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Government v.2.0

Kevin Baker (of The Smallest Minority) brings to us an essay of enormous import.  In part:

The Information Age is here. Government v.2.0 is massive, sclerotic, invasive, inept, corrupt, incompetent, malicious, vindictive – it is, in short, what the second type of bureaucrats make it in the furtherance of the bureaucracy and their own power and privilege.  And the Iron Law of Oligarchy says:

Historical evolution mocks all the prophylactic measures that have been adopted for the prevention of oligarchy.

People keep acting as though things can keep going on as they have, but as Glenn Reynolds keeps repeating, “Something that can’t go on forever, won’t.” ~

~ One thing’s for sure – the powerful and privileged will do whatever it takes to keep as much power and privilege as they can.  And Government v.2.0 will be the tool by which it’s accomplished.

You need to go and read the entire work.  Kevin draws on the wisdom of historical giants, and his own, to weave for us this important message quoted above.

I’m hoping mercy will be included in the process, but if history is any indication, I doubt it.

The right to petition is guaranteed by the First Amendment to the federal constitution…

In the United States the right to petition is guaranteed by the First Amendment to the federal constitution, which specifically prohibits Congress from abridging “the right of the people…to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

Although often overlooked in favor of other more famous freedoms, and sometimes taken for granted,[1] many other civil liberties are enforceable against the government only by exercising this basic right.[2] The right to petition is a fundamental in a Constitutional Republic, such as the United States, as a means of protecting public participation in government.[1](Wikipedia)

Way Up North  (and now Tam) brought to our attention (in demure fanfare, as is their tradition) a movement regarding individual States of these United States petitioning for peaceful secession from the same!

I went to the All Petitions/ website, and was amazed!  First, that such a group of petitions existed and second, that ‘the government’ had allowed such behavior, given their track record on such things!

By my count, there 24 States, including mine, with listed petitions!

Is this treasonous, or simply the right to petition?

Anarchy…or not?

A Geek With Guns gets heavy on us, with regard to the argument government is necessary (a la Hobbes).  An excerpt:

When an anarchist brings up the idea of abolishing the state around a statist they are usually met with a very Hobbesian argument. They claim that without the state humans would become vicious beasts roaming the world with the purposes of raping, killing, and stealing. Such a claim is absurd by its very nature:

Now, setting aside the fact that anarchism does not imply an absence of law or defense, and setting aside the fact that Hobbes’ ideas about the state of nature are completely ridiculous, just consider how interesting their claim was in that particular situation. Five armed men sitting in a field dozens and dozens of miles from a police officer having a civil chat about anarchism without any one of us trying to rape, rob or kill any of the others is a rather remarkable thing if Thomas Hobbes is right about human nature. Equally interesting is the fact that none of us feared or even contemplated the possibility of being raped, robbed or killed by anyone out there in the wilds of the Colorado plains that day. Like Coloradoans of the 19th century, we met scores of armed men over the course of the day, none of which we personally knew, and yet it never even crossed any of our minds to be concerned for our chastity, our wealth or our lives.

I’ve never claimed to be an anarchist, perhaps because today’s meme for anarchy consist of Lenin’s useful idiots, touting things like destruction of property and erosion of society as laudable goals.  Funny how these folks always end up fomenting some-kind of totalitarian result.

Anyway, if you are looking for something besides Kate Middleton’s chest area on the Internet, you might find this essay of interest. – Guffaw

h/t Christopher Burg


There are a number news stories addressing the fact that ‘The Queen’ (Elizabeth of Britain) is celebrating 60 years on the throne this year.  There are also a number of blog posts regarding this fact, and the fact that the Britain of 60 years ago is hardly the equivalent of the current state.  In short, she is no longer Great.

My family genealogy takes me back to British History, in fact the family Coat-of-Arms shows three crosses, delineating (I’m told), the Guffaw family was in service of the Church in three Crusades.  But much of this side of the family emanates from Ireland.  (The other from Germany).

And my maternal side of the family is D.A.R. material, having fought against the British in The American Revolution.  As previously recounted in these pages:  Sybil Ludington

While I’m proud of my family’s heritage and history, proud of being of Irish, German and English stock, however, I am an American.  Much to the dismay of a number of my friends who are anglophiles who are reveling in the current 60 year celebration of the Queen.

While perusing all the hubbub about this matter, I remembered an event years ago, when I was first working at TMCCC.

A female co-worker was quite emotional regarding the shocking loss of Princess Diana, and was going on-and-on about how sad the event was.  The Princess was beautiful, she helped so many charities, yatta, yatta, yatta.  While I recognized the loss, it was not as if she were an American icon, a Jackie Kennedy for example?

But, we read to our young children fairy tales about princesses, and set ourselves up for this anglomania, especially in our women, who remember the princess fantasies of childhood.  And this attachment seems especially strong in our connection to Britain, rather than Monaco or some other European duchy.

I’m (in)famous in my small circle for opening my mouth and inserting my foot both feet up to my knees.  Repeatedly.  I did not disappoint in this circumstance.

After seemingly endless hours of adulation for the Princess, I’d had enough.  And I said, “I thought we fought a war to get away from those a$$7372s!”   Which, of course, was true.

My timing might have been a bit off.

I was treated with icy silence the rest of the day by the person whom I offended.  It was rude of me.

But I still don’t get the fascination with ‘The Royals’.  In a Nation born of fighting them; to divorce ourselves of the class warfare embedded in Europe.

To be here, in the United States, 236 years after the Declaration of Independence, after freedom from the oppression of the ‘upper classes’ only to have it remanufactured by the so-called 99%, to promote Marxism and anarchy.  Because that worked so well in Europe.

Looks like I put my feet in my mouth again…

Life’s Rules – Modern ‘P.C.’ Edition

Washington Rebel brings up two of Life’s Rules which influence every aspect of Modern Society.

~”…, I’m discerning that we have two rules in place — on which we never actually voted, but from which we’ll brook no deviation, we’ll tolerate no violation, and yes, we pass judgment on the character of our fellow citizens according to not only their compliance with these rules, but their enthusiasm for so complying. One, we don’t discriminate. Ever. If we do, we make sure we discriminate in the “right” direction. Two, human life is precious. It is so precious that we have to make sure everyone is out of danger, all the time, no matter what, and we seem bound and determined to keep writing more and more safety rules until everyone lives forever.”
A more cynical perspective would be that we aren’t interested in making anyone safe at all, we’re just concerned with ass-covering. And, as Surber opines, the people we put in positions of power just like to push others around. Maybe it’s a case of, a certain job will attract a certain personality type. These jobs have authority invested in them…so that’s the personality type they attract. Bullies.~
(emphasis Guffaw)
Go read the whole thing.  Don’t wear a helmet when doing so, be a rebel!

h/t Morgan K. Freeberg

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