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.38 Magnum – Boring!

Now, in .38 Magnum!  What?

Brigid wrote a post about love of a Colt Python.  Can’t fault her for that.  The Colt is a fine weapon, and a beautiful revolver.  I’ve never been lucky enough to own one.  I’ve shot a few though.
My gun lust, in terms of revolver caliber, was the .357 Magnum. 
You see, I came of gun age when revolvers were the standard.  Semiautomatics were just coming up.  I wanted a .357.  Badly.
When I worked at the closed Legend City amusement park, one of my coworkers, John France (Sheriff’s Deputy-Reservist), had a Smith & Wesson model 64, .38 Special 4″.  He had the cylinder bored out to accept .357 by his barber/kitchen table gunsmith!  He always called it his ‘Magnum’. (I’m certain it was capitalized in his mind!)   ‘Me and my Magnum’, he’d always say.  (Whether or not the Sheriff’s Department ever checked the reservists’ sidearms for function and safety was another matter!)
A couple years later, I was carrying Dave the Mechanic’s Ruger Security Six, as a loaner, while doing security guard duties.  Not having my own .357, I borrowed someone else’s.
One of the janitorial crew had a Colt Detective Special, nickel, he wanted to sell.  He even loaned it to me to take out and shoot!  One of the more interesting features about this .38 Special revolver was someone had bored out the cylinder, so it would take .357 cartridges!  What, again?! 
Of course, I shot it with both .38’s and .357’s.  Took a girl named Ardith out on a ‘shooting date’ with it.  (it didn’t work as I had hoped. *sigh*)  But, as happened often in the 70’s, I couldn’t scare up the $90 he was asking.
In later years, the subject of .38 frame pressures handling .357 loads came up.  But, we were stupid then.
And lucky.

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