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Death Wish

No, I don’t have one.

I posted the video below on my You Tube area yesterday.  Then, it occurred not everyone reads the entire blog, or views the videos.

I have posted previously about how Hollywood has officially run out of ideas.  And my general loathing of remakes.

I did like the original film, and even more the book by Brian Garfield.  Charles Bronson as Paul Kersey?  Sure.

Bruce Willis in the remake?  Double-sure!

There is some hub-bub on the Internet regarding this film. (‘vigilante’ stuff, aside)  It seems some Black and liberal folks are offended the main character would hide his identity with a hoodie(!?)

Apparently, they are only to be used by Black criminals!?


(Just to be annoying, I marked vigilante in this blog posts categories and tags.  After all, that is the theme of both films.  Of course, we educated folk understand to be a vigilante, one must be a member of a committee of vigilance, that is a group member.  There is no such thing as a single vigilante, Bernie Goetz (as portrayed in the press) notwithstanding!)  😛

Foxes In The Hen House

Oh Noes!  Quelle Surprise!


So let me get this straight.

A Grand Jury has been deliberating for three months regarding whether or not a police officer should be indicted and tried for killing an unarmed black boy.

Well, a very muscular, football-playing strong-arm robbing black boy.  Who had been committing crimes earlier in the evening.

The police officer contended he had been assaulted by the boy when he approached him and the boy was trying to relieve him of his sidearm.  People have been shot – rightfully so – for less.

And he was.  And he died.

And the Grand Jury decided, after listening to testimony and viewing evidence, that there was no true bill to indict the officer.

And the media, who has been watching the proceedings like a hawk, and reporting daily if there was no indictment, said that there would be rioting, continued to predict rioting. criminal damage, looting and violence.

Adjacent to the legitimate protests of ‘injustice’.

And, it came to pass, there was rioting, damage, yatta…yatta…yatta…


Quelle surprise.

Funny, when there are similar circumstances surrounding a White boy, who has been dispatched by a police officer (White or Black), that there are no riots, looting, etc.  Or a White woman allegedly killed by a famous Black man?  And the riots after he was found not guilty?  What?  You don’t remember the riots?

Oh, that’s right.  There weren’t any!

I smell Lenin’s useful idiots, yet again..

Sad that a legitimate concern – crime in Black areas – when addressed by White cops (or any cops) is followed by destruction of businesses in those same areas!  You have cancer of the arm – let’s cut off your head!

It doesn’t help that now a NYC grand jury fails to indict a (White) police officer for a choke hold gone wrong.  Against a Black man.

And we continue to have violence, arson and attacks in cities across the Nation, much of it to Black-owned businesses in the same neighborhoods as the crime.  Including the store where the Black guy had committed strong-arm robbery earlier that evening.

We, as a culture, severely messed-up the former slave, Negro, African-American, Black subculture.  As we have Asian, Latino and Indian.  And I’m certain those subcultures have disproportionate crimes in their neighborhoods too, many foisted upon them by their own people.

But you don’t see those other subcultures rioting about their mistreatment.  Demanding their opinion, which amounts to mob rule, be the law of the land.

I’m all about equal justice.

It’s sad the disenfranchised can be manipulated by powerful people with an agenda into voting by violence for vigilante justice and destroying their own neighborhoods.

And now it’s reported some colleges and universities are giving students who attend protests permission to take exams later, lest they miss the protests!

The foxes are indeed running the hen house!  Frances Fox Piven, is one of the foxes…

Mother of Mercy! Is This the End of RICO?

"Mother of Mercy! Is this the end of Rico?"
(Edward G. Robinson in Little Caesar)

The Ku Klux Klan rears its ugly head, again!
It seems a white kid was burned alive by black kids after having been beaten, and the Klan is mobilizing to enact vengeance justice on the black kids.
No…wait a minute.  I have the facts reversed.
Turns out, no one reacted (nor was there much media attention) to the above recent event.  No marches, no protests, no Klan mobilization reacting to hatred and violence against a White kid.
There IS however, a call for mobilization against George Zimmerman, the Hispanic neighborhood watch guy who shot a 6’3″ Black football player whom he said was attacking him.  The New Black Panthers pledge to recruit 10,000 men to hunt down Mr. Zimmerman and ‘bring him to justice’.
From the report:

“You kill mine, God D***it, I’ve got to kill yours,” said Muhammad.

They cursed and lashed out at Zimmerman, Sanford Police and even the special prosecutor Angela Corey

Guess there’s no police or courts in that region…
My question is, whether it’s the Klan, or the Black Panthers, or NAMBLA, why can’t the authorities invoke the RICO statues, break up these organizations advocating criminal violence and seize their assets?  And imprison the ringleaders?
Why have such a law, if it’s not used against organized crime, as it was intended?

PS – New Black Panthers – why not let ‘the system’ work, instead of vigilante ‘justice’, not unlike the lynching of blacks without due process that happened in your history?  Or is there a double-standard?

h/t ZIP, WOFL – Fox 35

"Round up the usual suspects."

In Loving Memory…