previous reader assessment, everything was high priced, and few were buying.  I know it had been three years, but, parking was now $7.00 and just to get in was $16.00!!  Each.  We were lucky I printed out discount coupons from the show website, giving us a whopping $1.00 each off admission!  Woo-Hoo!
One of my long-time gunnie friends had fallen off the grid, and I ran into Bob James, The Arizona Thumber , a mutual friend.  He provided me with some incidental intelligence involving a domestic situation.  Just sad.
The first building is really two linked together, and probably the largest of all.  We’d run into friend Mark (Wednesday, November 30th post), and the three of us walked about 3/4 of the building.  My companion was having ‘issues’, as was I.  We said our goodbyes to Mark, he went on, and we went the long trek back to her truck.  ‘Bout killed us both.
She suggested someone should run a tram service (for a nominal fee) toting persons and their gun show booty to their cars.  They’d make a fortune!
I arrived with a small shopping list:  a ‘replacement’ lock blade folding knife, a new 1911 magazine and more batteries for my ‘tactical’ flashlight.  I was able to get another Ken Onion ‘Blur’ folder before I folded, thankfully.
I’d hopes of being able to go farther, but, at least I got to go and plan on going again.  Just not today.
I’ll leave it to you to determine which was the Good, the Bad and the Ugly.  (A clue – me in a sweaty t-shirt, not good…)

Finally, The Gun Show!

As mentioned earlier in the week, the big, pre-Christmas gun show starts today.  Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
The weather is alleged to be cold and wet today, so, maybe the crowds will be lighter.
This will be a big test of my stamina and pain meds.  Standing and walking are often difficult.
I’ve not been to any gun shows in three years, and I miss them.
And, today (as historically) I’ll have no funds for toys.  Maybe a new knife?
The entrance fee covers all three days, I’m hoping to be lucky enough to last one afternoon.
But first, I’m making breakfast for my gun show companion:  buttermilk pancakes, hash browns and, of course, BACON!
Over the past 40 years, I have noticed a trend toward more minorities and women in attendance.  Although I do like counting the number of men in overalls, just because. 

I will dutifully report back as to my findings.

Gun Poor, Gun Show

I’ve posted before a few times regarding my firearms addiction, and the resulting Jones from chronic unfulfillment.
My favorite gun store is no longer part of my occasional travels, in part as walking and standing are difficult, but also because there are numerous toys therein, none of which I can afford. 
The analogy might be made to the man who attends a strip club, then goes home alone, or a doughnut shop-not buying anything, and goes home to his diet. 
But, a pending gunfest is looming out there.  The Crossroads of the West Gun Show is this next weekend, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
This is the BIG annual, pre-Christmas show at the Arizona State Fairgrounds.  Multiple buildings and tented areas in-between.  Machine guns!  State Fair-type foodstuffs!
The last time I went was three years ago, and during my attendance began having some shortness of breath.  This was the beginning what ultimately became my hospitalization and successful treatment for lymphoma. 
I used to go to gun stores and gun shows often.  That Crossroads show was the last I attended.
I’m really hoping my pain level is manageable enough to walk the show this year.
Even though I won’t be able to buy anything to placate my Jones.

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