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Well, Here We Are AGAIN…

My roomie Judy has a multitude of health problems.  More than I, which is a little disquieting…

Five months ago, almost to the day, she had rotator cuff surgery on her right shoulder.  After months of physical therapy, it seems to operate almost pain-free!

However, she also has a LEFT shoulder.

It seems standing Frankenstein’s monster-esque for over thirty years (she is a hairdresser, standing and arms-out-front) is not conducive to shoulder joint health!

So, this morning, she goes under the knife yet again, this time on her left side.

As she has chronic heart and breathing issues, this could get complicated, more so than the average bear.

Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers today (if that’s what you do).

I will post her occasionally as to her progress.

At least it’s her left, this time – she is right handed and last time was taxing for her.

Thank you.


Borepatch recently posted regarding his dearth of posts.

Hardly.  I told him I wait for friends and quality!

I, too, have been remiss in my blogging duties.  Either in performing more than the minimum, or in leaving comments for my blogging brethren and sistren.

Turns out, there are reasons.

First, both my roomie and I have had recent health ‘issues’ and concerns.  She, a number of surgeries; me, a rash-of-indeterminate origin, a bad fall and a blood clot scare.

Second, my focus has been on trying to help keep us afloat while she misses work (and income).

Third, the ongoing household chores and maintenance – they never stop!  Dogs and cats to tend, trash to be taken out, groceries…

Two days ago, a leak from the upstairs shower became apparent, as water began coming through the ceiling!!  Do we have homeowner’s insurance?  Of course.  Can we afford the deductible?  NO.

And we have neither diagnostic nor physical plumbing ability…

The good news, is J. was released from her restrictive sling yesterday (following rotator cuff surgery).  Only eleven more weeks of physical therapy for her to follow!  And four more doctor’s appointments later this month.

My rash is largely gone (although I still itch, somewhat) and my bloated calf seems to be getting smaller.  I return Thursday for another follow-up with my doc.

So, Life keeps us busy.  And my focus has been less-than-perfect on the blog.

But, we will continue and prevail.

Peace.  Out.


Six Months Old!

Time for spaying.  😦

Poor Baby! – but our vet advises us her chances of contracting canine breast cancer are decreased by a huge percentage, IF the spay is done prior to her first heat.

Yesterday, we dropped her off @ 0800 – picked her up @ 1300.  “Fixed’, as the expression goes.  Plus the removal of some extraneous baby teeth, along with a couple of crowding adult ones.  Especially common in chee-hooa-hooa dogs.

AND, she’s been micro-chipped (for her safety).

Rather than the cone-of-shame, we chose a life-preserver-style apparatus.  It would have been hysterical had it said S.S. Minnow, but, at least it’s pink.

As is her cage, to keep her from running willy-nilly against vet’s orders.  For most of the next 7 to 10 days.

Poor Lola!

20140709_160216The good news is her prognosis is excellent!  🙂

(Basal Cell Carcinoma) Golf Rule 16 – a follow-up

I returned to the dermatologist this morning, exactly one week after he removed a half-dollar-sized chunk of tissue deep in my forehead.
He said things are progressing nicely, and I’m to return next Tuesday for another evaluation, and perhaps another replacement of the porcine tissue (the pigskin, under which my healing is occurring).  After that, only bandages should be necessary.
Eventually, my forehead will be back to normal – extremely large, and hiding much empty space.
Thanks again for all your support! – Guffaw

Golf Rule 16 – Replace Your Divots

And now, another chapter, in the seemingly endless drama (thank you George Carlin) of my medical stuff.

While you’re reading this, I’m at the doctor for outpatient surgery.
Removal of a basal cell carcinoma. 
I was first aware of it two years ago, exactly one week after I stopped having medical insurance coverage.
Quelle surprise!
And, it couldn’t be on my back, or my upper arm.  It’s almost in the center of my forehead.  (Insert mystical religion joke here).
As I just got Medicare, I started seeing doctors, again.
Medicare takes care of 80% of it.  Which, of course means I’m responsible for 20%.  Amounting to approximately $200.00.  (I should have been a doctor!)
Fortunately, the sawbones (sawskin?) is aware of my financial condition, and willing to let me make payments.
After he cores my forehead like an apple.
The ‘free’ clinic sent me to this guy, so I envisioned waiting impatiently behind a convenience store for him to finish disinfecting his hands with MD 20/20, and then reaching for a corkscrew.
Fortunately, this doctor has a very good reputation, and a 98% success rate against this kind of cancer returning.
I expect to be back on-line later, today.
A progress report is forthcoming.

UPDATE – I’m no longer sporting a tuma!  I am sporting a half-dollar sized hole in my head, which will heal.  Thanks for your support! – gfa

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