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Sanctuary! Sanctuary!

I was recently asked (by a liberal friend) my thoughts on the Sanctuary Cities controversy.

To be honest, I’d not given it much thought.

Initially, my gut response was (as I suspect it is with most conservatives in the Republic) they (the cities and States creating Sanctuary Zones) are in violation of federal law.


But then the libertarian part of my brain became engaged.  Have these cities and States (or even those therein who are seeking Sanctuary) received due process for their actions?  Or is it just the power of the federal government that is forcing these political entities to bow to their will?  And, of course those individuals, too.

I remembered, the Republic antebellum, when the States held much more power.  But Lincoln killed that concept.

And the federal government has continued to grow ever since!  Have you ever seen a warrant, signed by a judge, used for the searches at the airport?  Or DUI checkpoints?  Or when ‘they’ spy on your computer?

If the illegal aliens avoiding the feds are in these places, they need due process to be extracted and deported.  If they are more than illegal aliens (like criminals) they too need due process.

That pesky Constitution so says.

As a conservative, I say go get ’em.  As a libertarian, I say wait for proper paperwork.  Just withholding gov’t funds to cities and States may be a great tactic (as ‘they’ ubiquitously do with highway funds!) but blackmail is not proper paperwork.

I am a conservative libertarian.

I am all about legal aliens to be here legally, get their ‘green’ cards, and move toward proper citizenship, if they desire.

Illegal aliens?  Should be deported.  Except is the most special circumstances.

But the paperwork needs to be in order, first.

Not just federal force.



More Tonsorial Splendor!

(or perhaps not.)

As some of you know, my roommate is a renowned hairdresser.  As such, she is an artiste’, or at least artistic.  She is also (by her own admission) an old hippie was a hippie in her youth.

As such, she tends to lean toward pushing the envelope stylistically.

Last Summer, around the time of her birthday, it occurred to me that I had no funds with which to acquire a birthday present for her.  Nada, zip, zilch.  And, as she is a good friend (among other things, she provides me with a room to rent!)

I had to do something.

I decided to grow a beard.  She likes beards.  Until her next birthday, which is in July.  You have seen it’s progress here. (Tonsorial Splendor)

And she recently decided to tweak it!

Here is the result:

Snapshot_20150427Kinds of ‘biker meets old man’!

The good news is she also cut my hair shorter.  I can probably live with this until July – Hey!  it shows I’ve lost weight, too!  🙂

Thanks, J.!

Life Is Loss, Part Two – A Lesson Learned

I posted a few days ago regarding losses – specifically the loss of my daughter, and a good friend’s loss of most of his lower left leg and foot.

Hardly an upbeat read.

However, Life is not just loss.  Life also gives us lessons!

Since I heard from my good friend Bob regarding his diabetic amputation surgery, I’ve tried to contact him.  We exchanged texts initially a couple of times, and he advise me he would call.


I feared the worst.

So, I took it upon myself to call him.  Not to incessantly badger him (thinking he was busy enough) but once a week, just to check-in on him and his condition.  And attitude.

And I ended up leaving messages.  And this concerned me.

Bob returned yesterday’s message last night.  I needn’t have been concerned.

Bob – (my former PI and gun store boss) was in great spirits!  YES, he did lose his left foot and about 12″ of lower leg.  And yes, he has a long, painful recovery and rehab ahead.

But he was not only doing physically well – he was doing well emotionally and spiritually, too!

Now, Bob would be the first to tell you he is not a religious guy.  And not the most spiritual.  But he almost lost his life to sepsis, and took his survival to mean he is supposed to remain here a while longer.

And not wallow in his losses.

He is fortunate to have the great support of his wife and two daughters.  And his brother.  And he reminded of previous losses and near-death experiences he has suffered.


Or, in the words of his parents (both deceased), “Put on your big boy panties and get on with it!”

And his is and has.

And, he reminded me (indirectly) that I have similar lessons.  I, too, have had losses, and near-death experiences.  And I have wallowed.  Or more specifically whined.

I might lose some benefits.  So what?  Big boy panties are available for the wearing.

Bob has set an example for me to try and emulate.

Starting now.

This Blog Is NOT A Democracy!

It IS a monarchy, with oligarchic tendencies.

What I write and post (or borrow steal and post) is entirely up to me.  I write about my experience with firearms, libertarian politics, government intrusion on our rights and my family and friends.

I’m quite proud that anyone bothers to stop by, and the fact I’ve followers and readers all over still astounds me.  A woman in Pakistan and another in India, and many military personnel have read here.

Thank you again for stopping by! 

Now to the oligarchic part.  I trust in a small cadre of regular readers opinions.  Not just the occasional comment on some random post, but I respect their judgement.  Some have even become friends and counselors off blog, much to my surprise and pleasure.

I recently received a follower request from Steven D. Jennings of  Stone City Blog Network.  This is a group of correspondents and bloggers doing so from prison.

Now, I don’t begrudge prison populations from trying to better themselves, nor do I pretend to understand what it must be like ‘inside’.  And prison populations have increased something like ten-fold over the past 40 years, largely due to ‘victimless’ crimes like personal marijuana use.  Mr. Jennings admittedly is doing 43 years for multiple assaults.  NOT a victimless crime.

The question is, should I allow him and network access, knowing that recidivism is a very real concern, and that many behind bars crave information they might use, like firearms training and escaping restraints – both addressed multiple times in this blog?  (One of my previous posts viewed recently was how to get out of zip ties!  Coincidence?)

What do YOU think?

I want to be ‘fair’, but I don’t want political correctness to mar an otherwise positive blog experience.  And, I suspect some folks who deserve to be incarcerated, but are not, read the Internet for such information, regardless.  So this is probably moot.

Tonsorial Splendor

Well, my roomie is expected back from visiting her family next week.  In her absence, I’ve been ‘holding down the fort’, policing the livestock and being the puppy wrangler.

Most of which has been relaxing and rewarding (at least some of the time!)  🙂

But, I’ve also engaged in a small project which I’d not done in some years:  I started a beard!

I’ve grown (and subsequently shaved) facial hair, in various patterns, since I graduated high school.  I started shaving when I was a sophomore, and grew my first mustache right after graduation.

And shaving has been a pain-in-the-*ss ever since!  (I know, this means I’ve been doing it wrong.)

But, with a quasi-law-enforcement career, much of the time, mustaches were frowned upon, and beards prohibited.  Afterward, they simply became facial adornment until I tired of them, or until I tired of looking at my naked face in the mirror.

My last full beard was in the 90’s, which I shaved off to become Woody Harrelson’s character in Natural Born Killers one Halloween.  I also shaved my head and sported fake tattoos.  (I always went all out @ Halloween).

When I decided to grow back my facial hair, I was shocked and surprised – it was coming back in largely WHITE!  I would NOT be Santa Claus!  So I went back to shaving.  (Once-upon-a-time it was brown!)

Over the past ten years, I had a mustache and goatee, and after J. and I broke up, the goatee went away.  Now that she’s been away for a couple weeks, I thought I’d give it another try and surprise her.  (I know, growing a beard in the Summer is stupid!)

Regardless, here I am, two-weeks-in, no razor or scissor having touched my face.


J. is scheduled to return this coming Monday.  And she doesn’t always read GiA.


The ‘Debate(s)’, NOW with more Gun Control!

I didn’t watch the first debate.  Nor the second.  Nor the third.  I’ve three reasons for not doing so, to wit:

1.  They are NOT debates, but rather stump speeches with responses.  They don’t answer questions, just push their own agendas!  (The President – Assault Weapons Ban, again!)  (And Governor Romney – The Second Amendment is NOT about hunting!)

2.  Not all viable candidates were asked to participate, and

3.  The participants are not under oath when answering.

Well, there IS another reason:

4.  Why do I care what Tweedledee and Tweedledum have to say!  Both are avowed statists with big government agendas.  Not exactly my political stance.

“Government is not a solution to our problem, government is the problem.” – Ronald Reagan

My understanding, via the wisdom of the Internet, is the Republican took the first one, handily.  The Democrat
interrupted and laughed a lot during the second.  And CNN voted for the Republican both times.  CNN!  CNN said the President won last night.

Re:  Gun Control (a rant) –
Mr. President, the Clinton Assault Weapon Ban did nothing to stop crime.  Crime went down significantly when it finally sunset 10 years later.  And virtually all the current statistics (except those from the totalitatian-loving, anti-rightist folks) show as there is more gun ownership today, and crime is down!  I know you know this.  Because gun control isn’t about stopping crime, it’s about controlling law-abiding citizens!
News Flash:  Criminals don’t obey the law!  (end rant)

Ultimately, the only ‘debate’ that matters in the one in the voter’s head on Election Day.  All else is window dressing.


As I’ve stated many times, when I began this blog I’d no expectations of anyone bothering to read it.  It was (and is) MY weblog. For my reasons.  I expected friends and family to stop by for a look, and that would be about it.  Before I left the BLOGGER software platform, I had 48 followers (after one year of blogging).  Then, I moved over here to WordPress, and the ‘follower’ process began anew.

The most interesting (and sometimes confounding) development about this process is not all of my former followers followed me over to this new site.  I left instructions, a map, and everything!  However, I’ve not only attracted many new followers, but many are off-the-mark from the expected wild-eyed, gun toting, radical wookiesuiters  responsible firearms-owning libertarians.  Many more folks from off-shore, persons of an artistic bent, others than the small corner community in which I’d painted myself.

And how terrific is THAT?

To date, 39 people are following Guffaw in AZ, only four months after switching to WordPress!  Of course, I have had an increase in spammers, but, I guess that’s the cost of doing business.

Regardless – Thank You! – Guffaw

‘I’m no Superman…’

Lazlo Bane’s song I’m no Superman  was the theme song to the television series Scrubs, a comic farce about doctors’ training in residency.

I wasn’t a big fan, but, those I did catch were pretty funny.  But it’s the theme of the title that caught my attention, today.

Roomie Judy and I were out for blood breakfast then went to Wally World.  (The Walmart I wrote about previously.)  The good part is it’s a smaller one, and, being in a smaller community isn’t as congested as my previous one experienced in Metro-Phoenix.  Of course, this was lunch time and not rush hour, either.

Upon walking across the parking lot to enter, we encountered two ‘security guards’ (presumably for the store) in a heated discussion with an individual whom it appeared was being asked to leave.  He was the the main bringer of the heat.

I immediately noticed two things:  1)  the guards were unarmed, and 2)  the subject appeared to be unarmed.  Of course, he was getting into his vehicle, so I couldn’t see everything.  And the guards appeared fit, one especially.  But there was a belligerent exchange of words.

Fortunately, this didn’t last long, and he had backed out by the time we arrived at the store proper.  None of the participants were around when we left the store 20 minutes later.

‘I’m no Superman’.  There was a time, not that many years ago, that my ego would have taken charge, and the former, experienced security guy –  me (complete with concealed weapon) would have approached the scene, offering my assistance.  (translation:  trying to get in on the action!)

Fortunately, cooler heads prevailed, and we shopped without incident, or inclusion.

Remember, if you are carrying-concealed, you are NOT wearing a mask and cape, and there is no big red S on your chest!  If you are not a sworn peace officer you have no requirement or duty to assist anyone.  The law doesn’t always protect good Samaritans, but it does protect (usually) those who do nothing.

Especially if they are not invited!

Pay attention and watch your own back, Jack!

PS – I awakened to the Aurora, Colorado shooting story.  If only someone had been carrying and took action instead of waiting for the authorities.  We’re not supermen, but we’re not uncaring robots, either. – Guffaw

Patience and Acceptance

Currently, I’m involved in a project which includes physical labor.  Being older, overweight, and somewhat disabled, this activity presents one with ‘challenges’.

One of the challenges is that there are two of us, and the project is physically taxing.  My ‘partner-in-crime’ called me this morning, after yesterday’s work, to explain she doesn’t feel well and is tired and sore, and needs to rest today.

Of course I was disappointed.  I was dressed, rarin’ to go and almost out the door when she called.

The other feeling I felt was gratitude.  While I’m anxious to complete this project (there IS a time limit), I felt relief.  When I told her the other day ‘We’re not 20, anymore!’, she responded ‘Hell, we’re not 40, anymore!’

And, of course, she’s right.  And she’s right in line with my Internet friends who know of the project, and intone me to ‘take care of myself’.  I’m tired and sore, as well.

SO, I AM taking care of myself, AND, learning (yet again) Patience and Acceptance.

h/t Judy, with thanks!

"Round up the usual suspects."

In Loving Memory…