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Borepatch Brings It!

Mozilla – gay, but still not as gay as twilight

And here’s the money quote:

Jackboots are still jackboots, even when you look fabulous.

There are many folks out there with whom I disagree.

Some, like statist do-gooders, who insist on promoting a government agenda which forces people to do, spend, work for, believe in, X, because ‘they’ (the do-gooders) believe theirs is the only way.

Some, like Fabian socialists, who want to keep evolving our society to the utopia they envisioned over one-hundred years ago.  In spite of the Constitutional protections we put in place over two-hundred years ago.

And the green fascists.  To promote their idea of how to save the environment, making it safer for bicyclists to ride along canal banks (at a large cost to the taxpayers who don’t ride there), and eliminating traditional incandescent light bulbs, supporting the new-fangled mercury-laden, dangerous, inefficient Chinese imports instead.  (effectively eliminating an entire American industry and jobs with it).  All brought to you by the Church of Global Warming (Al Gore, Pope) who changed their name to Climate Change when it was determined the numbers didn’t work for the warming thing.  Hardly scientific.

And now the gay fascists.  Don’t eat at Chik-fil-A !  Their president is traditionally religious and doesn’t like gays! (In spite of the fact he treats his employees well – even the gay ones!)  And now Mozilla.  Their CEO has similar religious views to the Chik-fil-A guy!  Don’t use Firefox browser!  Use your political clout to force him out of his position!

And they did that.

Here’s a news flash:  I can disagree with someone and not force society to change to my views, or spend my tax money on a certain project!  How about visiting a fast-food establishment because their food is good?  Or using a browser because it works?  I’m certain there are ultra-conservative folks in charge of (fill-in-the-blank) church organization with whom I disagree.

So what?

What about those traditional Islamic folks who believe gay folks should be stoned?  I’m not speaking of moving to Boulder, Colorado here.  Does this mean we should hate all Muslim folks?  Or get them eliminated from their jobs?

(for the record – I’ve never eaten @ Chik-fil-A.  There just isn’t one close by.  I understand it’s quite delicious, and the breakfast biscuits are to die for!  Maybe one day.  And, I use Comodo IceDragon browser, a bastard child of Firefox, because all the other browsers became ‘buggy’ after a while.  And my best friend growing up is gay.  So what?)


Guns And Ammo, We Hardly Knew Ye

Well, G&A is well on it’s way to going the way of Newsweek.

Magazines.  Not the spring-loaded ammunition feeding apparatus, but the old-school print media.  Sure G&A has a website, but still relies primarily on subscriptions for advertising revenue to make a buck.

And it just shot itself in the foot…

Dick Metcalf (the long-time editor) just wrote a piece (In the December issue) regarding gun control.  ‘REASONABLE’ gun control.  In a magazines devotes itself to the proliferation of…Guns and Ammo!  What?

Most gun owners are reasonable people.  But, if riled, they will get steamed.  And take action.

NOT violent action, but political action.  Like taking their hard-earned dollars elsewhere.

Shooting Times?

This just in – Mr. Metcalf has been FIRED from the writing staff of G&A!

Best you know from whence your bread is buttered, Bubba!

‘Be careful out there among them English!’

No Lawyers – Only Guns and Money 
proposes an interesting approach to dealing with the criminal actors of the TSA.
Shun them, as with an ostracized Amish person:

~The word shun comes from the Middle English shunnen and the Old English scunian meaning to abhor. To abhor is quite appropriate.
How does this relate to the Transportation Security Administration, its agents, security officers, and employees? Hardly a week goes by without another story of an elderly person humiliated, an attractive woman felt up, an amputee belittled, a parent made to feel helpless, a child molested, privacy invaded, or some other event evidencing stupidity, malice, and abuse by a TSA security officer all in the name of “security”. ~

How many terrorists have the TSA stopped with these techniques?  None.
I know many of the good folks at the TSA are ‘just doing their job’.
Didn’t we hear that argument at Nuremburg? 

h/t John Richardson

"Round up the usual suspects."

In Loving Memory…