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Laser Training!

Trainer Pistol 45 ACP

Click for more info!

My favorite firearms photographer Oleg Volk, posted about these innovative laser devices for dry practice pistol training!

While indoor ranges are fine for some things, reactive shooting isn’t one of them. Designed by ICE Training (Hi, Rob!) and produced by Laserlyte in 380ACP, 9×19, 40S&W and 45ACP, the laser cartridges are designed to emit a brief burst of red light when the firing pin makes contact with the rubberized switch. The brass-bodied cartridge itself sports a rebated case head, so striker-fired pistols can be re-cocked without it coming out of the chamber. Three included button batteries last over a thousand activations, and Laserlyte also sells a light-sensitive target.Well, I thought these were pretty cool!(Attn FTC – While reasonably priced, I cannot afford one!  No one gave me one.  I just like the idea.  Now go shoot your eye out!)

HOW MANY ANGELS can dance on the head of a pin, again?

angelsThe esteemed David Hardy reports to us on the tweaking (twerking?) of the New York State SAFE Act…

Federal judge upholds NY SAFE Act, strikes part of magazine limit

Posted by David Hardy · 31 December 2013 05:20 PM

Story here. He upheld the ban on magazines holding more than ten rounds, but struck down the provision banning putting more than seven rounds in one of them.

…and how many angels, again?

Who said better to be tried by twelve than carried by six?


Gun Control a FAILURE?

Unable to tax ammo out of popular use?

OKAY, the government buys up all the ammo, then, stops lead smelting in the U.S. !  No Lead – No Ammunition!

Last Primary Lead Smelter in the U.S. to Close Due to EPA Regulations  (h/t Jodie Brown)

This guy…                                                                         …has become THIS guy!


soup nazi


PS – Turns out, the President responsible for the EPA stopping the lead smelting was actually THIS GUY:


Guess it’s a bi-partisan effort!

Stuff I Didn’t Know…

…could fill uncounted libraries stacked to the rafters with (blank) telephone directories…

This was one of those things:

Human Events.  Yes, Human Events (!) brought me this information.  Quelle surprise, eh?

I’ve owned a few rifles.  Most were acquired due to the previous so-called Assault Weapons Ban.  Because I greatly dislike the government telling me what rights I have and don’t have!

But, while I’m an ‘okay’ rifle shot, I’m no rifleman.  I’m a much better pistol and revolver shot than I am with a rifle, comparatively   And with the exception of a .22, the AK variant, and the M-1 Garand, all the others were ar15AR-15 style rifles.

And I didn’t know this.

Is firing a 5.56 NATO cartridge in your .223 Remington chambered AR15 dangerous?  Or do Internet forum-ninjas and ammunition companies selling you commercial ammo instead of surplus overstate the dangers?  Believe it or not, a real danger exists, and some gun owners who think they are doing the right thing may not be safe.~

~The significant difference between the .223 Rem and 5.56 NATO lies in the rifles, rather than the cartridges themselves.  Both the .223 and 5.56 rounds will chamber in rifles designed for either cartridge, but the critical component, leade, will be different in each rifle.

The leade is the area of the barrel in front of the chamber prior to where the rifling begins.  This is where the loaded bullet is located when a cartridge is chambered.  The leade is frequently called the “throat.”

On a .223 Remington spec rifle, the leade will be 0.085”.  This is the standard described by the Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute, Inc. (SAAMI).  The leade in a 5.56 NATO spec rifle is 0.162”, or almost double the leade of the .223 rifle.~

~Many of the AR-15’s currently sold on the market are made for the 5.56 NATO cartridge.  If you own one of these, you should be fine with any .223 or 5.56 ammunition.

However, ATK dropped this bomb in the bulletin on the .223/5.56:

“It is our understanding that commercially available AR15’s and M16’s – although some are stamped 5.56 Rem on the receiver – are manufactured with .223 chambers.”

So, even if your AR is stamped 5.56, is it really?  Check your owner’s manual or call the company directly and make sure you get an answer you feel comfortable with.~

You should go and read the whole article.  Then check your rifles’ manuals and markings.

Just to be and stay safe.

Now we both know.

(for St. Valentine’s Day*) The Millionaire – a remake (kinda)

marvin millerWhen I was growing up, there was a television show called The Millionaire.  In the show, personal representative of millionaire J. Beresford Tipton (Michael Anthony) doled out one million dollars to a worthy nobody every week.  Of course, the plot revolved around how this windfall affected their life.  At the time, one million dollars was a lot of money.  The only caveat was the recipient was to agree never to reveal the source of their new wealth.  I suspect the IRS wasn’t involved in this agreement.  :-)

Today is St. Valentine’s Day*, a day I loathe, as I’m alone.  Obviously, if there was someone in my life, celebrating it would be terrific.  But alas…

I was preparing dinner last night, when the doorbell rang.  It was the UPS guy.  He presented me with a small, heavy package.  I hurriedly opened it and discovered a surprise!

NO, it wasn’t one million dollars, but rather a serious amount of ammunition in the calibers I own and shoot!  Accompanying the ammo was a note.  Obviously someone reads this blog, read I am ‘ammo poor’ and took it upon themself to send me a gift of reloads!  How cool is THAT?

I don’t know how soon I’ll be able to go shooting, again, but it’s nice knowing people whom I’ve never met are kind enough to send me gifts.  I’m quite moved and humbled.  And now more sufficiently armed.

And as I’ve no way to thank them personally, I’m posting about it.  And, I’ll never reveal the source.  Part of my agreement.

You never saw a happier worthy nobody!

*I’ve asked this before – WHY is it just Valentine’s Day, unless one references the massacre?  It’s not Patrick’s Day?

Wednesday Shoot After-Action-Report

At long last, Bob H. and I were able to get together yesterday and go shooting!  What a great day!

I’ve known Bob since he was my boss at Tom Ezell & Associates, Private Investigation.  Later, he was the manager of my favorite gun store, where I worked part time for a while.

We’ve been friends for 32 years.  He’s one of my newer friends.

We went up to an ubiquitous shooting spot, I-17 North to Table Mesa Road, then headed West.  Unfortunately, much of the previous open range has become private property.  Fenced desert with signs reading No Trespassing and No Shooting!  So we doubled back and shot perhaps 10 miles from the freeway, instead of the usual 20+.

Bob H. 'at the ready'

Bob H. ‘at the ready’

It was sad to see all the fencing and just as sad to see all the trash left behind by previous shooters, campers and 4-wheelers.

On the bright side,  I was given some ammo to use and was able to shoot my carry 1911, the one Bob sold me in 1983, aka the Bob H. Signature Model or ‘Bobbie’.

After 20,000 rounds or so, she still shoots like a champ!  We are both ammo-poor, so we each shot under 100 rounds, yesterday.  Silhouettes righted up in brush, and various trash left by others were the targets of opportunity.  Bob shot one of his Glock .40s, which I razzed him about.  As stated before in these pages many times, plastic guns have no soul!  Very accurate, though.

Weather was brisk.  Cool breeze, no flying insects, in the mid 50s.  This was probably 1100 until sometime after Noon.

I was proud of my shooting, as I’m pretty rusty, but did rather well (if I do say so myself).

Then, just up the road to Rock Springs Cafe, where we had lunch.  I got lunch as Bob provided the transportation.  While the meal wasn’t particularly adventuous – grilled hamburgers (which were delicious!) but I had to have a piece of their award-winning pie!  Blueberry Crumb – excellent!  As Jim R. would say, “Ala mode, with ice cream!”

Kinda glad Rock Springs is too far to visit regularly – too many tempting baked goodies!  We returned safely, with plans to ‘do it again, soon’.  Hope so.

(FTC – I paid my own freight here.  Bought lunch, was gifted ammo and transportation.  Rock Springs Cafe gives me nothing!  I always want to write Rock Ridge, of Blazing Saddles fame!)  PS – Bob hates having his photo taken.  He’s gonna kill me! 

Magazines & Moon Clips…

…and crisp apple strudel.  (sorry!)

Before I moved (and subsequently) I took a hard look at those things I was taking with me.  I left many things behind, simply because I wasn’t using them and I’d no place to put them.  And I didn’t want them gathering dust in some storage locker based on the mistaken idea I’d eventually be able to free them for use.

So, it’s been over six months, and I’m still unpacking and looking for a real or metaphorical shoe horn with which to insert the remaining boxes of books, gun stuff, electronic gizmos and wiring and other effluvia into my new digs.

And friend Bob made a suggestion.  Part of what I’m ‘saving’ is a box containing assorted firearms stuff.  Stuff I no longer use, as I no longer have said firearms.  Holsters; ammunition; magazines, reloading stuff.  (Before you start emailing me, I’m not selling anything that might have legal restrictions over the Internet!)  And I’m left-handed.

I’m not selling the ammo, as while I am a capitalist, I don’t wish to inadvertently arm some miscreant.  And it only increases in value.  I might sell the holsters, although piecemeal over the ‘net is probably small return.

But, locally, I could sell magazines I’m no longer using!  Empty magazines.  At least until such time they become controlled or illegal.  Backpage, here I come!

Hasn’t happened, yet.  Like Congress, I’m a procrastinator…

Give me a couple weeks…

Safety First means NO unwanted EXPLOSION in the firearm

Weerd Beard brings it, yet again!

When your gun maker tells you not to shoot +P ammo DON’T SHOOT +P AMMO!!

I’ve never actually blown up any firearms (not for lack of trying in my ignorant youth!)  Sometimes we sacrifice safety for excessive pressures a big-ass fireball, thinking it will bring that knock down stopping power we all crave from our hand cannons.

Besides, all that powder burning outside the barrel has to add velocity, right?

GUN SHOW, the After Action Report

(as promised to my benefactors! – thanks, again!)

Buoyed financially by a number of Internet friends, my roommate and I were able to attend opening day of the big Crossroads of the West Gun Show, yesterday!

The show opened yesterday @ 1100, and went until 1700.  Today it goes 0900-1700, Sunday 0900-1600 at the Arizona State Fairgrounds.  Parking is $7.00; admission $16.00 per person.

As previously recounted in these pages, I missed attending the past few years due to health issues.  We did try last year, but these health issues got the better of both of us, and we only saw about 10% of the show.  I’d not been in the three years previous.

This year we saw over 50% of the show!!  (Progress, not perfection. Sigh.)

Part of the problem is it’s all walking and standing.  My roommate also has health issues which limit her participation in such things.  But she’s a crack shot with her Nighthawk, so I don’t complain!  :-P   And we took many breaks to sit and re-hydrate, and get off our feet.

For those familiar with the venue, we had to park North of the Veteran’s Memorial Coliseum, then walk South to the exhibit buildings, along the South and West borders of the fairgrounds.  (several hundred yards?)  I think it totaled seven fair exhibit buildings, plus the asphalt between them with four (not the traditional two) tarpaulined venues with even more tables!

While it’s known as the ‘big’ gun show of the year, it didn’t seem quite as populated as some of the big shows in the past.  Still crowded though – I suspect today and tomorrow will mimic sardine cans.  There seemed to be more military customers about, and while the number of women increases every show, there were perhaps fewer yesterday than I remember seeing in the past.  Fewer rotund gentlemen in overalls, though!   (Not me, I wasn’t wearing overalls!)  But quite a few men with long established beards – ZZ TOP clones abounded.

It’s been said of art, I don’t know it, but I know what I like.  Not having an interest in Japanese militaria (for example), Arisaka rifles don’t interest me.  Samurai swords do, so they get more of my attention than the Arisakas.  A table with all manner of WWII items might draw my interest – but I shun tables displaying just Third Reich crap.  Doing my part in the free market to not support such folk.

If you like combat Tupperware, this is your show.  All manner of polymer-framed pistols and stocked rifles, and all their accessories could be had!  Many plastic AR-15 magazines, even though the Marines just announced they were no longer approving anything but metallic magazines for their rifles.  Perhaps that’s why they were for sale?

And every time I passed the ammo case displays, there were long lines, and persons with dollies and hand trucks.  I hope this portends just being prudential?  In this vein, very little out-and-out anti-administration stuff.  Some bumper stickers, a poster, a few t-shirts.  Nothing advocating anything but free speech that I noticed.  I guess if you want hate speech (whatever THAT is) go to an SEIU event!

There seemed to be more Mare’s Leg carbines for sale than I’ve seen in previous shows.  Both the cheap foreign knock-offs and quality American-made brass receiver/octagonal barrel types!  Perhaps it’s the Firefly meme – or this guy:  mares leg

And, as a pleasant surprise, for some inexplicable reason, a plethora of Baby Brownings!  Some new-in-box (with requisite prices), some with factory engraving (below) and Browning (TM) gun rugs, and one seriously under priced ($175!!).  It appeared to be a private sale with the port side blemished from years of sitting in someone’s nightstand or sock drawer!baby browning

Of course, while I had funds for parking, admission and food, I had none to spare for acquisition of any firearms.  This was simply nose-up-against-the-glass window shopping for us!

And while we couldn’t see everything, we did enjoy ourselves thoroughly!

Hey, there’s always next year?

(We did miss seeing Mark Bell, though, as we did last year… :-(  )

Attn FTC – look elsewhere.  I paid for my own admission and parking (and that of my roommate, who drove – thank you!) via the kindness of friends, and received nothing gratis @ the gun show.  No samurai swords, no plastic guns, no mare’s legs, no baby Brownings – dammit!

Reloading On The Cheap

TinCan Assassin writes of his recent adventure in reloading.  Being an admittedly frugal fellow, he labels himself a cheapskate.

I’m not certain I would agree, as he gives of himself almost daily, and has been a great supported of this blogger!  Regardless, he showed us a link of which I was previously unaware:  The Handloading Calculator.

You should go and visit him @ Nine Pound Sledgehammer

What a nice tool to have!  (Even though there’s no place to factor in labor costs.)

Sadly, my Dillion XL 650 was stolen when the vault was, so there’s no reloading in my immediate future…

But, maybe one day…Thanks, TCA!

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