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The Quote of the Day (Month, Year) from the wonderful Tamara!

(in part)

We used to do assimilation. You would move here and we would hate you and make you live in ghettos and organize political parties against you, and your kids would learn our games and our songs and our language and move out of the ghettos and be our tradespeople. And your grandkids would be our doctors and lawyers and aldermen and would forget your language and we would add your food to our menus and take one of your holidays and hang it on our wall as a trophy and use it as an excuse to get drunk every year.

But not any more. Now assimilation is imperialist and racist and bad. Indeed, in Europe, which is several kilometer markers further down this road than we are, assimilation is actively discouraged. No, no, Mr. Refugee… You don’t need to learn the language; you’ll never be one of us anyway. You just sit there and let us feed you and keep you like a zoo animal to look at and remind ourselves that we don’t feed you into ovens anymore like our parents did because we’re so much better now.

We’ll see who cracks first, the guests or the hosts, but sooner or later, somebody’s getting loaded into cattlecars, because that’s how things go in Europe.

AMEN Sister – Sadly…

Coming soon to an America near you!

Cuba Removed From The List of Regimes Who Are Known To Sponsor Terrorism

CUBA.  That bastion of Freedom in the Western Hemisphere, has been removed from the ‘official’ list of those nations known to sponsor terrorism.

And travel restrictions have been lessened.

I wonder what has changed?

And I wonder about all those folks who suffered torture and death under the Fidel/Raul Castro regime?  Who are still imprisoned.

And their families, both in Cuba and in The United States.

Of course, we still do mega-business with The People’s Republic of China, and Vietnam.

Perhaps we are just playing catch-up?

Cui bono?


Memorial-Day-Dog-3In memory of all who served;

Some gave all…


ALL who gave all in service to The Republic.

It’s more than barbeques, people!

Foxes In The Hen House

Oh Noes!  Quelle Surprise!


So let me get this straight.

A Grand Jury has been deliberating for three months regarding whether or not a police officer should be indicted and tried for killing an unarmed black boy.

Well, a very muscular, football-playing strong-arm robbing black boy.  Who had been committing crimes earlier in the evening.

The police officer contended he had been assaulted by the boy when he approached him and the boy was trying to relieve him of his sidearm.  People have been shot – rightfully so – for less.

And he was.  And he died.

And the Grand Jury decided, after listening to testimony and viewing evidence, that there was no true bill to indict the officer.

And the media, who has been watching the proceedings like a hawk, and reporting daily if there was no indictment, said that there would be rioting, continued to predict rioting. criminal damage, looting and violence.

Adjacent to the legitimate protests of ‘injustice’.

And, it came to pass, there was rioting, damage, yatta…yatta…yatta…


Quelle surprise.

Funny, when there are similar circumstances surrounding a White boy, who has been dispatched by a police officer (White or Black), that there are no riots, looting, etc.  Or a White woman allegedly killed by a famous Black man?  And the riots after he was found not guilty?  What?  You don’t remember the riots?

Oh, that’s right.  There weren’t any!

I smell Lenin’s useful idiots, yet again..

Sad that a legitimate concern – crime in Black areas – when addressed by White cops (or any cops) is followed by destruction of businesses in those same areas!  You have cancer of the arm – let’s cut off your head!

It doesn’t help that now a NYC grand jury fails to indict a (White) police officer for a choke hold gone wrong.  Against a Black man.

And we continue to have violence, arson and attacks in cities across the Nation, much of it to Black-owned businesses in the same neighborhoods as the crime.  Including the store where the Black guy had committed strong-arm robbery earlier that evening.

We, as a culture, severely messed-up the former slave, Negro, African-American, Black subculture.  As we have Asian, Latino and Indian.  And I’m certain those subcultures have disproportionate crimes in their neighborhoods too, many foisted upon them by their own people.

But you don’t see those other subcultures rioting about their mistreatment.  Demanding their opinion, which amounts to mob rule, be the law of the land.

I’m all about equal justice.

It’s sad the disenfranchised can be manipulated by powerful people with an agenda into voting by violence for vigilante justice and destroying their own neighborhoods.

And now it’s reported some colleges and universities are giving students who attend protests permission to take exams later, lest they miss the protests!

The foxes are indeed running the hen house!  Frances Fox Piven, is one of the foxes…

A Target-Rich Environment?

The Justice for Mike Brown Ferguson protest group released its list of potential targets following the decision by the St. Louis County Courthouse on the Mike Brown case.

The published map shows expected landmarks like the Ferguson City Hall and the County Courthouse.

But it also marks things that have NOTHING to do with the Michael Brown situation, like Anheuser Busch and Boeing.
ferguson targets

Most telling thing is the mark for Emerson Electric. Emerson has been in Ferguson for at least 50 years, long before Ferguson became a minority municipality. Yet not only do they mark Emerson they make note of the CEO’s salary. Maybe they’re mutating into an extortion group straight out of the playbook of Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow Push Coalition?

The entire list is on the link, some 50 or 60 offices, businesses, persons.   Listed as Potential Action Locations.

I’m all about public protest.  It’s a fine, American tradition.  Damaging the property of others, or damaging others, however, is beyond the pale.

And I’ve two questions regarding all this brouhaha:

1.  Who is sponsoring these protests?  Paying for the professionally-made signs, busing protestors to where they will do the most damage good?  Paying for their lodging, food, bail?  I certainly wanted to protest for or against certain things in my youth, but was going to school and working full-time.  Tough to miss class and get off work to travel to D.C. or wherever to make a political statement!

2.  Cui bono?  WHO benefits?  How is it the Attorney General of the United States visits with the protestors to plan strategies?  Shouldn’t he be meeting with City and State law enforcement to plan strategies there?  What is wrong with this picture?

It’s as if we’re in Superman’s Bizzaro World!

h/t Jeffery – The Feral Irishman

Kilted To Kick Cancer!

ktkcor NOT…

Speaking as a survivor of two other cancers (lymphoma and carcinoma), and unable to acquire a kilt, I still support this and other efforts to eradicate all cancers from the planet!

I remember being a kid, and seeing ads for ‘how to avoid probate’, and the word ‘prostate’ elsewhere and confusing the two.  It didn’t help there was a word ‘prostrate’, either!  🙂

And the whole meme regarding the prostate exam, and how it is accomplished (HAHA!  Geez, that’s funny!  NOT!)

Please give whatever you can to eliminate the cancer(s) of your choice.  Borepatch is a good place to go.

And if you click through to read Brigid’s post you’ll see why she is also invested in this – her Dad is fighting that same fight right now.  She is so invested that she’s made an enormously generous offer: the first twenty donations of $50 or more via Team Borepatch will receive an autographed copy of her amazing The Book Of Barkley. (from Borepatch)

h/t Borepatch, Brigid and all Team KTKC members!


Religious Freedom

Police Officer Demoted for Refusing to Attend Islamic Event

A Federal court in Denver ruled that it is acceptable for a police chief to order subordinates to attend an Islamic event — even if they object based on religious reasons.

When Paul Fields, a Tulsa, Oklahoma police officer, objected to being forced to go to an Islamic mosque that had featured a controversial speaker (who promotes the destruction of Western civilization and the creation of an Islamic caliphate), he was ordered by superiors he must attend the mosque or suffer the consequences.

Paul Fields is a Christian.

As a Christian, his unwillingness to attend centered around the fact he did not want to go to a religious event where the topics being covered “discussed Islamic beliefs, Muhammad, Mecca, and why and how Muslims pray.”

Fields, who was one of the key officers that lead a protection program for the mosque, …

Now, I believe in the rights enumerated in the First Amendment.  Speech, Press, Assembly.  Freedom of Religion (or from Religion) as mandated by State authority.

Doesn’t such an order violate such a Right?

I’m betting this was all done in the name of political correctness and inclusion.  Because, after all even the opinions of those seeking to destroy us have value.  (yeah, right – Guffaw)

I’m certain Hillary Clinton would agree.  Except she stated legal firearms owners are terrorists and as such have no right to an opinion!

h/t Preserve Freedom

Special State-Sponsored Permission!

Various law enforcement agencies and military units  have memorials to those that have fallen in service to their country.

If we ever build such a memorial to concealed carriers who put their lives at risk to save others, the name of Joseph Robert Wilcox, 31, of Las Vegas deserves to be on that wall.

Wilcox was killed yesterday (June 8) attempting to take down the deranged couple that had just  murdered Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Officers Alyn Beck and Igor Soldo at a nearby Cici’s Pizza location.  Wilcox apparently spotted the husband as he rushed into Walmart, and tried to take him down.


So what??
Most CCW courses are basic safety classes, I’ve seen many I wonder if safety is even taught that well.

Please do not fool yourself into thinking you are trained to fight just because the state issued you a license

When the rubber meets the road, a lot can be going on, and basic training may not save you, I don’t know how much training Mr Wilcox had, , and he may have changed the course of the event, but he lost.  (Maddened Fowl)

Not to cast aspersions toward Mr. Wilcox, but most of us are armchair adventurers at best.  I’ve been in IPSC competitions wherein civilians cleaned the clocks of sworn officers, but these were pretend, not real life.  And I’ve observed many officers whose firearms safety regime was trumped by their huge egos.  And they paid for it.

Most of us are not sworn officers or spec ops guys home on leave from Afghanistan.  We are regular Joes (and Janes) going about our mundane daily lives, but we do so armed.  And many of us have received a permission slip from our respective States to carry our tools concealed as we go about our business.

The concealed weapon permit is akin the driver license.  It doesn’t mean that we are automatically Mario Andretti upon our receipt of it.  Keep training, keep learning, keep maintaining and most importantly, keep paying attention to your surroundings.

We, as civilians, have no obligation to rush in like John McClane (Die Hard films) in the movies and save everyone.  And most of us don’t have the skills.

Know yourself, too!

h/t Bob Owens, The Duck

Possibly Off – Line

I’m STILL having computer/Internet issues!

Roomie thinks it’s the router, and spent two hours messing with THAT last night.

PLUS, the added fun of my tablet ON switch apparently failing.


If this doesn’t get resolved soon, I may end up off-line.



Still attempting to resolve computer issues.  Using borrowed laptop from roomie – THANKS, J.!

Was told this may be related to the heartbleed thing…

My apologies for not being able to keep to my usual low standards! – Guffaw

"Round up the usual suspects."

In Loving Memory…