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Second Chemo +

A difficult past twenty-four hours.

Arrived at the doc’s office for chemo. Not on the schedule – was scheduled a week ago. 

After some emotional back and forth, (with thanks again to my Sister, who has been madame ombudsman for many of my trials) and my ex-wife, who provided transportation (through the American Cancer Society last week and this) who got in the face of the doctor and staff to get the error corrected, saw the doctor both at the car and in the office before a decision was made. 

I was to be admitted overnight to the adjacent hospital to take the chemo and for observation. 

Part of the reason why is he had no aids beefy enough to assist me moving from the car to the wheelchair ; and wheelchair to chemo recliner. 

So I went to the the hospital and waited two hours in the painful chair for admission. 

Finally got into a bed around 1100 – chemo began after 1400.

They left after 0130 Saturday – chemo began on Friday.

Hardly the five /six hour time frame it would have been in the doc’s office. 

Then, blood work @ 0200, vitals @ 0500,an IV @ 0600, pain from too rapid infusion @ 0620.


The ‘good news’ – no ill effects (nausea) as yet from the chemo! 

The ‘less than good’ news – the oncologist, based on my age and weakness gives me a prognosis of 20-30% of beating this variety of lymphoma!

Quality of Life? 

The assisted care facility is of poor quality. 

Hardly quality of life. 

Do I give up and move to a hospice or home? 

Judy doesn’t have the tools to care for me 24/7. And I don’t want her to be forced to watch me deteriorate. And go. 

I have new (theoretically better?) insurance after 1 January, so there may be other options soon. 

And I may get one or two more chemos out of this insurance. 

Guess it’s up to me to decide. 


A New Venue 

This Wednesday my insurance stops paying for my nursing facility and PT.

I am still unable to walk without a walker, and going home is problematic. 

Fortunately, my lovely Sister stepped up and I am scheduled to be moved to another home, on her dime. 

Hopefully, my rehab will continue and I will soon be walking. 

Unfortunately, Judy is having financial difficulties involving both our house and car. She has returned to work, but lost many clients due to her long absence. 

Any help would be appreciated. 

When it rains, it pours. 


Yes. I Am Still Here. 

I’ve wasted a lot of time in a hospital, and finally have been transferred a skilled nursing facility.

They are working on the to increase my strength with daily PT.  The goal is to get me strong enough to live at home independently, and ultimately strong enough to survive the next course of Chemotherapy.

Who knows how long this will take? 

I am  weak, and think of you all every day. 

And I miss my blog routine. 

But, one thing at a time.

My thanks to you you all for continuing to come back here. I appreciate your support. 

A Long Process, Continued…

So, I went to the oncologist (a truly good, and knowlegable guy) the other day.  He had examined my numerous blood samples, bone marrow samples and and bits of lymph nodes.  and determined…


Seems he had a good general idea what cocktail he should give me in chemo form, but wants it more exact.

So, it’d back to outpatient for another biopsy!  Soon.

Hurry up and wait.  Sound familiar?

In my world, my lift chair has given up the ghost.  Futile repair is ridiculous, ending ending with finding out that chairs out of warranty bought at Costco are loss leaders, and meant for disposal.

I’m thinking of beginning a Fund-Way sight…

My knees cannot take it, anymore.

(but I’ve been kind occupied…)

A Long Process…

Today, it’s another blood test.


“Here’s Johnny!”

(Yes, I’m back, having been gone due to circumstances beyond my control.)

History does indeed repeat itself, my friends!

(And NOT usually in a good way.)

I’ll cut to the chase – LYMPHOMA, which I thought I had beaten in 2010, has returned.

Obviously, this is related to my poor kidney and blood test numbers over the past few weeks.

I have returned after yet another five day hospital hiatus.

The game plan is to give myself home injections daily this week, have a PET scan, more blood work, and compare all this data from the CT scan, lymph node and bone marrow biopsies I’ve already received in the hospital.

THEN, use this data to create the drugs I am to receive in out-patient chemotherapy, hopefully next week.

(Not to worry, I’ve been through all this seven years ago.)

My commitment to you Dear Friends, is to blog again daily, as often as I am able.

On Fascism and Kryptonite

(from Gun Talk Media)

Did you ever feel as though things are upside down with the media and what people think is important?
I sure do. So, when Mike Wood sent me a short piece he had written, it connected completely with me,
and it’s a great explanation of why many of us often feel a bit confused, and often disconnected to
what the collective wisdom appears to be.

If you are familiar with the Superman Bizzaro World, where good is bad, up is down, etc., you’ll get it. – Tom

On Fascism and Kryptonite
By Mike Wood

“As I consider life in modern day America, I can’t seem to shake  the feeling that
somewhere along the way, the wires got crossed and the current was reversed. The America that I
grew up in was so fundamentally different from today’s version, that I sometimes have to question
if the two even share a relation. Did I somehow manage to miss a grand, cleverly-concealed,
“bait and switch” of American culture, language, and values?”

Read More

Don Rickles R.I.P.

I liked Don Rickles.  Maybe it’s because he said things I could never say.  Don always said he was descendant of Jack E. Leonard.  I believe him.

He was best friends with Bob Newhart.  In fact Don and his wife would often vacation with Bob and his.  He was also a close friend with Don Adams.

Can you imagine these three comedy giants in the same room together?  My gut hurts just thinking about it.

When Rickles first appeared, I remember my Father took a dislike to him.  Apparently, early on, he would actually slap people when insulting them.  My Dad thought this unnecessary and disrespectful.  Obviously, he soon removed these assaults from his act.

I remember seeing outtakes of he and Don Adams (probably from a Get Smart episode) wherein they are both chained by their wrists to a wall.  They look at each other and keep busting up, uncontrollably!  Must have taken 20 takes.

His son Larry pre-deceased him.  I know something about those feelings.

(from the L.A. Times obit) In lieu of flowers, it is suggested that donations be made to the Larry Rickles Endowment Fund at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

As with so many ‘mean’ folks on camera, he was obviously a gentle soul in Life.

He was 90.

R.I.P. Hockey Puck!


Mike Dillon RIP

I’m extremely sad to report that Mike Dillon, of Dillon Reloading and Dillon Aero, has passed at 81.

He was extremely well known and liked in the shooting and aviation worlds.

He always was instrumental in developing the belt-fed mini gun system for SUVs (as sold to persons who could afford it , like sheikhs! )

Godspeed Mike !


(My apologies for the delay in posting (due to the election fall-de-rall), and in not providing better graphics . It appears we are having Internet system access problems today.   I  hope to update the post at a later time . . .)


Not A Gunsmith, Continued…

(a suggested sign over the squad room @ Tom Ezell & Associates – Investigations:  “It’s never as easy as it looks!”)

As recounted in an earlier post, I ordered a spring replacement kit for my S&W 442 electroless nickel snubbie.  And subsequently received same.

I decided to ‘bite the bullet’ and get to it, yesterday.  (I have removed side plates and dealt with Smith revolver innards before.)  Preparatory to this endeavor, I did watch two different videos on You Tube regarding proper disassembly.

Just to refresh my memory.

And I began the task at hand.  Excited at the prospect of getting a snubbie with a lighter trigger pull.

But the gods had other ideas…

Gun unloaded – check.  Remove Pachmayr stocks – check.  Begin unscrewing screws from sideplate…

Not – So – Fast there bucko…

Two of the three screws WOULD NOT BUDGE!  An analysis confirmed two things – yep, they were really in there, and the handle on my cheapie gunsmithing screwdriver was turning instead of the shaft!

It probably didn’t help that I’ve NEVER removed the sideplate on this particular revolver in the 21+ years I’ve owned her!  Sigh.  (I know, my bad).

What to do – What to do?

Dig through mountains of storage boxes to locate my other (better?) gunsmithing screwdriver (with a bad back – me, not the screwdriver), or order another online (at additional cost)?

Looking for suggestions to loosen the screws?  Penetrating oil?  WD-40?

I’m now pretty comfortable with doing the spring replacement.  If I could only get the &%$#$^Y&! sideplate off!


Glad I’m not in a rush…

not as complicated as pictured

not as complicated as pictured

"Round up the usual suspects."

In Loving Memory…