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While We’re On The Subject Of Taking Action…

Attached, please find an email I received recently.

(I figured as long as you were in a clicking mood from the previous post!)

No donation is required – although I’m certain one would be appreciated.

When I think of the USO, I think of Bob Hope.  And the many years he brought entertainment to our troops worldwide.  And the many other entertainers since who have given time, money and even entered dangerous venues to perform…

They asked me to send a message to those who had served.  I was unable to send money, but, regardless, I’m certain the message is appreciated.

Take a moment to send one, as well, please.

Well, Here We Are. FIVE YEARS LATER!


(Well, Here We Are, March 5, 2011)


I’ve been posting something (sometimes copied stolen from others, sometimes amended, sometimes original) EVERY DAY since March 5, 2011.  Sometimes multiple somethings…

Along with a quote, funny, beauty and a You Tube clip.


What a long, strange, but mostly good trip it’s been…

I began blogging, as I’d been reading other’s blogs for about eighteen months (being on disability, and wasting time on the computer).  It occurred to me “Hey, maybe I can find a woman who likes guns” this way?

I did.  Unfortunately, the female gun bloggers I first found were in Idaho, Ohio and Indiana.  If you didn’t guess, I’m in Arizona.  So much for THAT idea!  😦

They became my Blogmothers™

Two remain today – Brigid and Tamara.  The others stopped blogging. (I don’t think I had anything to do with it.)

This blog has seen me through good times and bad times.  Loss and regain of benefits.  Skin cancer (post recovery from lymphoma) and minor injuries.  Loss of good friends like Mark Bell and Bob Hall.

But the BEST, and most surprising part, are the friendships I’ve developed through this medium.  Who knew?

A huge thank you goes out to the generosity of people I only know through the Internet, who have offered me support, both moral and financial.  And given me gifts!  You know who you are…

I miss those who are no longer blogging, by choice or life circumstance – North, Matt, Maura, CoolChange, William the Coroner and many others.  (If I’ve left you off the list and you are still around, please forgive me).

I am SO GRATEFUL for (in no particular order) Bobbi, Doc in Yuma, Ron, Proud Hillbilly, Paul, Kevin Baker and the other Kevin, Southern Belle and KX59, Tom, Biff, Keads, Bluesun, Wirecutter, Jim, Greg, Kenny, Quizikle, Sean, Irish, Jeffery and Wilson.

And especially Murphy, Brigid, ASM826 and Borepatch!  And Judy, my roomie!

And my dear friend Dave the genius (who prefers to be called Dave the mechanic) who sends me multiple funnies daily to possibly include in the blog!  And who – when he is in town – takes me out for Red Devil pizza!  And who has been a loyal friend since 1973.

And to all you loyal folks who don’t blog or even leave comments but bother to stop by – THANK YOU!

I don’t know what the future holds, but I do plan to continue posting some useless nonsense daily for a while longer.

It gives me something on which to focus – a routine and discipline.

338,283 Visitors


56 Countries

2,365 Posts


FIVE YEARS!  Here’s to five more!


(Now, if I could just find that WOMAN!)

FTC – Red Devil gives me nothing!

(More) Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam…

spamOops, I did it, again!

I recently (due to problems I had with Firefox and IE10) opened up Google Chrome.  I know, it’s the dreaded Google.

And I’ve been very happy with the result whilst blogging – lightening fast, no pop-ups.  Secure and stable.  A good choice.  (Which coincidentally works with my new (to me) smartphone (Android – another Google product).

But, I’ve noticed not only did I not have SPAM, I also wasn’t seeing email copies of post comments by many folks – some regulars.  And I finally got around to checking my SPAM files.

Huzzah!  Therein lie the heretofore unaccounted emails…

Hopefully, all has been corrected, now.  We shall see.


When I was recently responding to comments on a posting I’d made, I noticed my SPAM file.  Now, I used to check it with some regularity (insert joke here) but lately, I’ve been remiss.

And I found FOUR recent comments by a blogger and friend known to me that were culled out as SPAM!


SO, I marked them as NOT spam, made some apologetic responses, and sent them on their merry way.  I then sent an email to my correspondent, in case he wondered what had happened.

I didn’t see any other missing commentary (in the usual chaff of LIKE YOUR BLOG-THIS IS WHAT I SELL and faux-Viagra ads)

BUT, if you’ve recently written a comment (thank you very much btw!) and didn’t see it, please let me know.  And please, no more boner pill ads.  They upset the cat.


As I’ve stated many times, when I began this blog I’d no expectations of anyone bothering to read it.  It was (and is) MY weblog. For my reasons.  I expected friends and family to stop by for a look, and that would be about it.  Before I left the BLOGGER software platform, I had 48 followers (after one year of blogging).  Then, I moved over here to WordPress, and the ‘follower’ process began anew.

The most interesting (and sometimes confounding) development about this process is not all of my former followers followed me over to this new site.  I left instructions, a map, and everything!  However, I’ve not only attracted many new followers, but many are off-the-mark from the expected wild-eyed, gun toting, radical wookiesuiters  responsible firearms-owning libertarians.  Many more folks from off-shore, persons of an artistic bent, others than the small corner community in which I’d painted myself.

And how terrific is THAT?

To date, 39 people are following Guffaw in AZ, only four months after switching to WordPress!  Of course, I have had an increase in spammers, but, I guess that’s the cost of doing business.

Regardless – Thank You! – Guffaw

"Round up the usual suspects."

In Loving Memory…