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I’m NOT A Lawyer

I don’t play one on television, or the Internet.

Nor does Peter (Bayou Renaissance Man)


He has something of importance to pass on to us.  Most of us know all or parts of this, but we really need to internalize it.

Lest we make a fatal mistake.

Never let a knife-wielding attacker get within range! In general, if you have to use violence to defend yourself, you may have to justify that in court.  If you use potentially or actually lethal force, the chances of having to justify it in court go up exponentially. One of your primary defenses will be how you were trained, what you learned during your education process, and how your defensive mindset was formed.  As part of that, it helps to document your training through class notes (taking them yourself if necessary), video clips of the instructor (often found on YouTube), recordings, etc.  You can also introduce as evidence material from others that reinforces and supports your defensive mindset. I’d like to show you one such piece of material this morning, particularly because Antifa, the progressive far-left-wing movement behind much of the anti-Trump and anti-conservative unrest of recent months, was advertising credit-card-sized concealed knives on its Web site.  These things may be tiny, relatively speaking, but they can do an awful lot of damage – potentially disabling damage, if not inflicting permanent injury such as the loss of an eye or a severed nerve – in the hands of someone who knows how to use one.  The odds are increasing that people like us may run into one of these demonstrations – so it behooves us to be prepared to counter such violence, in defense of ourselves and our loved ones. Here’s what even a very small knife can do to a human being.  I recommend watching the video in full-screen mode.

Remember that video.  Bookmark it and/or save a copy for future reference.  Remember Antifa’s attempts to sell knives of similar size to its members, and their open discussion about the need to arm and train themselves.  Remember it if you run into them while about your lawful business . . . and keep them out of knife range, by whatever means may be necessary (and, of course, legal – that goes without saying).  If you ever have to justify that decision and/or your actions, play back that video in court, point out Antifa’s discussions and its efforts to sell knives to its members, and make it clear that you considered yourself in imminent danger of suffering similar injuries unless you stopped them.  It’s a compelling argument.


AMEN, Peter, amen…

REMEMBER your Tueller Drill people!

Twenty-One Feet

The Tueller Drill is a shooting exercise demonstrating that an assailant armed with a knife (or other contact weapon) can close the distance of 21 feet faster than you (the potential victim) can present your firearm and fire to stop the attack.
“A common test of handgun skill was to start with one’s hands at shoulder level with a holstered gun and place two shots on a target 7 yards away within 1.5 seconds. Typically, those trained with handguns can complete the drill in 1.3–1.4 seconds, although some have managed the task in less than one second.

Sgt. Tueller wondered how quickly an attacker with a knife could cover those same 21 feet. So he measured as volunteers raced to stab the target. He determined that it could be done in 1.5 seconds. ~ Wiki Quote 
The hidden lesson:
My take on the lessons to be found in the Tueller drill are a little different than whether a gun or a knife wins a confrontation – I apply the time frame to our most vulnerable citizens, our elderly and mothers with children. The one and one half second time frame must be part of  everybody’s calculations of safety, especially for those with little or no ability to move fast.
If you are not prepared for a rush on your position from forty-two feet or seventy feet, because it is too far away to worry about, you are mistaken. Forty-two feet can be crossed in three seconds and seventy feet in five to six seconds. Defend Yourself 101

He forgot to add the disabled. 
I try to think in this fashion, as while I successfully defended myself (unarmed) against a knife-wielding attacker (she was ‘off her medication’), I was 22 at the time, and in better shape (even with my disabilities) than I am now at almost 60 (with further disability and age).
My ego would love to state that I’m constantly in  Condition Yellow-Orange, and that my cat-like reflexes are those of a 17 year old street-smart gang member.  But, I’m not.
I suspect some of you readers are in this boat with me, perhaps not disabled, but older-and-slower(?)
Wyatt Earp famously stated, “Speed is fine, but accuracy is final.”
Hopefully, we will all remain aware, and have both.

h/t Yamaneko, Wyatt Earp, Sgt. Dennis Tueller

"Round up the usual suspects."

In Loving Memory…